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The ultimate gift guide for teens

Teens can be tough to shop for … socks aren’t going to cut it anymore and they don’t have a bunch of necessity items like babies. These gift ideas will inspire the teens in your life, foster their creativity, and let them have fun while they’re still kids. You can’t go wrong with this foolproof guide for teen gifts.

Big Life Journal

Each page of this journal for teens is illustrated in color with activities and prompts — no blank-lined paper here. This journal teaches strategies for growth, positivity, resilience, and gratitude and leads teens to figure out their goals, interest, and power of their own minds. The 160-page hardcover will make a meaningful time capsule once they’ve completed it.

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MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

Art for this generation has gone 3D and teens don’t have to draw on paper anymore … they can draw in the air. This 13-ounce stylus is held like a pen and lets out a string of plastic instead of a line of ink, allowing the wielder to create anything they imagine. Teens will love learning a new skill and creating endless options.

Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock

This lounger is like a portable bean bag chair than can be broken down into a small 2-pound package when not in use. It’s filled with air but there’s no pump required — just run it through the air while open and it will fill up and stay inflated! Teens can lounge with comfy neck support in their room, gaming area, outdoors, or anywhere else with this unique and comfortable gift.

T-Core Portable Charger 10000mAh Power Bank

Teens use so many gadgets from phones to consoles to laptops to tablets and they all need to stay charged all day. Parents never want to hear that “my phone died” excuse for not getting a safety update, so make sure the teen in your life is prepared no matter how long they’re away from a charger and outlet with this portable charger that works with iPhones and others. It can support two USB charges at once and can charge a phone to 100% in 60 minutes. Unlike other portable chargers, this one is small and lightweight.

Exploding Kittens Card Game

This game takes just two minutes to learn, taking out a top barrier to getting started with a new game. Teens can play with their friends or family for addictive fun as you turn over each card in anticipation to find out if you found an exploding kitten. Each game takes just 15 minutes so you can play one round or all night. Laughs guaranteed!

JBL GO2 Waterproof Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Listen to music with friends or at home with this bluetooth speaker that comes in a variety of colors for any style. It’s small and waterproof, making it great for travel. The rechargeable battery can play tunes for five hours straight.

97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School

High school is about more than homework, but teens don’t always have the focus or guidance to figure out what their short-term and long-term goals are. This thoughtful gift will get them thinking about what they want to accomplish with these special years.

Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

Know a TikToker? Or a student who looks at their phone while at their desk in their room? This smartphone stand will make an excellent gift for any teen with a phone who records videos but doesn’t need a full-on tripod set-up. It rotates 260 degrees and can hold any style of phone with any kind of case.

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