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Give your baby a nickname to remember with this super-simple lifehack

When a name is associated with something concrete, it makes it easier to remember. Enter: place baby names. Name your child after a place, and no one will have trouble remembering it!

Baby names associated with geographical locations like cities or countries are more popular than you realize. Names associated with neighborhoods, rivers, counties, and other types of places are everywhere, and many of them are beautiful names in their own right regardless of the place with which they are associated. In addition to being lovely names, place names are instantly recognizable, easy to spell, and easy to remember because of their connection to a specific place.

The place you choose may have special meaning to you like where you were born, got married, or where your ancestors came from. Or it may just be somewhere you like or even just a name you like. Regardless of the reason, these 13 baby place names are on our list for you to consider.

baby and mom in a city
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This might bring to mind Alexandria, Virginia or Alexandria, Egypt first, and both are beautiful places. This name is close to the name Alexandra and has many nicknames like Alex and Allie. The ancient Greek meaning of Alexandria is “defender of mankind.”


Austin has been in the Top 100 most popular baby boy names consistently since 1986 though it has almost fallen out of the ranking in recent years. Calling to mind Austin, Texas, this is a place name that is so popular you forget it is a place name.


A lovely variant of Caroline, Carolina pays homage to the Carolinas of the South. There was originally one Carolina colony established in 1633 before it was divided into North Carolina and South Carolina in 1729. The colony was named to honor King Charles I of England.


Speaking of the Carolinas, the capital city of North Carolina is also a beautiful place baby name. The southern city was named for Queen Charlotte, wife of British King George III, but there were many other royal Charlottes across Europe over many centuries. It’s a very popular name for girls in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and elsewhere.


Whether in London or New York City, Chelsea is a cosmopolitan neighborhood with chic city fashion and grit. The name peaked in popularity in 1992 and today is not ranked in the Top 200.


Devon is a county in England and can be used as a boy’s name or a girl’s name. If you’re looking for a unique place name, this one doesn’t rank in the Top 1,000.


This place name could be the perfect name for your sweet Georgia peach. This name of Greek origin means farmer and in addition to the state, there is also the country of Georgia.

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While the capital of Nebraska might first come to mind for many people when they first think of Lincoln as a place, there are a few dozen places named Lincoln. In fact, 32 states have a town or city named Lincoln and there are also Lincolns in England, Canada, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and French Polynesia. While this name was made famous as the last name of one of the most popular presidents of the United States, it makes a handsome first name.


This name of the capital city of the United Kingdom is the Top 200 baby names for girls. It has a trendy feel but isn’t overly popular.


Just like Lincoln, you might be surprised just how many cities named Madison there are besides the capital of Wisconsin. Inspired by James Madison, the fourth president of the United States, there are towns called Madison in 25 states and there are of course also Madison Avenue and Madison Square Garden in New York City. Extremely popular as a girl’s name, Madison is also used as a boy’s name, though less often.


Orlando is a name of Italian origin meaning “of glorious land” or “famous throughout the land” and is of course also the name of a city in Florida. It is the Italian version of the English name Roland.


Hundreds of places were named after British Queen Victoria (1819-1901) literally all over the world. From Victoria Falls in Zambia to a handful of cities throughout Canada to Victoria Square in Athens, your daughter would find her namesake wherever she goes. The name means “victory” in Latin and you could use nicknames including Tori, Vicky, and Viv.


This name shares its name with a state named for Elizabeth I, the “Virgin Queen.” This is a classic name that was more popular in the 19th century than it is today.

Place baby names: Easy to remember

“London like the city.” You’ve just instantly helped someone to remember your child’s name forever. Not only will it be easier to remember, but it will make it easier to spell as well. You’ll also give your child a sense of connection to a special place. Imagine the photo of them next to the “Welcome to Georgia” sign one day!

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