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7 must-have pregnancy gadgets for expectant moms

Pregnancy comes with so many unique changes and needs that the gadgets for this stage are very specific. Who would have thought you’d need a knee pillow? What even is a knee pillow?

While these seven pregnancy gadgets may be niche, they are also the perfect solutions to those pregnancy issues plaguing you. Many can also be used after pregnancy in different ways, like the anti-nausea bracelets on your next cruise or the jacket extender for babywearing. You may not have known you needed them, but these seven pregnancy gadgets might turn out to be must-haves.

Belly armor blanket

Do you worry about working on a laptop right next to your developing baby or resting a smartphone with WiFi and cell data on your belly? You can put your mind at ease with this organic cotton blanket that has protective fabric inside it to block the low levels of radiation and electromagnetic waves from such devices. At 30 by 35 inches, it will fit across your bump as you sit comfortably under this soft blanket.

Jacket extender

If you’re spending your third trimester in a cold climate, you may be having trouble keeping warm with a jacket that won’t zip up over your belly. A jacket extender fits into most zippered jackets and adds extra inches of fabric so you can close your coat around you. Best of all, it can still be used postpartum as well to extend your jacket around your baby in a carrier against your chest and belly. Keeping your baby right on you with your warmth cuddled inside your jacket is a perfect way to get out for a walk in the fourth trimester, and a jacket extender makes that so much easier.

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Knee pillow

When you lie on your side (the only way you can really lie down in pregnancy), your top leg falls down at an angle so that both legs are not coming straight out of the hip. This can cause discomfort and takes away the break on your back that lying down should give. The solution is a simple memory foam pillow you put between your knees to keep that top leg up and neutrally straight. This will help with sciatica and pain and pressure on your back. The pillow cover is machine washable and is breathable to stay cool.

Nausea relief bracelets

For first trimester nausea, some home remedies work for certain people and others don’t. If ginger and crackers haven’t helped, it may be time to try acupressure. These simple stretchy bands are worn around your wrists and the small buttons provide subtle pressure on a point on your wrist that can alleviate nausea. They’re often worn by people who are motion sick but they can work for nausea brought on by any cause (including your bundle of joy on the way).

Pregnancy bed

Not being able to lie or sleep on your belly when pregnant can be one of the hardest inconveniences for pregnant people who loved this position before. An inflatable pregnancy bed can make that dream come true without waiting for postpartum by having a comfortable design with a hole for your pregnant belly to fit in while you lie face-down. Being able to lie down like this can help with back pain and the adjustable hole fits any belly size. You can use it in the pool to float on as well!

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Pregnancy pillow

Getting comfortable in bed while pregnant is a major challenge that robs parents-to-be of countless hours of sleep during pregnancy. A pregnancy pillow can help by supporting the legs, head, belly, and back in one. It’s an entirely contoured fully body pillow with detachable elements to reconfigure as needed for the ultimate comfort. The repositioning can help with sciatica, gastric reflux, and more.

Razor extender

When you reach the stage when you can’t tie your own shoes anymore, you probably can’t shave your own legs anymore either. If you want to keep that up during the third trimester, you’ll need a razor extender. Simply clip any reusable or disposable razor onto the pole and shave away.

With a little help from these gadgets, your pregnancy can be more comfortable, healthy, and convenient than ever. Try out one or invest in them all during this important time in your life.

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