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7 incredible pregnancy gift ideas every mom-to-be will love

Pregnancy is a special time for soon-to-be parents. They have lots to plan and even more to celebrate. A new baby will soon join their little family and bring boundless love, happiness, and exhaustion (hey, it’s the truth). Honor the expecting parents by giving them a gift that marks this major milestone and awesome occasion. Of course, you can always give them something for the new arrival — a cozy swaddle or a bundle of diapers. But why not spoil the two very people responsible for this oh-so-joyous event?

Still not sure what to get the mom-to-be? We have rounded up the best pregnancy gifts for your browsing convenience. Bonus: Include a handwritten gift certificate for a few free hours of babysitting. They’ll get some special time away, and you’ll get to cuddle a cutie pie — win-win!

A pregnant woman with flowers

Maternity pajamas

No need for Mama to squeeze into her pre-pregnancy jammies. This pair of maternity PJs is stretchy, cozy, and super soft to the touch. What’s more, the waistband expands with buttons to grow with a burgeoning belly. Once Baby is born, a new mom can take out the extender. Plus, a built-in peek-a-boo breast panel means she can wear these thermals while nursing her newbie. A chic labor-and-delivery nightgown for the hospital with a matching robe is another great gifting option that’ll take Mom from pregnancy to postpartum and beyond.

Pregnancy pillow

The later months of pregnancy can get incredibly uncomfortable — aches, pains, and middle-of-the-night Braxton Hicks can make getting a good night of sleep seem like an impossible dream. But a full U-shaped pregnancy pillow can help Mom find a more comfortable position to settle into. It is the must-have she did not even know she needed or wanted. Really, the gift of Zzz’s is the most precious and prized present of all.

Hospital carry-all bag

A designer diaper bag is always appreciated, but a more unique and unexpected option is a carry-all to bring to the hospital. This “Mommy” bag will fit all the essentials for labor and delivery. Of course, it can easily be transitioned into a diaper bag once Baby makes that big debut. It is also a savvy weekender bag for quick getaways. Cute pouches with bold and kitschy labels can help keep Mom organized, too. She can stash all her small must-haves accessories in these fashionable and functional inserts.

Foot spa

A soon-to-be mom deserves a relaxing day at the spa. In fact, she deserves to be pampered 24/7. While you probably can’t gift her an IRL masseuse to employ at her disposal, you can give her the next best thing: A foot spa bath and massager. It’ll comfort her tired feet (pregnancy is wearing, after all). Plus, she can enjoy the benefits of reflexology and deep-tissue stimulation long after Baby is born, too. And, of course, so can Dad — after all, both parents will be dealing with the exhaustion that a new baby brings.

Fresh flowers

A bouquet of fresh blooms is something any expecting parent can appreciate. It’s a sweet reminder that this is a time of celebration and beauty. If you can’t deliver in-person at the hospital, you can send them straight to their doorstep. Another idea that will last even longer? A gorgeous luxury candle. The sweet smell of a burning candle can enhance a relaxing, decompressing bubble bath, or simply help the new mom and dad unwind after a long day of, well, parenting.

Water bottle

Hydration is super important when you are pregnant. It is even more critical while nursing. Help keep the new mama feeling her best by ensuring that she gets plenty of H20. This 30-ounce BellyBottle water container will do the trick. It is great for keeping hydrated at home or on the go. It helps to track daily water intake and offers fun week-by-week pregnancy milestone updates, so a mom can feel empowered day by day and sip by sip.

Coffee and espresso machine

Want something both Mom and Dad will appreciate? Get them a new espresso maker. It is a fact of life that parenting requires all the coffee, so help them step up their caffeine game with a single-serve on-demand Nespresso machine. Another fun idea? A monthly coffee subscription. They can get new beans and grinds sent to their home every month — so they will always have an ample java supply at the ready.

These unique pregnancy gift ideas are sure to bring a big smile to a new mama’s face. And some of these top picks will probably make a soon-to-be dad pretty pleased, as well. Whether you choose to go traditional with a bouquet of fresh flowers, practical with a water bottle, cozy with maternity jammies, empathetic with a pregnancy pillow, or humorous with an espresso machine (just go right ahead and acknowledge the very truth that caffeine is life!), your kind gesture and thoughtful present will be greatly appreciated. Happy shopping!

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