The best baby bath seats for comfortable bonding time

Comfort and stability are important while your baby is in the tub. A well-designed bath seat is the ideal companion to create fun memories of bath time for your child. It will help them feel secure and will make you more comfortable as you share these special moments with your baby.

When you feel tense, you can transfer this energy onto the baby and create a sense of discomfort. A calm parent, on the other hand, is a source of comfort and security for the baby. With a trusty baby bath seat, you can relax and help your child feel at ease while in the water. Let’s take a look at our favorite baby bath seats to make bath time a great experience for both you and your little one.

Angelcare Baby Bath Support

Best overall

Angelcare Baby Bath Support is a hygienic and mildew-resistant seat to be used directly in the bathtub. It allows water to drain easily from the seat, to keep soapy water off your baby and help you hold them securely. Its ergonomic design is comfortable for your baby — it’s soft against their skin and safe for them.

Summer Infant My Bath Seat

Best for sitting up

When your baby is ready to sit up, you can position him safely in the bathtub using the Summer Infant My Bath Seat. This secure device provides backrest support for your child and features a spacious frame to keep your baby comfy. The suction cups are strong and provide great stability, to leave your hands free for washing and playing with your little one.

Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather

Best foldable

Adjustable and foldable, the Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather is perfect for shared bathrooms with limited space. It features three reclining positions for your child’s comfort and can be used in the sink or an adult bathtub. When bath time is over, simply fold and put it away until next time.

Cherish every stage of your baby’s development and enjoy those special moments with them before they grow up. With the baby bath seats on our list, you can stop stressing about bath time and start enjoying those bonding opportunities that won’t last forever. Use a bath seat that makes you feel comfortable, so you can help your baby feel secure and have fun while in the tub.

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