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The best bath kneelers for safety and comfort

As your child gets older, you will find yourself refilling the bath tub over and over again. With a bath kneeler to keep you comfortable, you can say yes every time they ask for five more minutes in the bath while staying nearby and keeping them safe.

For perfect balance and support while giving your baby a bath, a kneeler is the perfect solution to give your tired legs a break. They help you stay in a kneeling position for a long time while your baby enjoys lathering and splashing in the tub. You can even use it around the house to store items in bottom drawers, look for lost toys under the couch, or prune your roses. Let’s take a look at our top picks for bath kneelers.

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Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Kneeler Pad

Best overall

Have a whale of a time while you give your little one a bath with the Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Kneeler Pad. Made of neoprene, this nonslip cushiony pad dries quickly after every use. It cleans easily and hangs to dry for you to stay comfortable next time you make your baby squeaky-clean.

Puj Pad Bath Kneeler

Best design

With two layers of plush cushioning, the Puj Pad Bath Kneeler provides extra comfort with a fashionably modern design. It features nonslip backing for extra safety and matches any bathroom decor. Hang it to dry and store when not in use.

RED Home Club Thick Kneeling Pad

Most versatile

The RED Home Club Thick Kneeling Pad provides support in the bathroom where you kneel. With this pad, you can stay comfortable in the garden, kitchen, garage, or any other part of the home. Made from durable materials, you will find yourself using this pad well after your baby has grown and no longer takes baths.

When you kneel down often, you realize that it’s quite uncomfortable. Give your sore knees a break and provide them the cushioning that you need with the kneeling pads on our list. They are perfect for baby’s bath time and can also be used elsewhere to help you stay comfortable.

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