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The best potty training toilets for toddlers

The importance of learning how to use the potty can be easily overlooked. You may think that it is intuitive for a child to use the restroom, but they still need a lot of guidance to get to a place where they can use the potty confidently. This is especially important when taking them out in public. Save yourself the embarrassment and trouble by training them properly at home.

Training potties come in two forms. There are potties that are standalones and can be placed inside the bathroom away from the main toilet. These can also be placed anywhere else in the house to be used. You can also get potty chairs that are placed on top of your toilet to make the toilet safer for your child to use. The latter is usually reserved for toddlers.

Summer Infant My Size Potty

Best overall

This Summer Infant Training Toilet looks and feels just like a grown-up potty for your little one with a flushing handle that makes a flushing sound when it’s used. As they grow up, kids may be scared of going potty when it does not look like the training toilets they’ve used. The potty-training seat is easy for your little one to use while also implementing a built-in wipe compartment that promotes hygienic habits. It also includes a removable, easy-clean bowl with a clip-on splash guard for your little boy.

Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty

Best two-in-one potty training toilet

This Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty is a great interactive learning potty. The bowl sings to reward the child for proper hygienic habits like flushing the toilet. The flushing also comes with lights and a twirling water action. For the child, they can feel secure with the handles around the potty ring. The toilet has a removable potty ring that you could use on a regular toilet seat when your child starts growing up and graduating from the potty trainer.

Summer 3-in-1 Train with Me Potty

Best multipurpose potty training toilet

This multipurpose Summer Train with Me Potty gives you the best bang for your buck with its versatile design. The pieces all stack up and store within each other for a convenient and compact storage or travel option. The potty topper transitions onto the adult toilet to become a safeguard for those growing kids, and the training potty converts into a stepstool to use to reach the toilet and sink.

Give your child the confidence that they can go to the potty whenever they want. They know how to go, and soon enough they will not need you to hold their hand each time they use the bathroom. It is a sweet and proud moment to finally see them go on their own, and having your child understand a little bit more about the world is its own reward.

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