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The best heated throw blanket to keep your family cozy and warm

If you’re thinking of saving the day, having an electric heated throw blanket is a great idea for emergencies. If your car breaks down in the middle of a snow storm, you might have to wait awhile before a tow truck can get you out. In that kind of emergency, a heated throw will really make a difference. So whether you want to be extra prepared or just want a way to stay warm, we have some recommendations for you.

An electric heated throw blanket will also come in especially handy if you like to travel. If you’re going camping, it might get really cold at night, even in the warmer summer months. And a long car ride through snowy roads can be especially grueling. Having a heated throw blanket with you in the car or one for your camping tent can really save the day.

Sojoy 12V Heated Travel Electric Blanket

Best Multifunctional

The Sojoy blanked is really designed for any type of travel. It’s great for cold winters, road trips, camping, RVs, or as an emergency blanket. It has a thermostat and three different heat levels, for maximum comfort.

Stalwart-Electric Car Blanket

Best for Car Adapter

This electric heated throw blanket plugs into any car, truck, SUV, or RV cigarette lighter socket. It warms up quickly and then stays warm until you unplug it. The blanket has an extra-long cord, so you can enjoy it even if you’re in the back seat. In comes in a classic pattern, as well.

Roadpro 12-Volt Heated Travel Blanket

Best Ongoing Power

This heated throw blanket is best when you’re looking for something straightforward. You plug it in to your cigarette lighter socket, and it’s on, unplug and it’s off. No bells and whistles, but a good amount of heat, and it’s a light draw on your car’s battery.

An electric heated throw blanket can be a luxurious accessory for your home or your car. It’s especially useful for young parents living in colder climates. It’s also great for people planning longer road trips through snow or areas that get really cold at night. They also make great gifts.