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The best child bike seats to keep your toddler safe

As spring approaches, the itch to hop on bicycles and head out for a ride around the neighborhood or on a scenic bike path begins. Bike riding is an excellent form of exercise and something the entire family can do together, but what about the little ones? When babies can be safely taken along on bike rides in a carrier depends on what part of the globe you hail from.

Europeans, especially the Dutch, tend to ride bicycles with children at a much younger age than in America. In the United States, most pediatricians recommend that a child be 9 to 12 months before taking a bike ride with Mom and Dad. One year is preferred by many doctors because babies need to wear a helmet, and most lack the necessary neck strength before their first birthday. If you have concerns about when it’s okay to ride with your baby, ask your pediatrician.

Types of bike carriers for children

When it comes to bike carriers for kids, parents have two options: Front- or rear-mounted child bike seats. Front seats are popular for babies 9 months of age and up because they are smaller. These types of bike seats mount near the handle bars and allow the rider to keep a closer eye on their little one because he or she is right in front of them. Front bike carriers typically have a 30-pound weight limit. Rear bike seats can be mounted on either the back frame or rack.

Frame mounts have better suspension, but they are notorious for being harder to fit on certain bicycle designs. Rear-mounted seats are a great fit for toddlers 2 years of age and up because they can handle up to 48 pounds.

Best child bike seats

So, you and your family are ready to dust off the bikes, but you need a bike carrier for your little one. Take a look at these five front- and rear-mounted bike carriers for kids to help find the one to suit your needs.

Peg Perego Orion

This front-mounted seat is budget-friendly and fairly simple to install. It features an adjustable footrest and three-point harness. The carrier fits frames from 1.3 inches to 2 inches and holds up to 33 pounds. The Orion is recommended for children 12 months and up.

Thule Yepp Mini Child Bike Seat

The Thule Yepp is a comfortable front-mounted bike carrier. Its lightweight design is a plus for parents and is compatible with most bike designs. Kids will appreciate the cozy feel of the seat and the fun handle bar. The five-point harness includes a childproof safety buckle.

Thule RideAlong

This rear-mounted design is a lightweight and ride-friendly bike carrier for kids. It mounts to the bike frame only and features a shock-absorbing suspension design. The seat is for children 9 months to 6 years of age and can hold up to 40 pounds. It utilizes a three-point harness with childproof buckle and adjustable foot rests and straps. Plus, the bike carrier is waterproof.

Bellelli Child Bike Seat

If your bicycle already has a rear rack, Bellelli offers a lightweight bike carrier featuring an easy on/off design. The childproof safety harness can be fastened with one hand. Foot rests have straps, and the seat can accommodate up to 48.5 pounds.

Hamax Caress Bike Seat

The Hamax Caress is a comfortable rear-rack mounted bike seat for children ages 9 months and up. It has a maximum weight capacity of 48.5 pounds and has a rear-frame mounted design. Both the rear frame and rack-mounting designs feature shock-absorbing suspension, anti-theft lock, 20-degree reclining seat, foot rests, foot straps, and adjustable straps with childproof safety buckle.

Bike rides are a great family-friendly activity. It gets everyone disconnected from screens and outside exercising. Even the family’s smallest members will enjoy rides through the neighborhood or on a picturesque bike path. All you need to ride safely with babies and toddlers is a quality bike carrier suited for your bicycle. Decide whether you are more comfortable with a front- or rear-mounted bike seat. The most important thing you choose is which fit is secure to your bike.

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