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Kid-friendly YouTubers your child will be safe watching

YouTube accounts your kids will love

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Kids love to watch videos on YouTube, and since most are watching on handheld devices and not large televisions, it can sometimes be hard for parents to always monitor what they’re watching.  And whether you try to limit screen time or not, chances are your kids are watching something without your knowledge.

Most parents have taken steps to introduce children to internet safety, with some installing parental controls while others try to make sure they always know what sites their kids are visiting. YouTube has become hugely popular amongst kids with a seemingly endless variety of new creators who are posting content kids love. It can be overwhelming for parents to try to keep up and make sure their kids are only following kid-friendly YouTubers who aren’t teaching them the wrong things.

There’s nothing worse than catching a clip of one of the videos and hearing a bad word or seeing content that you think is inappropriate. We’re here to help with some suggestions of kid-appropriate YouTubers that your kids will love.

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Family-fun YouTube channels

If you want to watch some cute YouTube channels with your kids, check these ones out. Not only could your kid learn something, but the videos are also fine for adults, too. You can either watch them with your kids or feel safe enough to let them watch on their own.

Brave Wilderness

Brave Wilderness is a fun channel that talks about animals. Who doesn’t love animals? You’ll watch Coyote Peterson take you as close to an animal as you can get through a screen. If your child has a fear of getting bit by a bug or stung by an insect, Coyote has videos where he gets bit and stung. It might help your child to see what happens and not be as afraid of little creatures.


Canadian YouTuber Lilly Singh breaks down things that are happening in the world and makes it as funny as she can for kids. Though recommended for children at least 8 years old, she helps tackle things like dealing with friends and school. Her parents even make appearances in her videos.

Rosanna Pansino

If your kids like to cook or watch cooking shows, then they would like this channel. Rosanna takes cooking and makes it fun by having food themes. She uses video-game characters to create adorable treats kids would love.

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Unboxing videos

If your kids love to watch other kids open up toys, there are many of those, too. Though as an adult, you may not see the value or point of watching other kids open toys, for some reason children love them. If you want a safe channel for your kids to watch for a few minutes while you get dinner ready, these are fine.

Kids’ Toys

Just like the name says, this channel is two girls opening up toys. The videos are pretty short and have music playing over the girls opening the toys. It’s a pretty safe bet.


If your kids like to watch videos on how playsets or craft sets work, this channel will show them. Those DIY kits and sets you can find at any store are featured in these videos. You could even get a glimpse to see if you want any of those sets in your home depending on how messy they can be.

Ryan’s World

This kid is one of the most popular child YouTubers. Ryan Kaji is only 11 but has been doing these toy review videos for years. You can find Ryan’s own toys in stores across the country.

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Video game streams

As your kids get older, they get into video games. Whether it’s the old-school Mario or the newer ones like Roblox and Minecraft, children and video games go together like peanut butter and jelly.


CaptainSparklez plays Minecraft while entertaining your kids. He doesn’t use any bad language and is great if your child is really into the game. His videos are fun, but he also teaches you great tricks in the game.


Another Minecraft YouTuber, Dan is a safe channel for kids to watch and learn about gaming. He has a fun British accent and keeps it clean for children of any age. He loves animals and talks about pug dogs a lot.

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Other popular channels

There are actually a lot of kid-appropriate YouTube channels. You can find one for any category you are looking for. The days when YouTube was just for adults are over.


If your child likes technology and wants to see the latest gadgets, this channel is for them. The host may sometimes destroy expensive electronics in his videos, but he also is showing kids how to take care of their things. Kids will also like the crazy experiments he does.


YouTuber Evan does a little bit of everything, sometimes with the help of his sister, Jillian. He’s been making videos for almost a decade already. From unboxing to skits, his channel has something for every kid.

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Why is YouTube so popular?

As parents, it can be hard to fathom why children love YouTube so much. The reality is that YouTube’s popularity continues to rise, especially for those channels that create content for kids and teens. A 2020 study found that children between the ages of 3 and 8 preferred YouTube just as much, if not more than television. The variety of content available was credited as one of the main reasons for YouTube’s popularity, and the children surveyed thought that YouTube was more educational than television.  YouTube isn’t just entertainment for kids, but it’s educational too.

If you don’t like your kids watching videos of toys being played with, then there are plenty of educational YouTube channels. PBS, Sesame Street, Little Baby Bum, and Cosmic Kids Yoga are a few that will give your kid an education without them feeling like they are learning. Whether you home-school your kids or want them to watch one thing today that is educational, those channels are great.

Whatever channel your child is watching, make sure you watch a few episodes with them, so you know what kind of content they are watching and if it’s kid-appropriate. Even if you don’t like the YouTube channel, you need to make sure it’s fine for your kids.

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