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Car camping has never been easier with this pop-up tent

Have you always wanted to camp but were frightened by the idea of hauling all your gear in a backpack and roughing it in the middle of the woods? Don’t worry. You are definitely not alone. If you want something between glamping and the middle-of-nowhere-is-that-a-bear experience, then you need to try car camping. What is car camping? We are excited you asked! Car camping is driving to your destination, like a state or national park, after packing your vehicle with all the car-camping essentials.

When you arrive, you simply park your car, and you and the family are ready to have a camping experience without dragging the kiddos through the woods lugging a load of gear and hearing the complaints. If Mother Nature rains on your parade, the car is right there for shelter or a quick getaway. Now, before you go car camping, you do need a car-camping tent — and do we have a pop-up tent that will make your car-camping experience a pleasure.

View from a car tent
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Best car camping tent

Mogics’ CARSULE was funded by a Kickstarter campaign and is the ideal pop-up tent for hatchbacks. The CARSULE car-camping tent sets up in about three to five minutes. It stands 6.5 feet high and includes a thick felt carpet that provides a cozy feel to this car tent. Since it extends from the trunk of your vehicle, you are able to create a number of comfortable camping scenarios for you and your family. Use it to sleep in or set up a living room right in the great outdoors.

CARSULE is compatible with any vehicle with a hatchback that opens up. This style includes many types of vehicles including minivans, hatchbacks, SUVs and station wagons. Unlike conventional tents, CARSULE gets its stability from being anchored by the vehicle’s hatchback. One person can set up this pop-up tent without a lot of fuss.


In addition to a stress-free setup, the CARSULE car camping tent offers campers and road trippers a lot of pluses. The pop-up tent is waterproof and offers protection from harmful UV rays. Its adjustable windows allow for air, light, and privacy. Thanks to mosquito netting, you can sit or sleep inside without worrying about pests. The waterproof flooring also keeps the bugs, snakes, and other unwelcome visitors out of your sleeping bags and belongings. A CARSULE can also stand alone if you’d prefer not to attach the pop-up tent to your vehicle.

Will a CARSULE work for my car?

If you’re wondering whether or not a CARSULE will fit with your particular vehicle, use these guidelines to find out:

  • Is your hatchback door less than 5’9″?
  • Is the height of your vehicle less than 5’9″?
  • When you open your hatchback, is the height the height less than 6’6″?

Watch CARSULE in action

If you’d like to see how simple it is to set up a CARSULE, Mogics has a YouTube video showing just how easy it is to put up this pop-up car tent.

Before heading out on a car camping excursion

So, once you’ve got your CARSULE, what else do you need for a car-camping adventure? Make sure to pack car-camping essentials like sleeping bags or a sleeping pad with a pump, blankets, pillows, a lantern, flashlights, camp chairs, toilet paper, and a first-aid kit. A camp kitchen is a must if you are planning on a longer stay. Otherwise, load up the cooler and car with food, snacks, and of course plenty of water.

If you are headed to a specific campground, be sure to check its website regarding car camping. Some have specific areas for car camping, while others do not allow it at all. Same with state and national parks. Peruse the websites when you’re planning your trip and see if car camping is allowed.

The CARSULE folds and can be easily stored in the trunk. Take it along on road trips because you will always have a cozy place to sleep. Since it stands along, a CARSULE can make those really long days at soccer tournaments a lot more comfortable, especially when the skies open up.

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