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6 creative family game night ideas

Family game nights can be fun and so special, too. You can create memories that will surely last a lifetime, and it’s a wonderful way to get everyone off the electronics and have quality time together. But instead of board games, why not branch out and find some other games that you can play both indoors and outdoors? We have some fun and creative games to share that will have your family laughing, giggling, and having the best time together.

Family game night ideas

The alphabet game

This is a rather fun trivia game that everyone can enjoy. It is a simple game in that it begins with choosing a category. That category could be anything, whether you want it to be desserts, music, or fruit. After that, say, your category was animals, the first person can say whatever animal they want that begins with an ‘A.’ But the next person has to continue it on, answering with an animal that begins with ‘B.’ If you can’t figure out an animal within an allotted time frame of your choosing, you have to wait until the next go-round.

Family olympics

Much unlike the actual Olympics, you do not have to be an acrobatic high-flying gymnast or a figure-skater. All you have to do is bring your sense of humor. There are all kinds of games that the whole family can play. Some of them include:

The great thing about these games is that you don’t even have to keep score if you don’t want to, everyone can just have fun for the sake of doing so.

Cookies In Carton
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The cookie challenge

This is a fun and satisfying game that everyone, especially the kids will love! Grab a bunch of different cookies, all kinds that you like, or want to try. To start, lay out the cookies on separate plates. Next, you will want to blindfold the other players, which can easily be achieved with a sleep mask. Place the same cookie on everyone’s plate, and when you say ‘go,’ you have them try it, and whoever guesses the flavor of the cookie the quickest wins the round. Grab a variety of cookies so that you can all play a few rounds of this fun game!

Cat and mouse

This is a great game to play outdoors with the whole family. This is how it goes: To begin, choose one child to be the “cat” and one child to be the “mouse.” The rest of the participants of the game form a circle around the mouse. Everyone will hold hands to make a fortress around the mouse. Then the circle, along with the mouse, starts to move around. They begin to chant:

“What time is it?”
“Just struck nine.”
“Is the cat at home?”
“He’s about to dine.”

After they finish the rhyme, the circle stops moving and the cat has to chase the mouse so that they can tag them. If the cat is chasing the mouse, it must follow the same path as the mouse. After the mouse is caught, the cat pretends to eat him and the game starts over again with two new participants. This is such a great outdoor family activity that can go on for hours.

Girl Picking Clothes
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Hot potato dress up

The only thing that you will need for this game is a sense of humor and a bag of everyone’s old clothes. Also put in accessories if you can, like sunglasses, hats, etc. That’ll make it extra fun. Have all participants sit in a circle. Designate someone to start the music. As the game starts, everyone begins passing around the bag of clothes. But they have to be quick! Once the music stops and they are left holding the bag, they must choose an item from the bag to wear for the entirety of the game. The fun of it is, as it lands on people more than once, the sillier the outfits get.

Simon says

We can’t neglect one of the ultimate party games that people of all ages can play. Simon Says has been around for quite a while, and with good reason, it has staying power. It is a fun game, especially for kids, plus it can help their hand-eye coordination! The rules are pretty simple. Someone is designated “Simon,” and they say commands like, “Simon says sit down!” Everyone else would sit down. Now, there will come a time when “Simon” doesn’t say the Simon part of Simon says and will command the others. Those who caught that they didn’t say “Simon Says” and only a command stay still. The people who do the command are out until the next round.

While there are plenty of fun games out there for families to play, it’s always a good idea to try creative and different games together. Sometimes, other games can be more fun than board games, especially when you’re able to get outside in the fresh air. The next time you want to implement a family game night, give these ideas a shot. You won’t regret it!

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