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9 games every girl would love as a gift

In an age where parents are struggling to keep kids away from their screens, board games are an excellent way to keep children engaged. Games aren’t just fun for girls, either. A cool board or card game gets the whole family going and it doesn’t take long for the laughs to start rolling.

Of course, there certainly are a lot of amazing games on the market if you are searching for games for girls. We have compiled the top nine games every girl would love to get as a gift. You’re sure to find a great game gift idea for the young ladies on your list.

Candy Land

A flash from the past still going strong on family game nights is Candy Land. This board game is ideal for ages 3 and up. Reading is not required to play, which is why preschoolers love it — but older kids enjoy a round or two, as well. Pick up the classic edition or the special Disney Princess edition for any Ariel and Rapunzel lovers.

Zingo and Bingo

Who doesn’t love bingo? There’s a reason why bingo nights are hugely popular with adults. Most kids really get into playing bingo, and the game is a great educational tool, which is why so many teachers use variations in the classroom. Bingo is a perfect present for girls of any age, but if you are looking for a cool gift for a younger girl try Zingo. Zingo is geared toward pre-readers and helps players learn basic sight words by pairing a word with its accompanying picture. It’s played just like a traditional game of bingo.


Get everyone thinking with the strategy game Blokus. The game is for two to four players and designed for ages 5 and up. Rules are simple and include more challenging variations making it a great game for all age ranges. It’s a fun addition to family game nights at home or on vacation.


Another classic board game that never gets old is Monopoly. What’s not to love about trying to buy up Boardwalk and charging your brother rent for landing on it? Monopoly is another exciting board game with educational undertones. Lots of math teachers incorporate it into the classroom. For younger girls, there is Monopoly Jr. It’s also pretty easy to find a Monopoly game fitting a child’s interest. There’s Cat-opoly for cat lovers, Horse-opoly, and a Monopoly game with unicorns and llamas. You can even find a Monopoly game for sports enthusiasts. If the girl on your list likes it, there’s a pretty strong chance there is a Monopoly game with that theme.


Long before there was Words with Friends, there was Scrabble. Scrabble is geared toward ages 7 and up, but there are junior versions of this vintage board game where you get points for building words. For bigger families or legendary sleepovers, pick up the deluxe edition. Up to six players can try and put down a “z” word for a triple word score.

Connect Four

Another oldie, but goodie is Connect Four. It’s designed for ages 6 plus, but there are gigantic versions of this hands-on game in malls and town squares. The purpose is simple; be the first one to get four red or yellow disks in a row. Just as much fun as connecting four is emptying the disks out for the next game.

Ticket to Ride

A STEM game that includes geography and business ideals is Ticket to Ride. It’s perfect for ages 8 plus and is for two to five players. The goal is to connect North American cities by train routes. A Ticket to Ride is a fast-paced game taking about an hour to play and introducing girls to the wonders of travel. Other versions located in Japan and Europe are available, too.


Another classic game is Life. The board game gives girls an introduction to the highs and lows of everyday living. It’s a fun addition to family game nights or slumber parties. The board game is great for ages 8 and up, working best with two to four players. Girls will enjoy exploring all the options the game of Life tosses at them. Just like real life, every game has different twists and turns.

Unstable Unicorns

If you’re searching for a game for a teen girl, don’t look any farther than the hit board game Unstable Unicorns. This new game won the 2019 People’s Choice Award for Game of the Year. Two to eight players set out to build a unicorn army. Unstable Unicorns is geared toward ages 14 and up, but even adults will get a kick out of this strategic game with magical undertones.

Board games are an excellent gift option for girls of any age because they are the gift that keeps on giving every time kids open the box to play.

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