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Jogging double strollers are great for parents with multiple kids – here’s why

Strollers are a parenting gear staple. They help you wrangle children, your stuff, and your sanity. If you’ve already got a standard stroller, should you invest in a jogging stroller?

Before you decide that this isn’t a necessity, hear us out. Jogging strollers offer a host of benefits that standard strollers don’t have. And with multiple children, you may need those benefits when you’re out and active.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a jogging stroller, why you’ll want to upgrade to a double jogging stroller, and how to choose the right one. Let’s take a look.

What’s the big deal about jogging strollers?

double stroller

The construction of jogging strollers is different from conventional strollers for two reasons — making running safer and making difficult terrain more comfortable. Jogging strollers achieve this with these features:

  • Larger wheels – Overall, jogging strollers have larger wheels, especially in the back. These wheels make rolling over obstacles and bumps easier and less likely to topple the stroller.
  • Locking front wheel – Many jogging strollers allow you to lock the front wheel for stability during long-distance running while the swivel option handles rocky, uneven terrain and tight turns.
  • Better suspension – Suspension reduces the impact on your wrists and forearms while making the ride a lot more comfortable for your children. Plus, it’s safer on their spines.
  • Pneumatic wheels – These wheels are durable, shock-absorbing, and able to handle uneven terrain and bumps way better than the plastic wheels of standard strollers.
  • Streamlined design – The body of a jogging stroller cuts down on resistance and makes it less likely that you’ll topple the stroller accidentally.

If you plan to run, or even walk, outdoors for long distances, a double jogging stroller can be a huge benefit.

Two styles of double jogging stroller

Double strollers come in two basic types, even when they’re designed for jogging.


Side-by-side strollers put both kids next to each other, creating a wider footprint.


  • Both seats have a high weight limit, so it doesn’t matter which child sits where.
  • Both seats recline equally.
  • They tend to have one-step folds, which makes them faster to set up.
  • They’re the most common type of jogging stroller.


  • They’re harder to maneuver through city streets or malls.
  • They’re typically heavier than inline strollers.
  • They aren’t as compact.

Inline or tandem strollers

Inline strollers, also called tandem strollers, place kids one in front of the other.


  • They’re easier to maneuver through tight spaces.
  • They have a smaller folded footprint.
  • They have multiple configurations, giving you flexibility for multiple children.
  • You can convert quite a few of them into single strollers.


  • They’re not as common in jogging styles.
  • The seats don’t have the same weight capacity.
  • You may have to experiment with getting the right weight distribution for running.

Benefits of using a jogging stroller with multiple children

double stroller
Natallia Ramanouskaya/Shutterstock

Jogging strollers help everyone get outside. Even if your child is walking, they may not be able to keep up once you’re jogging, and the last thing you want is to stop every five seconds to wait. A jogging stroller secures your children into the seat so that you can run without worrying about leaving a child behind.

It also allows you to provide shelter while your children are outdoors, giving both a place to go when the sun or wind gets to be too much. You can take jogging strollers into a variety of terrains, but it may not be very comfortable for one child to walk the entire time.

They also keep you from having to carry a child toward the end. If you have back issues or you’re already tired from exercising yourself, the last thing you want is to give a shoulder ride back to the car. They’re convenient and keep everyone happy.

Choosing the right double jogging stroller

If you decide to invest in a double stroller, here are some things you should consider in your search for the perfect one.

Safety features

The most important thing is that both you and your children are safe. Ensure that the seats have a high enough weight limit to handle your children as they are now and in the future as they grow with the stroller.

Look for five-point harnesses that are fully adjustable, wind or sun screens that can pull far enough to protect in a variety of conditions, and a wrist strap that you can wear to ensure the stroller never gets away from you. A viewing screen in the shade portion allows you to keep an eye on your children without walking around the stroller.

Brakes are a vital part of this equation. A hand brake on the handle gives you control over your speed and ensures a quick stop when you need it.

double stroller


The wheels of your stroller should be large, pneumatic tires that help absorb impacts. Shocks and the body of the stroller need to be able to handle a variety of terrain while the padding on the seat cushions your child’s frame against jarring.

Look for trays that help keep your children in the seat but also provide snack or drink trays. Ensure a deep enough well that snacks or drinks don’t fall over easily. Storage underneath gives you a place to put your own things.

Extra features and configurations

If you have more than two children, a buggy board extension can be an excellent way to allow them to ride. These attach to the stroller like a skateboard and let older children ride along (only while you’re walking, never running).

When you’re deciding who rides, it’s best to go by weight and balance. For example, a newborn may be able to ride in a carrier on your chest while your two older children ride in the stroller. Or the two youngest can ride while your much older child walks. You might also take turns with your two oldest — one rides to the destination and the other rides back to the car.

Thriving with a double jogging stroller

A double jogging stroller can help ensure that you get into the great outdoors and have an outlet for exercise or exploration. Double jogging strollers set you up for success and your children for comfort. All that’s left is a sense of exploration and wonder for the great outdoors!

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