7 simple ideas to keep babies entertained

Babies are such lovely beings! Spreading warm feelings together with lovely smiles. With so much love to share, babies can also be extremely energetic, and keeping them entertained is essential. Are you a new couple? Do you have to juggle time between work schedules and being with your baby? Read along to get simple ideas to entertain your babies.

Face Entertainment

Do you know babies (at 3 or 4 months) are so happy at your funny face? Yes, they are so elated! It’s so simple yet effective. Your effortless funny faces with some flavor of humming sound give babies so much ecstasy. Clearly, twisting your face into various shapes and figures of emoji will brighten up your cute little baby’s face.

mother making faces
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No matter how badly shaped your face may become with your tongue stuck out, you are sure to get an imitation from your baby (if they can). With a giggle and big smile, babies respond to your face entertainment. No funny face shape is bad EXCEPT with a terrifying sound to it. The next time you are with a baby, be sure to put on funny faces as much as you can with some funny sounds as well.

Limb Wriggle

Now, it’s time to entertain your baby with your baby limbs. The hands and feet are great body parts to explore. With your baby laid on the back, gently clapping with his or her own hands is so much fun. Sing along as you help clap gently. More so, mimicking riding a bicycle with your baby feet is another way to entertaining your baby. This should also be done with gentle hold of the baby’s feet. Soft kisses placed on the limbs with a blowing sound increase the derived entertainment. It’s so much fun for babies. It’s really worth trying.

Musical Sounds

We all love melodious sounds regardless of age. Take nothing out of babies; they love musical sounds. Whatever harmonious sounds you produce with your mouth, they’ll love. In fact, they are ready to sing with you. Short rhythms are the best! Babies jump right into them. Sound-making objects, such as plastic keys, for jingling are most entertaining to some babies. Next time you want to entertain your baby, drop some sound-making toys around them and watch how they bond with melodious sounds.

And for grown-up babies, within the 1-3 years range, they would love to hear you sing out loud. They will sing along with you. Whether lullabies or gospel or whatever genre is your favorite, they will sure mutter the lyrics with you too. Babies adore your voice, so sing aloud. You may even introduce your older babies to playing musical instruments – they will definitely be entertained.


parents playing with baby
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You won’t want to overrule the place of toys in entertaining your baby. Interactive toys are essential in providing entertainment to babies. When you need some time to take care of other activities, interactive toys are sure to keep your baby busy and entertained. Toys are great for entertainment as well as learning. Your baby can be entertained and learn through toys. A smart walker as a toy with some lights and buttons will entertain your baby and help in teaching your baby how to crawl, walk or stand. Babies’ attention can be stuck with interactive toys for about 10-30 minutes. This gives parent some time required for completing other tasks. Parents can join a baby while they are playing in order to keep the baby entertained. There are learning laptops, smartphones for kids, board games for kids and other digital toys available for sale. These toys are capable of keeping your baby busy and entertained.

Playing and Keeping a Treasure Basket

Older babies love to play a lot. To keep them really entertained, a messy play is one of the best option. Playing with corn flour, cereal or yogurt can be one of the most entertaining events they will partake in. Give it to kids; they love to play really messy. Although you will have to do the cleaning, they will really be entertained.

Talking about cleaning the house, a treasure basket helps a lot. The treasure basket is where things or objects from anywhere in the house are kept for your baby to explore. As soon as your baby plays and scatters the objects around the whole house having fun, collecting them back to the treasure basket is also another fun part of the play. Objects should vary from plastics to wooden light-weighted tools, toothbrushes, etc. Be sure to keep harmless objects as the safety of your baby should be of utmost consideration.

Let’s not forget that babies enjoyed pretense play too. Try pretending to be an animal. Make the sound of this animal and watch your baby crack up with so much laughter.


father reading to baby

We are definitely not skipping this learning and entertaining activity. Read to your baby. Go through the pages of those books for kids. Point to the animals and mimic their respective sound. Allow your baby make such sounds too. You will definitely be happy to see your baby learn new things as they enjoy the learning process. Reading to your baby helps develop the language part of their brain. Using different pitches, voices, and accents makes it more fun. Remember, they adore your voice. Make repetitions, even repeat the reading of a particular book. For older babies, encourage turning the pages of the books by themselves. Ensure the books are with thicker pages for improving motor coordination.

Fun bath

Last, we encourage you make sure that the process of bathing your baby is fun-filled. Entertain your lovely babies during bathing by providing bath toys, singing out, making funny faces, and gently wriggling their limbs. This will make the bath time easy for you as parent and fun for the kid.

Conclusively, the ideas highlighted in this piece are not in any order. We simply put together these ideas so that you may, in a less stressful fashion, entertain your babies.

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