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Best YouTube videos to teach your child to tie shoes

Adults don’t think twice about tying shoes and you probably don’t even remember how you learned. Was it something about bunny ears and popping into a house? Learning to tie shoes is a big milestone for kids, albeit a tough one. Tying shoes can be frustrating for kids and for the parents trying to teach them. The classic bunny ear rhyme doesn’t work for all kids and neither do songs or poems. So, how do you help a child tie shoes? While it may be tempting to avoid teaching kids to tie shoes, it has to happen sooner or later because you can’t use velcro shoes forever. A great way to help your kids master this all-important skill is to turn to YouTube. Of course, there are YouTube videos for learning to tie shoes. There are YouTube videos for just about anything and kids love YouTube. Putting the two together can be a win-win situation especially if your child learns to tie. Here are five YouTube videos can help teach a child how to tie their shoes.

parent teaching a child how to tie shoes

Children’s Hospital Colorado

If your child is almost there with mastering shoe tying, give this short, five-step instructional video from Colorado’s Children’s Hospital a try. The instructions are simple and demonstrated by a young child. This straightforward video just may do the trick for a child who is on the cusp of learning to tie.

 The Kidsplainer

Frustrated kids trying to learn how to tie their shoes will definitely relate to the Kidsplainer. In this three minute plus YouTube video, the Kidsplainer gives step-by-step instructions to help kids tie their shoes. Kids can follow and practice along with the Kidsplainer are he goes through the directions. This is also a useful video for kids super close to learning how to tie.

Unstoppable Mom

Unstoppable Mom claims this short YouTube video is the easiest way to teach kiddos how to tie shoes. She isn’t being boastful. This is a great shoe tying hack for kids who can’t quite master those bunny ears. Unstoppable Mom demonstrates first but then brings her son in to show just how quickly kids can pick up the trick. There is another popular YouTube video with the same hack by the Intentional Mom using the same method. This mom of eight swears teaching your child to tie using this hack saves on lots of tears and frustration for kids and parents.

girl showing a friend how to tie her shoes


This YouTube video says it has the “coolest shoe tying trick ever” and it really does. Five-year-old Colton shows off a shoe tying hack he picked up from his buddy River. This unique shoe tying trick has kids putting the shoelace end into the top lace hole to make a loop before joining the two together by making the traditional X and pulling through. To double knot, all kids have to do is repeat the process. When they’re finished, kids just need to pull the lace out of each lace hole.

There are other videos on YouTube like Timothy McConnell’s “new technique” shoe tying video offering the same shoe tying hack, suggesting this method has been circulating on playgrounds. It is ridiculously simple and a perfect pick for kids confused by all the crossing, wrapping, and bunny ear making.

Christy Marsh also has a video with this method. Her Occupational Therapy Shoe Tying Technique offers up another tip for this hack. Since tucking the shoelace into the lace hole is key, Marsh points out if the plastic tip on the edge of the lace has worn off parents can wrap a small piece of tape in its place.

How to tie from an OT perspective

Mister OT has a longer shoe tying video that shows parents how to teach kids how to tie and gives insight into the research behind it. The video also helps parents by showing them exactly how to show a child, including where to sit when giving instructions. Mister OT suggests using two different colored shoelaces as well as laces that have different textures. The different colors and textures make it easier for kids to tell the difference between the laces and where they need to go. Mister OT also talks about the importance of using a video component in addition to parent instruction especially for kids who are struggling with the shoe tying concept or have special needs.

As an adult, you don’t really think about tying your shoes. It is just something you do. Most of us have blocked out the learning process and whether or not it was frustrating to you as a kid. For many kids, learning to tie shoes is quite hard. Sometimes it’s equally as hard for parents to teach because they don’t understand why the child is having such a difficult time when others seem to pick up on it so easily. YouTube shoe tying videos are another way to help kids learn to tie. Like Mister OT says in his shoe tying video, some kids just need that video component to learn to tie. If your child is struggling to learn to tie, take a look at these shoe tying videos on YouTube. Two offer simple shoe tying hacks that are great for the struggling child. If your child is almost there, watching a YouTube video from the Kidsplainer or the Colorado Children’s Hospital may be just the ticket to mastering this all-important skill.

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