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6 unique baby shower games guests will love

When the news of a baby being on the way is learned, everyone is naturally excited, especially the mom-to-be. And one of the things she looks forward to the most, of course, is a baby shower. Showers are such a wonderful way to celebrate the impending arrival of a new family member, plus, they “shower” mom with attention, as well. When it comes to entertaining guests at the party, there are plenty of standard games that are typically played, like guessing the circumference of mom’s belly or seeing who can diaper a baby doll the fastest. For extra fun, we’ve rounded up some more unique baby shower games that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Balloon baby twister

The only two things needed to play this game are a Twister mat and spinner, and balloons. To begin, each guest will inflate a balloon and put it under their shirt to make the “baby.” Mom can sit in a chair and be the judge. It plays just like a normal game of Twister, however, the guests have to maneuver their poses so that they do not pop the balloon. Prizes can be given out for various things, like the most balloons kept under a shirt, the most awkward and twisted pose, and so on and so forth. If you can think up a fun way to win and give prizes out for it, go for it!

Old Pictures
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How old was mom?

This is a rather fun game, especially for the mom-to-be. Go through old pictures of mom as a child and choose some chronological ones. When the day of the baby shower arrives, place the photos on a table, placing a number next to each picture. Guests will be asked to guess mom’s age in each photo by chronologically writing down the numbered photos in the order they believe they’re supposed to go in. Whoever gets the most photos correct gets some sort of prize or token. Mom will certainly get a kick out of this one!

Diaper fashion show

This is a really fun game for everyone to play. Each guest will attach as many diapers to their clothes as they can within an allotted amount of time. This is another game where mom can sit back, relax, and be the judge. Each woman can strut their stuff in their respective diaper outfit, and mom can let everyone know whose ensemble she likes the best. It can also be made into a competition, too, where prizes are given out for things like “most creative,” “most fashion-forward,” or “most inventive.”

Rubber ducky raffle

For this game, you will need a small pool, which you will fill up with rubber ducks. However, one rubber duck has to have a special marking written on the bottom of it. Each guest will receive a duck upon their arrival at the shower. The catch is, they cannot look at the bottom of their duck. Towards the end of the shower, it will be time for the guests to finally take a peek at the bottom of their ducks. The guest whose duck has the special marking will receive a door prize. Perhaps guests can donate the ducks back to mom, as heaven knows that she will need them with her newest little addition.

Hello, my name is

If you haven’t revealed the name of the baby yet but would like to, this game is perfect to play at the shower. Grab some name tags from your local office store. Write down a bunch of different baby names on them, with one being the correct name of your child. As guests arrive at the shower, give them each a name tag to wear. One of them will be wearing the correct name tag with the name of the baby, and they will win a prize. If the gender of your baby hasn’t been shared yet, you can make this game a little harder by including girl and boy names.

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What’s mom craving?

Pregnancy is, of course, best known for mom having some strange cravings. With this game, each guest is given a piece of paper and a pen. Mom starts to describe foods that she is craving, without actually saying it, and the guests have to write down their guesses. You can do this with six to eight cravings. The guest that guesses the most cravings correctly wins the game and receives a small prize.

Baby showers can be one of the more exciting aspects of pregnancy, and they’re something that mom-to-be will remember for years to come. It’s a day that mom can just sit and rest, and the guests can enjoy the games and shower mom and baby with love and affection. By incorporating some of these unique baby games, it will be a party to remember for everyone.

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