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How to modify yard dice rules for kid-friendly fun

Change the rules so the kids can play alongside the adults

Getting out in the yard to play some family-friendly games is what adults and kids should look forward to. Children get to play with the bigger kids and with their parents while being included in games that they sometimes don't get to be a part of.




15 minutes

What You Need

  • Yard-sized dice game

  • Your family (all of them)

  • Patience

  • Drinks and snacks if it's going to get competitive

Parents, teaching your younger children how to play more complicated games might seem like a headache in waiting. But don’t worry, we're going to help everyone have fun while keeping the kids entertained. All you need is a nice day, a yard dice set, and our tips on how to keep the whole family happy and the good times rolling. Pun intended. Here's how to play yard dice with the kiddos.

Two children playing in the backyard
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Pick a yard dice game

Step 1: If the kids are a bit older and can handle remembering more yard dice rules, get into more complicated, adult-friendly games like Yardzee (Yahtzee for the yard).

Step 2: Until then, there’s always Snake Eyes. It’s the easiest one to rework to be kid-friendly where adults and kids will all still have a blast. With a great set of yard dice, like the Beyond Outdoors Wooden Yard Dice Lawn Bowling Set, you'll have plenty of options.

Wooden yard dice set
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Yard dice game instructions

Let’s do a brief overview of the rules to the basic yard dice game Snake Eyes.

Step 1: Have a standard set of six dice. Using more or less won't ruin the game.

Step 2: Create a 3-foot circle, 10 feet away from your toss line. Repeat on the other side of the yard.

Step 3: Each team throws all six dice and then you add up the points inside the ring. Then the other team throws all six dice, and you add up those points. Teams toss back and forth

Step 4: Teams toss back and forth until one team gets to the winning number of points you determined at the start of the game. Standard rules means 21 points.

Step 5: The first team to roll snack eyes inside the ring wins automatically. Snake Eyes means all 1s rolled in the ring.

A father picking up his child while they play in the backyard
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Make it kid compatible

While the yard dice game rules to Snake Eyes seem like they wouldn’t cause any child meltdowns, if you know kids, the littlest thing creates chaos. Let’s go over some ways to try to prevent that from happening. these tips will make it easy for children of any age to join in on game time.

Step 1: Make the game to 15 points. Sometimes, the dice are not your friends, and you either can’t seem to get any inside the circle. Or, the ones that do are all low numbers and the game takes forever. A lower winning score needed will make the game go by quicker and be easier for the younger kiddos.

Step 2: Scooch the circles in closer. Little arms and big dice might not be the best combination. Let them have a few practice throws so you see where their reach hits. Now, that doesn’t mean that parents and adults get the same range. We want to keep it as fair as possible. Adults keep the 10-foot rule.

A family playing in the backyard together
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Keep the kids involved

Kids will be fine and have fun as long as they are engaged. When they get bored, they get whiny. Keep them talking. Keep them moving. Keep them busy.

Step 1: Let them keep score. Make sure to give them time to write down the score after every team throws. No rushing.

Step 2: Let them add up the score after every round. Math time can be fun time, too.

Step 3: Have them tell who is winning after every round. Kids love to brag about who is winning and who is losing, so let them.

Large wooden dice sitting in the grass
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Get a kid-friendly set

If the yard dice game instructions don’t seem to be the problem, but it’s the weight of the dice, get a more appropriate set. If your kids mentally grasp the game’s rules and don’t need help remembering how to play but just don’t quite have the upper body strength, there are adorable foam sets to get.

The Sport Beats Store Jumbo Foam Dice Set would be perfect. They are slightly larger than the normal wooden set, but because they are foam, they will be easier for kids to throw. It might also be better in case a kid wants to throw one at another kid. Safety first!

Anything to get kids outside, in the fresh air, and their faces out of a screen, right? Outdoor games that bring the whole family together and get siblings to get along to plot how to beat their parents are what backyards are made for. They also let parents try to show their kids how age and experience should beat little bodies that happen to move faster.

Go check the weather, change the Wi-Fi password, go out in that beautiful weather, and enjoy the quality time with your kids. Before you know it, they are going to be taller and bigger than you and will beat you at all of the games.

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