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Baby needs to eat more? Try these things

Sometimes your baby might not be eating as much as they should be. Maybe your baby only eats fruit. Maybe they only eat vegetables. How can you get them to eat both? Is there a secret as to how to get your baby to eat more? We will explore this topic further and see some common reasons why babies one food over another and give you helpful tips on how to get them to eat more.

Take texture into consideration

Perhaps your baby may not like the texture of certain foods. They may be averse to it and not enjoy it. That is when you want to try and change it up a little. If you puree the food that they are not enjoying in particular, they may take to it much better. Alternatively, if you feed them a pureed food that they don’t seem to like, try giving it to them in solid form (as long as their pediatrician says it is ok) and breaking it up into little bits. It could have been texture preventing them from enjoying a particular food.

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Give a fruit or veggie at every meal and snack

Let your baby eat vegetables and fruits of varied sorts. By exposing your baby to a diverse number of fruits and vegetables at every meal and snack, you are making certain that they receive the essential nutrients they need. Plus, this will make sure they get a variety of different foods to eat. Some they may eat and enjoy, and others they may not. It’s all about trial and error when trying out new foods with a baby. By doing this, they will grow into a child who enjoys yummy fruits and vegetables, albeit not all of them, but quite a bit of them!

Baby With An Apple
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Eat in a dedicated area

Ensure that when you are feeding your child, you do so in a quiet space where there are no distractions like television or music, as they may get distracted and not pay attention to the food in front of them. You might also want to focus on the language you use around the baby since they are also still learning to talk. Instead of saying “let’s eat,” you can say things like, “Let’s both sit down so you can enjoy this yummy meal!” They will pick up on that and associate that with the food that they are being fed.

Let them make a mess

Making a mess an integral part of the process of getting them to eat different foods. Babies need to be able to feel food with all of their different senses. If they want to touch it, go ahead and let them. If they hold it in their hands, they are more likely to taste it. Perhaps they may smell it. But the important thing is not to discourage mess-making when they are trying out new foods. This will help more than you think it will!

A Baby With Smashed Cake

When to see a doctor

If your baby is refusing entirely to eat anything at all, that is cause for concern. You should make an appointment with your child’s pediatrician so they can properly assess your child to see what may be going on. It’s better not to try and force food and take them to the doctor instead.

By using these tips, you should be able to help your baby eat more (and be open) to trying more foods! It will pay off in the long run.

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