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The best Minion toys under $25 for every age group

While the world was first introduced to the Minions over a decade ago when the first Despicable Me film was released in 2010, everyone fell in love with them. And the little yellow creatures’ popularity certainly hasn’t waned since; rather, it’s been rising. In addition to getting their own movie by the same name in 2015, the Minions have appeared in a range of places since, from advertisements to theme parks to even an episode of The Simpsons. That being said, it’s pretty likely that a child in your life is a big fan of these fun, lovable creatures — and for every place in the media that you can spot a Minion, you can find double the number of Minion toys, or so it seems.

So how do you pick the best Minion toy for your child, on a budget? Whether you’re shopping for birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasion, here are the best Minion sets and gifts under $25 for every age group. 

Best Minion gifts under $25 for infants

Start your child’s love of all things Minion universe early, by decking out their nursery with some Minion-themed accessories. We like this mood light that provides a cute alternative to your traditional nightlight. 

The light-sensing LED light turns on automatically at dusk and then slowly fades as the morning light comes through your child’s bedroom windows. The soft yellow light makes for a comforting glow that won’t disturb your child’s sleep, and the light’s large size completely covers the outlet. 

Want to decorate your child’s bedroom with Minions gear even further? You may want to add this Minions wall decal to your nursery (and it’s also under $25!). 

Best Minion toys under $25 for toddlers

Once your child is a little bit older, you can expand their toy box to include more fun items that might not be suitable for an infant. Take, for example, this large Minions plush. Everyone loves a plush toy, and this affordable, oversized Minion will quickly become your child’s go-everywhere companion.

If your child already has too many plush toys cluttering up their space, you might want to consider this toy for older toddlers. The interactive, posable toy comes with more than 20 signature sounds and phrases and responds and reacts as your child moves him. 

Best Minion toys under $25 for adolescents

Once your child is preschool age and up, they can likely be trusted with toys that come with smaller parts and pieces that might pose a choking hazard to younger kids. You can find a wealth of Minions toys for this age group, so you won’t be lacking options, no matter your budget. In the under-$25 range, though, we have a few favorite picks.

These Minions sets of walkie-talkies are extra adorable, as they’re shaped like Minion eyeballs. They make a great gift for children with siblings, as two can play with these walkie-talkies that offer high-quality sound, a long-range, and minimal static. 

If you have a crafty kid who loves a hands-on project, you might want to consider introducing them to the magic of Perler beads, using this fun Minions Perler set that’s intended for ages 6 and up. It contains 6,000 beads and a guide that shows you how to make more than a dozen different designs. 

Best Minion gifts under $25 for preteens or teens  

But Minions aren’t just for younger kids. If you have an older child who enjoys the Despicable Me movies and Minion characters, too, you can also find gifts they’ll love. 

For nighttime hot chocolate or pre-school coffee (for the teens), this adorable Minions mug is sure to earn a chuckle or two.

And, of course, for those who prefer cold drinks to hot, they can keep their soda, lemonade, or iced coffee cool in this oversized jumbo cup that comes with its own Minion-yellow straw. 

The Minions are here to stay — might as well embrace it

If you were hoping your child’s love for Minions might dissipate over the coming years, you might be disappointed. It doesn’t seem like these little yellow guys are going anywhere. So, you might as well follow the fad and treat your child to some of these affordable, yet sure-to-delight, best Minions gifts, whether you’re decking out a nursery with some new decor or you’re picking out the perfect birthday present for an older child.

Looking for more gift ideas? Check out our gift guide to the best active toys for toddlers. 

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The best toddler raincoats under $30
little girl wearing a yellow raincoat

Autumn and Spring bring gradual temperature changes and sudden downpours. You can prepare your child with the best toddler raincoats that’ll keep them dry, comfortable, and ready to play and travel. we found some awesome toddler rain jackets that are made from sturdy, long-lasting materials, fit comfortably, and most of all, provide the best protection during those wet and windy days. Furthermore, being just under $30, we think you’ll like the price, too. Plus, we’ve sorted them into the best raincoats for girls, then for boys, and finally, for either gender. So, check out these cute, yet functional, raincoats.
Old Navy Water-Resistant Hooded Rain Jacket for Toddler Girls
If your little girl adores pink, then the Old Navy Hooded Rain Jacket is the ultimate toddler raincoat for her. This raincoat features long sleeves and a rain-resistant shell, and the hem falls just below the hip. The built-in hood adds to the all-over coverage of the upper torso, thus, protecting her from the rain. Also, the loose fit makes this jacket comfortable for playing. In addition to these traits, parents will also love the fact that this item only requires spot cleaning for easy care and maintenance.
Carter’s Strawberry Raincoat
What tiny tot doesn’t like strawberries? One of the best toddler raincoats was inspired by that sweet berry, and your daughter will love the stem on top of the hood, which makes this item stand out. In addition to the adorable hood, you can’t help but notice the polka dots that might remind you of strawberry seeds along with two cute, clear pockets in case your little one wants to take along a small, favorite toy. Not only does this jacket fit comfortably, but it also keeps your daughter cozy on cold, rainy days with its jersey lining on the upper back and inside the hood. And the good news is this one is machine washable for simple care.
Carter’s Firefighter Raincoat
Your little guy can let his imagination go in his firefighter toddler rain jacket. He’ll get quite a kick out of the fire engine red color and all the details in front that make this one of the best toddler raincoats. This easy-to-maintain jacket will keep him warm with jersey material lining the upper back and the hood. The functional pockets will also serve him well when he wants to carry small toys or tools of his trade when he goes on a rescue. All the while, this water-resistant raincoat will keep him dry as he plays and saves the day.
Western Chief Kids Frog Raincoat
With a lot of cool features and a water-resistant shell, your son will leap for joy as he’s leaping from puddle to puddle in his Chief Kids Frog Raincoat. The cotton, jersey lining will also keep him cozy along with the three-dimensional hood that has a frog’s face smiling at everyone. Additionally, there are two functional, front pockets and a froglike design in front and back. One bonus is that your child can start learning how to fasten and undo the snaps that line the front from neck to waist.
Kids Rain Wear, 3D Cartoon Children Toddler Raincoat Poncho for Boy or Girl
When you’re looking for a toddler rain jacket that has a longer hem and more coverage, then look no further than the 3D Cartoon Raincoat Poncho for boys and girls. You have four choices of designs—all of which come with a handy bag to carry the jacket in the event of rain. The hood also has a clear visor that’s built in to protect your child’s eyes. Along with the double closure in the front to prevent clothing from getting wet, the merchant lists this product as waterproof. In addition to these great qualities, this toddler rain jacket provides additional safety with reflective strips on the cuffs, hem, and vertically along the front.
Arshiner Little Kid Waterproof Lightweight Jacket Outwear Raincoat with Hood
If your tot prefers a simpler design that still serves the purpose of keeping him or her dry and comfortable, then the Arshiner Little Kid Waterproof Lightweight Jacket is the one you’re looking for. With many colors to choose from, this jacket is very lightweight but protective from the rain as well. The hem falls just below the hip, and the inside is lined with a breathable cotton blend. One other important feature is the carry-on pouch where you can fold and place the jacket just to have on hand in case of a storm.

Now you have your list of the best toddler raincoats for under $30 just in time for the next rainy season. With a big selection of colors and styles, you’re sure to find the perfect jacket for your active toddler who loves to explore the outdoors—in just about any kind of weather.

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6 best movies on Disney+ for animal lovers
Disney Plus Logo

Oh, the wonderful world of Disney! Walt Disney left behind a beautiful legacy, entertaining families for years in a variety of ways. It's no wonder that Disney has grown so much as a company. However, on November 12, 2019, Disney made a huge move and they launched Disney+, which is a streaming service for all things Disney! There are incredible movies, shorts, cartoons, and so much more. But we are going to focus on the movies that feature kid-friendly animal movies. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this list of the 6 best animal movies on Disney+.
Dumbo (2019)
The sweet and loveable elephant with the rather large years. We all know him and we all love him - Dumbo! This wonderful movie begins with Mrs. Ella Jumbo giving birth to a baby elephant. But the circus act is rather unsure of his comically large ears. They are afraid that something like that would be considered a deformity, and people would stop coming to the circus. One night during a show, Dumbo's ears accidentally popped out, and the public began laughing and giving him his nickname, "Dumbo." They threw peanuts at him and seeing this, his mother, Jumbo goes into a rage and knocks down the whole tent at the mistreatment of her son. She is subsequently sold off. He is made to do crazy tricks that are rather dangerous. As for the rest? It's totally worth watching it to see what happens. It'll have you on the edge of your seat.

The One and Only Ivan
The One and Only Ivan is a true story about a Silverback gorilla who lived inside of a mall in an enclosure just for others' viewing pleasure. Mack, the owner of the Big Top Mall where Ivan is housed, has many friends but has a special connection to Julia, the janitorial staff's daughter. She likes to sit and talk with him. One day, she leaves some crayons behind for him, and he begins coloring on paper, and this is a huge deal with Mack, who easily sells his paintings. Ruby, a baby elephant that he bought to try and liven up the circus, is forced to begin to train for the circus, and Ivan sees it and doesn't like it. So he does something about it with his talents. Want to know more? Check out this instant classic.
Brother Bear
In Alaska, there are three brothers. Denahi is the middle child. Sitka is the oldest while Kenai is the youngest. The trio of boys receives their totems, which are what symbolizes them and what the three must achieve before they are considered men. When Kenai receives the Bear of Love, he is not happy and says that bears are thieves. Just then, a bear steals the family's basket of salmon. The three boys try to go after the bear. They go all the way up a glacier, where Sitka ultimately loses his life when he dislodges the glacier and the bear falls down to the rapids below. Kenai goes after the bear, and they end up at the top of a cliff, where Kenai ultimately slays the bear. When the local tribesmen who believe all are created through "Great Spirits" are unhappy with this senseless killing of the bear, they turn Kenai into a bear. We're won't give away any spoilers, but Kenai finds a friend along his great trip to try to atone for killing the bear.
Because of Winn-Dixie
Based upon the novel of the same name, Because of Winn-Dixie is a beautiful movie that teaches us all about courage, being different, and also how we make mistakes and not to be held down by them. One day, in the fictional town of Naomi, Florida, India Opal Baloney has just moved there with her father, who is an unnamed preacher. She visits the supermarket where a dog is absolutely raising heck in the store. Not intent on the store manager getting a hold of the dog, Opal grabs the dog and says it's hers, and she names it "Winn-Dixie." Over the course of the story, Opal grows closer to her father and learns things about her mother, who had abandoned the family seven years prior. Enjoy her adventures as she meets some pretty eccentric people that she befriends.

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4 best beach movies on Disney+ for 10 year olds
young boy getting ready to watch a move

Summer vacation is the time of the year for fun and relaxation, and maybe some beach vacations if you're lucky. Kids are happy to be out of school and homework-free, but they still need to occupy their days. Whether in the air conditioning or on a tablet under a beach umbrella, these best beach movies for kids will get your 10-year-old in the summer spirit. Get out the shades and flip flops to get ready for these flicks to transport you to the shore.

Best beach movies for kids
High School Musical 2
School's out for summer, and the Wildcats of East High have scored summer jobs at a fancy country club where there will be a talent night. Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale all return for the 2007 sequel to their 2006 hit, High School Musical. With a run time of just under two hours and a rating of TV-G, this summer movie is great for 10-year-olds. (The original High School Musical is also on Disney+, but it is not a beach movie.)
Lilo & Stitch
You might think of this animated movie as being for little kids, but with a TV-PG rating and some tough themes like being orphaned, this movie is suitable for 10-year-olds. Lilo's big sister is struggling to raise her little sister when Stitch, an outer space alien trying to pose as a pet dog, comes into their lives. This is a beach movie through and through, set in Hawaii and centering on characters who love surfing and beach time. Lilo & Stitch is a fun movie that makes the viewer think about what family really means. Follow Lilo's adventure and big life lessons in this 90-minute classic.
Another Disney animated classic, this PG-rated movie can be too scary for very little kids but will hold the attention of a 10-year-old with humor, music, magic and adventure. Moana lives on a beautiful island but longs for more out on the ocean. She goes on a voyage to save her home, where she finds the ocean itself is a character of its own. This 2016 release with the voice of The Rock and music by Lin-Manuel Miranda is one hour and 45 minutes of beautiful beach escapades.
Teen Beach Movie
Two teen surfers are transported through a magical wave inside a 1960s beach party movie, "Wet Side Story," about a rivalry between surfers and bikers. The two teens accidentally change the plot but they need to get it back to how it's supposed to be in order to get home. This 2013 Disney Classic Original Movie has a 90-minute run time. It stars Ross Lynch (Austin & Ally) and Maia Mitchell (Mortified, Trapped, The Fosters).

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