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The best Minion toys under $25 for every age group

While the world was first introduced to the Minions over a decade ago when the first Despicable Me film was released in 2010, everyone fell in love with them. And the little yellow creatures’ popularity certainly hasn’t waned since; rather, it’s been rising. In addition to getting their own movie by the same name in 2015, the Minions have appeared in a range of places since, from advertisements to theme parks to even an episode of The Simpsons. That being said, it’s pretty likely that a child in your life is a big fan of these fun, lovable creatures — and for every place in the media that you can spot a Minion, you can find double the number of Minion toys, or so it seems.

So how do you pick the best Minion toy for your child, on a budget? Whether you’re shopping for birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasion, here are the best Minion sets and gifts under $25 for every age group. 

Best Minion gifts under $25 for infants

Start your child’s love of all things Minion universe early, by decking out their nursery with some Minion-themed accessories. We like this mood light that provides a cute alternative to your traditional nightlight. 

The light-sensing LED light turns on automatically at dusk and then slowly fades as the morning light comes through your child’s bedroom windows. The soft yellow light makes for a comforting glow that won’t disturb your child’s sleep, and the light’s large size completely covers the outlet. 

Want to decorate your child’s bedroom with Minions gear even further? You may want to add this Minions wall decal to your nursery (and it’s also under $25!). 

Best Minion toys under $25 for toddlers

Once your child is a little bit older, you can expand their toy box to include more fun items that might not be suitable for an infant. Take, for example, this large Minions plush. Everyone loves a plush toy, and this affordable, oversized Minion will quickly become your child’s go-everywhere companion.

If your child already has too many plush toys cluttering up their space, you might want to consider this toy for older toddlers. The interactive, posable toy comes with more than 20 signature sounds and phrases and responds and reacts as your child moves him. 

Best Minion toys under $25 for adolescents

Once your child is preschool age and up, they can likely be trusted with toys that come with smaller parts and pieces that might pose a choking hazard to younger kids. You can find a wealth of Minions toys for this age group, so you won’t be lacking options, no matter your budget. In the under-$25 range, though, we have a few favorite picks.

These Minions sets of walkie-talkies are extra adorable, as they’re shaped like Minion eyeballs. They make a great gift for children with siblings, as two can play with these walkie-talkies that offer high-quality sound, a long-range, and minimal static. 

If you have a crafty kid who loves a hands-on project, you might want to consider introducing them to the magic of Perler beads, using this fun Minions Perler set that’s intended for ages 6 and up. It contains 6,000 beads and a guide that shows you how to make more than a dozen different designs. 

Best Minion gifts under $25 for preteens or teens  

But Minions aren’t just for younger kids. If you have an older child who enjoys the Despicable Me movies and Minion characters, too, you can also find gifts they’ll love. 

For nighttime hot chocolate or pre-school coffee (for the teens), this adorable Minions mug is sure to earn a chuckle or two.

And, of course, for those who prefer cold drinks to hot, they can keep their soda, lemonade, or iced coffee cool in this oversized jumbo cup that comes with its own Minion-yellow straw. 

The Minions are here to stay — might as well embrace it

If you were hoping your child’s love for Minions might dissipate over the coming years, you might be disappointed. It doesn’t seem like these little yellow guys are going anywhere. So, you might as well follow the fad and treat your child to some of these affordable, yet sure-to-delight, best Minions gifts, whether you’re decking out a nursery with some new decor or you’re picking out the perfect birthday present for an older child.

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