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4 best rain boots for toddlers and kids you can get at Target today

Rain boots, umbrellas, a warm breeze, and the smell of a recent rainstorm — is there anything more quintessentially springtime than that? Kids especially love that combination and the way the puddles seem to call to them. If your child needs a new set of puddle kickers, now is a fantastic time to grab them a pair or two from your local Target store.


From toddlers to teens, Target does not disappoint with its wide array of footwear choices. Its kids’ rain boots offer lots of fun patterns, bright colors, and interesting designs that are available this year, and the selection is great for kids of all ages.


Target is well-known for its selection of children’s clothing, accessories, and footwear — most prominently, its Cat & Jack line. For toddlers, it’s important that the boots find their way onto your little one’s feet as easily as possible. Additionally, toddlers tend to be harder on certain items, so choosing a high-quality product that will not only protect your kiddo from the wet ground but also stand up to heavy use is equally important.

For the little ladies in your lives, we recommend Western Chief’s Ozara Light-Up Rain Boots. From the glitter to the lights in the soles, what part of this adorable boot doesn’t scream little princess?

And for the mini cowboys out there rustling up their pets and toys, we’d recommend the Toddler Totes Cirrus Charley Tall Rain Boots. With their easy-on loop and simple design, quickly match them with virtually any outfit. This makes them very versatile, pairing nicely with their super-sturdy designs.


For older kiddos ages 6-13, their rain-boot needs can shift slightly from ease of use to style and fashion. That is what makes Target such a great place to pick up these types of items. Most selections are priced very modestly while still giving kids a sense of style, with sensible and durable designs.

If your own young lady is looking to add class and sophistication to their rainy-day attire, we have found Cat & Jack Girls’ Lulani Rain Boots. These boots feature an easy-on loop, deep grooves for better traction, as well as bright and cheery color choices.

And for the young gentleman out there, parents can purchase these Kid’s Totes Cirrus Tall Rain Boots. These are the exact matching pair of the toddler version mentioned above. Because Totes products are so well-made and available for purchase at such a reasonable price, we felt it necessary to mention that not only are they available in several color options, they are also available in several age ranges for kids, as well.

With spring in the air and flower-growing showers looming, now more than ever is the perfect time to hop on over to your local Target store for a new pair of rain boots for your littles. Whether they outgrew their old pair, are ready for bigger kid sizes, or you left home without them and got caught in the drizzle, Target is the place to find the perfect ones. No matter if your child is a tottering toddler or a keen kiddo, Bullseye has just the right pair for your little trendsetter.

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