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Keep little ones entertained with the best ‘Would you rather?’ questions for kids

Get a laugh with these fun questions

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No one knows who exactly started asking those fun “would you rather” questions, but it seems like they’ve been around for ages. Little kids love them and so do tweens, but they probably won’t admit it between eye rolls. Teens, too, will usually get involved in the off-beat question-and-answer game.

The entertainment value isn’t lost on adults either, especially when there’s quite a bit of awkward silence going on. “Would you rather” questions for kids are a perfect way to pass the miles in the car or get everyone involved in dinnertime conversation. If you’re on the hunt for some laughter-provoking fun, “would you rather” questions are here to help, and we’ve got a list to get the brains and the fun going.

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“Would you rather” questions for kids

Yes, you have to pick one. The rules of “would you rather” questions are straightforward. One option has to be chosen. “Would you rather” questions, in general, can be silly or serious. Both options can be wacky or super serious. Another way to frame a “would you rather” question is to have one of each. With children, you probably want to stick with the funny or something not too serious. Save the more consequential “would you rather” dilemmas for teens and adults with a sprinkling of the absurd. Here’s a list of our best “would you rather” questions for kids to keep on hand for that next car trip, wait in line, or just because.

  • Would you rather never have to brush your teeth or your hair ever again?
  • Would you rather eat a live spider or a dead one?
  • Would you rather kayak in the ocean with sharks or jellyfish?
  • Would you rather touch a rainbow or a cloud?
  • Would you rather have magic or superpowers?
  • Would you rather sleep overnight in a museum or a zoo?
  • Would you rather swim with dolphins or penguins?
  • Would you rather pet a lion or a wolf?
  • Would you rather fly an airplane or the space shuttle?
  • Would you rather go to a Taylor Swift or a Pink concert?
  • Would you rather watch Netflix or Disney Plus?
  • Would you rather help Santa deliver presents or the Easter Bunny hide eggs?
  • Would you rather eat chocolate pancakes or chocolate waffles?
  • Would you rather have a kitten or a puppy?
  • Would you rather have a cellphone or a laptop?
  • Would you rather play video games or watch Harry Potter movies?
  • Would you rather go to the Hogwarts School or North Shore High School?
  • Would you rather meet Sabrina the teenage witch or Wednesday?
  • Would you rather watch cartoons or YouTube videos?
  • Would you rather have 10 mice or 10 cockroaches in your room?
  • Would you rather sleep on a cloud or a wave?
  • Would you rather have ants or grasshoppers on your pizza?
  • Would you rather dive into a pool or M&Ms or Reese’s Pieces?
  • Would you rather text or Facetime?
  • Would you rather be able to run like the wind or fly like a bird?
  • Would you rather take a bath in chocolate or peanut butter?
  • Would you rather eat pizza or chicken fingers?
  • Would you rather have bugs or bees in your hair?
  • Would you rather be able to sing or play an instrument?
  • Would you rather eat ice cream or candy all day?
  • Would you rather swim in a pool or in the ocean?
  • Would you rather go to Disney World or Hershey Park?
  • Would you rather meet Cinderella or Snow White?
  • Would you rather meet Superman or Batman?
  • Would you rather drive Lightning McQueen or the Batmobile?
  • Would you rather fight Ironman or the Hulk?
  • Would you rather climb Rapunzel’s hair or Ursula’s tentacles?
  • Would you rather play soccer or ice hockey?
  • Would you rather roller skate or ice skate?
  • Would you rather celebrate Christmas every day or your birthday every day?
  • Would you rather eat a booger or earwax?
  • Would you rather jump in a giant pile of leaves or snow?
  • Would you rather build a snowman or a sandcastle?
  • Would you rather stay in the house all day or be outside?
  • Would you rather climb a tree or a mountain?
  • Would you rather win the Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup?
  • Would you rather be covered in mud or slime?
  • Would you rather have cake or ice cream for breakfast?
  • Would you rather be super smart or super athletic?
  • Would you rather have a bee sting or a mosquito bite?
  • Would you rather wear flip-flops or crocs?
  • Would you rather be the President of the United States or a celebrity?
  • Would you rather be Taylor Swift or Beyonce?
  • Would you rather be a rock star or a movie star?
  • Would you rather have a fairy godmother or three wishes?
  • Would you rather eat a lemon or an onion?
  • Would you rather wear dirty underwear or smelly socks for a week?
  • Would you rather take Scooby Doo or Clifford for a walk?
  • Would you rather have siblings or be an only child?
  • Would you rather leap tall buildings in a single bound or have x-ray vision?
  • Would you rather be the oldest in your family or the youngest?
  • Would you rather burp or fart in front of your friends?
  • Would you rather stay up all night or sleep all day?
  • Would you rather be invisible or have a magic wand?

“Would you rather” questions for kids are always a great way to pass the time. They’re fun at the dinner table, in the car, waiting in line, or at a party. With this list of “would you rather” questions, parents can keep kids of all ages talking and giggling. “Would you rather” questions are also a perfect pick for getting kids to put down their phones. Would you rather answer “would you rather” questions or hear dad jokes? Remember, you have to pick one.

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