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3 kids sunglasses under $25 for UV protection all summer long

Parents are always making sure their little ones are taken care of in the best possible way, which often can include protection from the sun with infant sunglasses. Children’s eyes are extremely delicate. Their retinas are much more sensitive and reactive to the sun’s harsh UVA and UVB rays — the lens of a child’s eye transmits up to 70% more UV rays than adults — and require special consideration when shopping for eye protection such as infant sunglasses. The cells in our eyes’ lenses are never repaired or replaced when damage is done; the degeneration simply builds over our lifetimes until our vision is impaired, requiring medical intervention such as glasses or corrective surgery.

Because of this, the importance of eye protection is very high in children. By encouraging them to wear sunglasses when outside — even in the winter when UVA and UVB rays can be at their strongest — parents can fight back against early-onset eye problems such as corrective lenses, blurred vision, and headaches. To make things a bit easier, we have found three excellent pairs of sunglasses, each specially designed for children of a particular age group, that we believe can help our readers start to protect their little one’s precious vision.

Best infant sunglasses

Baby Banz Infant Sunglasses

Starting with the most vulnerable age group, Baby Banz’s infant sunglasses provide parents with the peace of mind that their children can be protected from harsh UV rays, even at a very early age. These sunglasses safeguard its wearers from all UV rays and feature a very handy yet sturdy wraparound band that holds the glasses in place on your little one’s head. The band is wide enough to prevent irritation, yet it’s soft enough to keep your littles from noticing it much. The wide band also keeps them from being able to easily remove them, thus defeating the purpose of wearing sun protection. A soft and flexible nose and brow guard shield your infant or toddler’s face from pressure indentations or bruising, and a one-year replacement guarantee protects your pocketbook from overspending.

Pro Acme Kids Polarized Flexible Sunglasses

For parents with kiddos ages 3 through 10, Pro Acme’s polarized and flexible-framed sunglasses could be the perfect addition to their wardrobe and to your arsenal of sun protection. The “won’t break” feature of these sunglasses’ frames make them a no-brainer choice for parents of young kids. Things happen, and stuff breaks — that goes without saying. However, preventing loss or damage by purchasing a product that is a bit sturdier can go a long way for parents on a tight budget. The lenses feature full, broad-spectrum UV protection, as well as a mirrored and polarized finish. This allows children to see things more clearly without needing to squint or constantly adjust their eye’s lenses to focus. It also prevents glares, which can also cause squinting and overcorrection. Additionally, these glasses come in a large selection of colors to choose from, sure to please kids with their bright pops of color and shine.

ACBLUCE Kids Sport Sunglasses

For older elementary and middle school kiddos ages 6-12 and above, ACBLUCE’s kids’ sport sunglasses provide the same broad-spectrum UV protection, antiglare, and polarized features like our other mentioned products, but in a larger size suited for older children. ACBLUCE uses food-grade TPEE material to construct their sunglasses’ frames, while also incorporating the beloved “won’t break” technology that parents everywhere can appreciate. These sunglasses are perfect for boys’ and girls’ outdoor activities — and could possibly be worn for outdoor sports practices or games (with league and/or team permission). The frames are specially designed for active children, preventing them from sliding off your child’s face while in use.

So, whether you have been marveling over your fresh new infant, chasing an active toddler, running your third-grader to karate class, or are cheering your preteen’s baseball team on from the stands, parents everywhere can know the satisfaction of protecting their children’s precious eyesight with high-quality and carefully selected eye-protection products. Your children’s protection is your ultimate goal, so why not start with something as simple as encouraging and using sunglasses to block out harmful UV rays and reflective glares. Your children’s vision will thank you for it.

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