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Diaper-trash solutions that look great in your home and contain odors

Changing diapers probably isn’t your favorite part of having a baby. However, with a good diaper disposal system, the diaper pail in their nursery could be one of your favorite pieces of furniture in the room. If you choose a fashion-forward, smell-proof diaper pail to use in your child’s diapering area, you won’t regret it. Have a look through this article to get a few ideas for stylish and effective diaper pails.

Stainless-steel diaper pails

If you’re looking for a sleek, solidly constructed diaper pail, look no further than stainless-steel options. Available in a variety of finishes and patterns, stainless steel helps to lock in odors while also looking fab. Stainless steel is a sturdy and long-lasting material. Many stainless-steel bins are also slim in appearance and fit neatly into tight corners. This type of diaper pail often features rubber seals on the inner lid or chamber to contain odors. Of course, the material itself helps to lock in odors, keeping your nursery smelling rather pleasant. Stainless-steel diaper pails are typically affordable and built to last. Consider a stainless-steel diaper pail if you’re looking to get the best deal that is both stylish and odor-proof.

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Deodorizing discs

Certain models of diaper pails are equipped with special discs that release a scent to help deodorize their contents. Keep in mind that these discs must be replaced with refills that sometimes come with a hefty price tag. However, they are usually known to be quite effective at eliminating undesirable smells. You can place the deodorizing discs at the bottom of any diaper pail if odors are getting to you. They come in a number of scents, and each lasts for a few weeks at most. These tiny helpers can go a long way in the quest against dirty-diaper scents. Deodorizing discs are an easy addition to make that can completely change your diapering routine.

Colorful diaper pails

You are probably one of many parents who carefully chose and stuck to a theme for decorating your baby’s nursery. If that is the case, or even if it isn’t, rest assured knowing that you can find a diaper pail that goes with your color scheme. Diaper pails are now available in a wide range of colors and prints. From solid light pink to neutral chevron, you are guaranteed to find a diaper pail that matches your nursery’s theme. For some models of diaper pails, you can even buy special designer covers to switch up their look. If you’re feeling especially crafty, you can DIY a painted diaper pail to decorate it to your heart’s content.

Individually wrapped diapers

There are myriad technologies to lock in odors in diaper pails, but one surefire way to do so is by individually wrapping a diaper. A number of diaper pails on the market do this, and they are indeed known for keeping bad smells at bay. Expectedly, this method of leaving a room odor-free notably uses a lot of plastic. So if you are one to choose eco-friendly options otherwise, you might want to consider other types of diaper pails. If you’re less concerned about the environmental impact of diapering, though, and are a bit more bothered by bad smells, diaper pails that individually wrap each diaper are a great option for you.

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Hands-free diaper pails

If you want to minimize the possibility of coming into contact with soiled diapers, you’ll probably want to invest in a hands-free diaper pail. Most diaper pails currently on the market fit this bill, featuring a foot pedal that is stepped on to open the pail’s lid, revealing the chute where diapers are put. This type of diaper pail is great for those who are wary of germs. The lever involved means that the lid will automatically close, eliminating the opportunity for odors to escape. Plus, keeping one hand on baby is the safest way to change them, and this type of diaper pail allows you to do just that.

Odorless diaper compartments

Some modern diaper pails are designed to have an airtight compartment that holds a single diaper before it is released into the area with the other diapers. These specialized spaces free you from the daunting task of having to smell old, dirty diapers every time you change your baby. Unlike many other completely hands-free diaper pails, you will likely have to touch a button or lever to empty the odor-proof compartment. This kind of diaper pail tends to be larger than others in order to fit the extra space in. If your diaper pail has an odorless chamber for quick and painless diaper disposal, you are sure to appreciate your purchase and the way your home smells. Make note that the extra mechanics involved might translate into the need for more repairs than your average diaper pail would require.

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Scented liners

While some diaper pails feature small discs that are inserted into them to eliminate odors, others have trash bags that are also scented. These scented liners can be combined with deodorizing discs for an odor-neutralizing regimen. Just make sure that the scents go together! A drawback to diaper pails with scented bags is, again, the need to purchase specific bag refills. These can come at a price, and it can be inconvenient to have to run to the store just to buy refills. Find out whether your diaper pail is compatible with other types of trash bags (like regular ones) and perhaps factor this into your decision making when choosing a diaper pail.

Diaper pails come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For the stylish mom-to-be, it can be frustrating having to decide which type of diaper pail is both fashion-forward and odor-free. Valuing both aspects of a diaper pail equally can lead you to a number of product options at multiple price points. Carefully consider all of your available options when it comes to choosing a diaper pail for your nursery.

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