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Why you should celebrate your kids’ inchstones

These important moments are a reason for recognition

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Marking baby milestones is certainly not a new trend. Parents have been capturing baby’s first steps and words for ages. Baby milestones are always a big focus because they pinpoint important developmental achievements of little ones as they grow. The lack or delay of certain baby milestones is often a red flag for pediatricians, which is why so much attention is placed on them.

A new parenting trend taking hold recently is celebrating inchstones. While inchstones isn’t a contemporary term, it may be unfamiliar to many parents. Inchstones is typically a word used by parents of children with special needs as they inch their way toward bigger milestones. So, why is the practice of recognizing inchstones growing in popularity, and why should parents get on board?

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Baby milestones vs. inchstones

Parents are probably very familiar with baby milestones like rolling over and sitting up. Baby milestones are an important component of a child’s physical, mental, and emotional development. When you go to well visits, your pediatrician always asks about baby milestones because achieving them helps to monitor a child’s language, cognitive, and social development, as well as their fine and gross motor skill development.

Of course, there’s always a range for little ones to reach those baby milestones. When babies don’t, it can often help identify a developmental delay. The importance lies in the early detection of any developmental delay since addressing it quickly can be a difference maker. With the focus on baby milestones though sometimes the inchstones get overlooked.

This is where the practice of celebrating inchstones has gained momentum. Parents of special needs children have long been getting excited over inchstones as their kiddos make smaller strides toward pivotal baby milestones. The term has branched out and been tapped by social media sites like Pinterest to become more popular. There are certainly perks to taking note of inchstones in your child’s development.

Stepping back to appreciate an inchstone, like commando crawling, helps take the pressure off of parents worried about why their baby isn’t crawling. Commando crawling is often a precursor for more traditional crawling. Some babies skip the traditional hands and knees crawling and go straight from commando to walking. Embracing those small moments is like smelling the flowers on a beautiful spring day. It’s also a great way to teach kids how to appreciate the little joys in life that often go overlooked.

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Celebrating inchstones and baby milestones

Everything babies do is wonderful and adorable, from that first smile to when they finally get the concept of using the potty. Of course, some moments are bigger than others, such as when your baby finally sleeps through the night. Marking those smaller inchstones and larger developmental baby milestones are both important. Inchstones let you know your little one is on the way toward achieving a vital baby milestone like their first steps.

Noticing inchstones helps you to worry less and not inadvertently put stress on babies and toddlers. Of course, every inchstone doesn’t necessarily need a celebration like a half-birthday party or a video to send to the grandparents. Marking inchstones is simply a way of encouraging your little one as they take small steps on their way to making larger leaps. It can also come in handy as children age because they will fall down and get up many times as they navigate the uncertainties of life. Learning to appreciate inchstones is a concept everyone can embrace at any age.

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