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DIY crafts for every nursery

Having trouble finding baby furniture at your baby store? Those that fit into your rustic-inspired nursery ideas, anyway – courtesy of Pinterest. Or Disney-inspired ones, even. Don’t wait around to find something that suits your aesthetic. You can DIY nursery furniture at home, with limited tools, experience, and hardware. All you need is a little patience and the right resources—like these fun, DIY baby crafts that we’ve compiled to help you better personalize your baby’s space. 

A colorful nursery dresser 

If you want a dresser for your baby’s nursery, but you’re not finding what you’re envisioning for your nursery in the store, opt for a plain and/or thrifted dresser and then make it your own. It’s as easy as paint, drawer knobs, and an afternoon of your time. 

Follow a tutorial for a gradient dresser to get an ombré look on a budget. 

A space-saving bookshelf

woman hanging shelf

If you really want a bookshelf (or a simple decor shelf) in your nursery but are running low on both wall and floor space, make good use of your nursery’s corners with this DIY craft. You will need to make a trip to the hardware store, but the supplies required are minimal, and the DIY project is pretty beginner-friendly. It’s also a great weekend afternoon project for you and your spouse. 

Once the shelves are complete, you can stock them with favorite picture and board books, stuffed animals, and other nursery decor. 

A fluffy, comfy rug

Rugs are one of those pieces of home decor that can be surprisingly expensive for a simple piece of fabric. Make your own DIY pom pom rug that uses scrap yarn and comes together in a flash. The result is a comfy, cozy, totally unique item for your baby’s nursery.

Simple storage solutions 

child playing
Studio Romantic / Shutterstock

When it comes to outfitting your nursery, you’re probably going to end up with a lot of odds and ends that you need to store. You could go with a plain, plastic storage bin that slides on a closet shelf or under the bed, or you could make your own simple storage solution that’s both functional and fashionable. These fabric storage baskets are totally customizable and, when you’re not using them, can be folded down for tucking away; out of sight and out of mind. 

A whimsical lighting option 

If you already have one or two lamps or other lighting options around your nursery, don’t continue adding your standard lighting fixtures when you have the option of creating a gorgeous and whimsical DIY light. All you need is a favorite stuffed animal (although, maybe don’t go with a top fav, as you’ll be doing some cutting and sewing), a few craft supplies, some lights, and this tutorial. The result is a charming stuffed friend that adds a warm glow to your child’s space. 

An easy crib skirt

If you have basic sewing skills, you can make this easy crib skirt. Crib skirts add an extra layer of color to your nursery space while hiding those unsightly crib legs. Plus, if you use a crib skirt, you can use the open space under your crib for extra storage without cluttering up the room or looking untidy. 

Upgraded outlet covers

Don’t forget your nursery’s outlet covers. All too often, this piece of hardware in your home is overlooked and left boring, plain, and white. Make this creative option with a little decoupage action. If any of the other DIY nursery craft projects on this list have intimidated you, this project is a great place to start, as it’s low-cost, low-key, and extremely beginner-friendly.

An on-the-go toy box

Once your baby goes from crib to crawling, you’ll likely find toys strewn all about the house, so there’s no time like the present to invest in a toy box. You can make your own stylish, customizable, and portable toy box with some wooden crates, a foam sheet, fabric, casters (and for those not down with the DIY lingo, a caster is just a swiveling wheel that comes with the hardware necessary to attach the wheel to the bottom of something else), and paint. The result is a spacious, customized, totally ‘you’ toy box on wheels. 

Make your nursery as unique as your baby

There’s no reason your nursery needs to look like you chose every single item out of a big box baby store catalog. Add some interest to your baby’s space with fun DIY projects that you’ll firstly enjoy making and then later enjoy for years to come. 

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