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5 reasons why a rocking chair for the nursery is an important must-have for both parents and babies

Do you need a rocking chair for nursing? Yes!

Dad feeding his newborn with a bottle.
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The rocking chair is a piece of American history. From the front porches across the nation to living rooms to nurseries, the rocker is an iconic piece of furniture that never goes out of style. So, if you’re on the fence about a rocking chair for nursery, it’s actually a no-brainer. Adding a rocking chair to your nursery has functional and aesthetic benefits. Functionally, a rocking chair can help you put your baby to sleep, and it offers you a comfortable space to nap alongside. Aesthetically, it adds to the room’s decor.

Besides diapers, a changing table, a crib, and baby clothes, a rocking chair for the nursery is a must-have on any baby shower wish list. If you’re considering a stationary armchair, rather than a rocking chair, take a look at these top reasons why a rocking chair is the cornerstone for your nursery.

Mom sitting in a rocking chair holding a smiling baby
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Rocking chair for the nursery

One of the reasons the rocking chair is iconic is its long history. No one is really sure who actually invented the rocking chair, though Benjamin Franklin is sometimes given credit for the design. Now Sit Me Down, a book dedicated to the history of the rocking chair, talks about a “nurse chair with rockers.” This reference dates all the way back to 1742. That’s pretty telling that as far back as the 1700s, rocking chairs were a staple for soothing little ones to sleep in a parent’s arms.

Rockers have also evolved over the years. The basic wooden design is still front and center on porches, but indoor rocking chairs have a softer take. Cushions aren’t necessarily an addition for nursery rocking chairs. Instead, cushions are an essential part of the rocker’s design, making them a piece of furniture you want in baby’s nursery. Rocking is a way to soothe a fussy baby to sleep, and what better way to do that than in a cozy rocking chair for the nursery. There are other reasons too. So, keep rocking while you read on.

Feed your baby with lots of comfort and back support

Infants eat frequently at all hours of the day and night. When you’re giving your baby nourishing milk, you’ll want a supportive chair where you can rest your arms and legs, allowing you to focus on your baby’s comfort. This is especially helpful for those middle-of-the-night feedings when your child isn’t quite on a predictable sleeping schedule just yet. A rocking chair isn’t necessarily a need for nursing or bottle feeding, but it definitely helps the process.

Whether you’re bottle-feeding or breastfeeding, you might find sitting on a bed or a regular chair puts strain on your back. A rocking chair is gentler on your body, letting you can feel your best when taking care of your child.

A wide rocking chair with cushioned arms is ideal for feeding. The upholstered cushions provide desired comfort, and the plush rolled arms offer your limbs relief from holding your baby’s weight. Many nursery rocking chairs feature linen and polyester, which is easy to clean.

Rock your baby to sleep without having to strain yourself

Babies love the feeling of being rocked and swayed. Repetitive motions are soothing for baby, which is why a rocking chair for your nursery is essential. If your baby is teething or is experiencing a fussy stage, a rocking chair is an ideal temporary solution. We realize that rocking your baby to sleep every single night isn’t feasible, but a rocking chair may be your only lifeline during bouts of fussiness or colic.

A rocker lets you rock your baby to sleep and squeeze in some personal rest time, so you can save your energy for the rest of the day. It’s also ideal for that crucial skin-to-skin time during the infant stage. A comfortable reclining and rocking motion soothes you and your baby while giving you quality time together.

For a highly specialized rocking chair, consider a rocking chair with an attached bassinet. You can complete your own tasks from your chair while your baby naps next to you. Once your child has outgrown the bassinet, you can detach it and create a regular rocking chair.

Designate a comfortable space for you to sit and relax

If you’re getting your little one used to sleeping in their own bed in the nursery, a rocking chair next to them may be the comfort your baby needs. Whether you’re rubbing their chest while they slowly fall asleep, humming a gentle lullaby, or simply assuring them that you’re still there, a rocking chair lets you stay close in while still being cozy.

Let’s face it — some nights you’ll sleep in the nursery room during transitional or developmental stages. If you’re staying in the nursery while baby naps or sleeps, a rocking chair for nursery gives you space to sit and enjoy your much-needed free time. Crack open your favorite novel, sip on a cup of herbal tea, or catch up on your social media feeds while lounging on a plush rocking chair. Remember: You deserve your rest, too!

Enjoy reading and playtime while rocking and bonding with your baby

You can spend quality time with your baby on a cozy rocking chair. Reading to your baby is a great way to teach them language, human emotion, and social interaction. Furthermore, if they’re hesitant to do tummy time on their own on a bed or crib, you can let them practice on your chest while they’re still small. They might be more comfortable moving around when you’re holding them, and your soft skin is the perfect place for them to practice tummy time.

Complete your nursery room look

A rocking chair completes a nursery room. There’s something pleasant about a cushy rocking chair next to your baby’s crib or tucked into a corner by the window. Drape a quilt over the back or place a colorful support pillow on it to add even more personality and make it more ergonomic. There are so many options for rocking chairs for nursery, so you don’t have to settle for bulky or low-quality chairs.

Large two-person rocking chair
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A rocking chair through the years

The great thing about a rocking chair for the nursery is that it’s not a piece of furniture your child is going to outgrow. Unlike the changing table or baby’s crib, a rocking chair can grow with your child. A rocking chair doesn’t go out of style and will still be useful for many years to come for cuddling and reading those bedtime stories. When your kiddo starts reading his or her own books, the rocking chair is the perfect spot to read. Cushions can be changed or updated to suit your child’s tastes as that carefully planned nursery transitions to each stage. A quality rocking chair for the nursery always has a place somewhere in the home.

A rocking chair is a nursery-room staple because they’re useful in so many ways. Feeding your baby comfortably, rocking them to sleep, reading them engaging books, or giving them quality skin-to-skin-time — you can do it all on a multipurpose rocking chair for the nursery. With endless styles available, you can confidently choose the right rocking chair to complete your nursery and use it for many years to come.

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