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Go big at home: meal planning for large families

If you have a large family, one of the chores that may be a more challenging task than others is cooking dinner. You have a bunch of people to cook for, and you are never quite sure how many boxes of spaghetti you need to feed everyone. When it comes to something like this, large family meal planning will come in handy. When you plan your meals out, it takes the guesswork out of mealtime, and you don’t have to worry about what you are making since you planned it ahead of time. It is important to budget meal planning for large families, which will help you in the long run. Here are some great tips on how to meal plan for your large family.

Make a budget

One of the biggest things about meal planning is making a budget. You have to sit down and take all of your other expenses into account. It may be wise to do this with your significant other so that everyone is on the same page regarding exactly how much money you plan to spend on groceries. But the biggest thing to think about when setting a budget is making sure that when you head to the store to do the grocery shopping, you stick to the budget you put in place. Try not to get distracted by other products, as this will take away from the budget you had set forth for the groceries. Remember, when you enter the grocery store, you are on a mission!

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Take time to plan

When the kids are using quiet time or are outside playing, this is a prime time to sit down and plan your meals. It may sound like a daunting task at first, but you will thank yourself for doing it in the long run. Not sure of what you want to cook? The internet is a great go-to for some inspiration. Instead of preparing three different dishes like meat, potatoes, and vegetables, why not combine all three and develop a one-dish solution? Casseroles are great for feeding large families, and they are relatively inexpensive when it comes to ingredients.

Shop in bulk

While it may seem that bulk shopping is expensive up-front, you will realize that it pays off in the long-run (you don’t have to keep running to the grocery store every time you run out of one box of cereal).  If you have space in your home, it is a must for big families. Items like snacks are always great to pick up at a bulk shopping store. That way, you won’t be living at the grocery store. You can get so many things when you shop in bulk, including fresh produce and beverages for your family, too!

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Decide when you will shop

Some families like to shop once a week, others, twice a month. Others like to do everything in one fell swoop get it all done once a month. It would be prudent to sit down and figure out the best time to go shopping. Take a look at your calendar and your schedule, and you will be able to tell when you can fit in grocery shopping. When you do go shopping, it might be best to leave the kids with your partner, as kids can convince us to get things that aren’t on our original list.

Pick a day to prep

Once you have done all of your shopping, choose a day to prep meals ahead of time. While it seems like a time-consuming task at the moment, you will thank yourself later. When you have your meals prepped and ready ahead of time, heating them in the oven is all you have to do come dinner-time! Enjoy serving that delicious dinner that you saw through from beginning to end.

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