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3 maternity bathing suits under $30 you’ll look amazing in

Pregnancy — along with just about everything that goes along with it — changes women’s bodies in so many ways. With every passing week, bellies swell larger, making clothing choices less and less comfortable, until maternity garments are absolutely necessary. Those garments can include many different items from different seasons, depending on what time of the year you may be pregnant. It may also include the need to pick up a new maternity bathing suit to wear to the pool, the lake, or the beach.

Feeling attractive, put-together, and properly covered are important and key features for mamas-to-be. Taking those must-haves into account, we have found three amazing, comfortable, tasteful, and stylish maternity suits perfect for any new mom. We know we have a diverse group of readers, so our list is broken down into three categories based on the style of the maternity bathing suit: One-piece, two-piece, and dress-style.

MiYang Off-Shoulder Maternity One Piece Bathing Suit

The delicate details of this off-shoulder swimsuit from MiYang is the perfect touch of elegance and sophistication. In addition to the flowy shoulder look, this bathing suit also features adjustable straps that can be worn two different ways: straight-up or cross-crossed. Materials and fabrics used to create this stylish suit include a blend of nylon and spandex, making it a soft, breathable, and gloriously stretchy option for mothers-to-be. Ideal for women of all sizes and shapes, this suit is accommodating to many sizes from 2/4 through 16/18. Additionally, it is available in a nice selection of solids and patterns with various colors to choose from.

Oceanlily Halter Maternity Swimwear

If you’re an expecting mom hunting for the perfect two-piece suit that will help support your growing body while giving you a comfortable, polished, and modest aesthetic, then look no further than Oceanlily’s halter maternity suit. Its top piece offers a built-in sports bra, additional chest support, removable padding, and a feminine halter neckline. Both the suit’s top and bottom pieces are constructed from soft, durable, and stretchy blended nylon and spandex. This material is also chlorine resistant, so your colors won’t fade as quickly with regular use. In addition to lasting longer and providing extra support for your changing body, this suit is designed for use well past the nine-month mark of pregnancy. Continue to feel comfortable, stylish, and modest well into postpartum with Oceanlily’s cute and casual maternity suit.

Tempotrek Retro Maternity Swim Dress

While dress-style maternity swimsuits could be considered a one- or two-piece suit, we felt swim dresses deserved special recognition due to their flowing and forgiving look — all the while still helping moms-to-be feel feminine and attractive. Tempotrek’s version of its women’s swim dress gives shoppers a trip back in time with its retro aesthetic in addition to its fun patterns and bright color options. Blended nylon and spandex allow new moms to be comfortable without giving up the extra support needed across the chest area. Additionally, this adorable swim dress includes double-ruched sides that will adapt to your growing belly.

Whether you are a fan of the classic one-piece bathing suit, prefer to simplify with the popular two-piece, or desire the feminine look of a stylish swim dress, we feel confident these products can get you headed in the right direction, if nothing else. Wearing plain and simple maternity clothing is boring! Switch things up by adding a splash of color, a flirty skirt, or sexy off-shoulder cut to your ever-growing clothing collection as well as your ever-growing baby bump. Don’t feel trapped by dull choices at your local big-box or maternity specialty stores. Be you, mama. Your baby will thank you for it. Also, do not forget the sun protection measures such as natural sunscreens.

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