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6 features to look for in a nursing chair

When it is time for your baby to come home, there are several things that you are going to want set up in their nursery. Besides mobiles and monitors, you are going to want a comfortable nursing chair in order to feed baby at nighttime or any time during the day. We all know the exhaustion and responsibilities that come with having a new baby in the house, so having a special place where you can bond with your baby — one that you actually want to sit in — is important. There are various features that you are going to want to look for in a nursing chair to ensure both baby and you are comfortable.

What kind of chair do you want?

First, before anything else, you want to decide what kind of nursing chair that you want. Do you want a rocker, a glider, or a stationary chair? Rocking or gliding back and forth is great movement for your little baby when they are fussy, and you can rock them back to sleep with ease. Regardless of the type of chair that you prefer, make sure that you choose one with padded armrests so that you are not putting any strain on your arms when you are holding and feeding your baby.


You are going to want to have cushioning that is soft enough to be comfortable while you are nursing but firm enough that you are able to easily get up out of the chair after your baby falls back asleep in your arms. You don’t want a chair so soft that you sink down into it when you sit down. Look for a seat cushion that features dense foam or springs. You should try sitting in your chair with a nursing pillow to make sure that it is a comfortable fit for you and your baby.

A glider chair and dresser in a nursery


Babies are notorious for spit-up and spills. This means that your chair is going to see its fair share of them. Find a chair that has a solid and durable fabric upholstery. This way, it will be easy to clean should a mess happen. While most nursery decor is light and bright, this may be one item where you look for dark colors, which can more easily hide stains (as long as it goes with your aesthetic, of course). You can also look for a chair that has fabric that is machine washable. It will be your best friend because you can just throw it in the wash when you need to.


One big thing that you want to take into consideration is the quality of the chair that you purchase. You are going to be using this chair for years to come. You want to make sure that the chair is strong and is going to hold up to whatever life throws at it. Make sure that it is durable and ready to handle whatever happens to it, be it spit-ups, spills, or worse. And, of course, make sure that it is well-made—all of the parts are in good condition and there are no sharp edges for little hands to injure themselves on.

Locking mechanism

When looking for a nursing chair, you are going to want to find one that has a quality locking mechanism on it. That way, if you don’t want the chair to move, it won’t. (And, even if your baby prefers to nurse while rocking, this feature comes in handy when you’re trying to sit down or stand with a sleeping baby.)

Nursing chair and crib in nursery

Back support

To avoid bad posture while feeding your child, look for a chair that has good back support and a back high enough to reach your head. You are going to want to sit up straight and not slump in your chair, as that runs the risk of you falling asleep with a baby in your arms, and that is the last thing that you want to do. When shopping for a nursing chair, be sure to try them out to find the one that is most comfortable before you decide to purchase it.


Does the chair that you have your eye on fit in with the nursery decor? Is that an important aspect to you? If so, try to look for ones within the same color scheme as your nursery.

All in all, it comes down to personal preference when you are looking for a nursery chair to place in your baby’s nursery. You need to be happy with your purchase because you will be using it for years to come. By taking all of these factors into consideration, you will be making an informed choice when you choose to purchase your nursing chair.

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