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The 5 best glider chairs that also look great in your home

A glider chair is slightly different from a rocking chair. Like its name suggests, it glides in a circle or semicircle versus rocking back and forth. It makes for a smoother ride over rocking chairs, but it’s really just a matter of preference and what best fits your home decor. The good news is glider chairs come in modern designs that can elevate your common space in a functional way. Check out this list of our five favorite stylish, yet very practical gliders you can add to any part of your home.

Barrel chair meets glider

Gogh swivel glider
Image used with permission by copyright holder
  • Swivel glider
  • Overall measurements: 27 inches high by 24 inches wide by 38 inches deep
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Soft, velvet-like fabric

If you want a low-back, modern glider, this Gogh swivel glider from the Karla Dubois Shop might be your best bet. Close to the ground, yet wide enough to provide much-needed comfort, this glider looks great in any common living space. Think living room, office, or den. The soft fabric is available in six colors: candle apple, gray, black, teal, mustard yellow, and blush pink.

The midcentury-inspired look makes this glider an ideal accent chair that can accommodate your family and guests alike. Another reason why gliders are aesthetically pleasing is they hide the bulky mechanics as compared with rocking chairs, which makes them blend into any room easily. This glider in particular looks like a regular accent chair at first glance, so you can disguise it like so.

Streamlined high-back glider

high-back glider
Image used with permission by copyright holder
  • Swivel glider
  • Overall measurements: 39 inches high by 29 inches wide by 34 inches deep
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Velvet fabric

Looking for a chair that fully supports your back and head? Harriet Bee Shop’s Sheldon high-back glider is an ideal choice. The sleek, clean look makes this chair compatible with any living room. Pair it with your favorite colorful throw blanket or station it next to the window to make a cozy reading nook. Choose from warm tones like red and fuchsia to cooler hues like aqua, blue, and dark gray. If you want a more neutral color (or if you’re like us and you want a color that can hide stains from sippy cup spills or food throwing tantrums), opt for brown, blue or black.

The velvet fabric might seem daunting, especially if you have young children, but don’t worry! Spot cleaning is easy with mild water and soap. You can also remove the cushion to vacuum crumbs and clean the seat thoroughly. A solid wood frame makes this glider sturdy and durable.

Wide, dignified glider

Custom Upholstery Shop
Image used with permission by copyright holder
  • Swivel glider
  • Overall measurements: 39 inches high by 31 inches wide by 15 inches deep
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Polyester, polyester-blend, or cotton fabrics

Wayfair’s Custom Upholstery Shop offers their very own Swivel glider with wide seat and low arms. The spacious, padded seat is great for cuddling with toddlers or reading them stories before bedtime. If you have room for an ottoman, then you can use this chair to kick back and lounge with ease. This is also an optimal chair for feeding infants because you can rest your arms comfortably on the low sides. Compared with wooden rocking arm chairs or gliders with narrow seats, this chair ranks higher on the comfort list.

Because it’s from the Wayfair Custom Upholstery Shop, this chair is available in more than 149 colors! Note that Wayfair tends to stick to neutral and easily matched colors, though, like soft grays and off-white hues. Wayfair also offers several pattern alternatives like baroque and paisley designs. If your home decor motto is cozy but functional, this glider is a need-to-have.

Fun quatrefoil patterned glider

reclining quatrefoil glide 

  • Swivel glider
  • Overall measurements: 40.94 inches high by 30.71 inches wide by 36.61 inches deep
  • Only available in navy and white
  • Polyester fabric

Introduce some pattern into your furniture with Harriet Bee Shop’s Charleen Trellis reclining quatrefoil glider. Patterns add a cheerful layer of texture in your home, alongside accent colors and different fabrics. To break up the quatrefoil pattern, you can place a solid-colored pillow on the glider or place the chair against an empty, neutral wall.

This chair is also unique in a different way — it’s designed for a swivel, rock, and glide combination for a truly soothing sensation. It also comes with a manual recline feature so you can prop up your feet if you’re taking a break reading or taking a nap. As for durability, a hardwood frame and metal coil-supported seat means this seat is built to last. Even with daily, heavy use, you can rest assured your glider can keep up.

Simple and compact glider

Simple and compact glider
Image used with permission by copyright holder
  • Swivel glider
  • Overall measurements: 37 inches high by 26 inches wide by 34 inches deep
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Polyester and polyester blend fabrics

From the Gus Modern Shop, we recommend the Sparrow glider, which is a compact, sleek glider. Space is precious and you want to utilize every inch to its full potential, and this glider gives you a spot to unwind without unnecessary bulk. Traditional leather recliners may be cumbersome in modern apartments and small homes, so a plain but practical glider might be the best way to go.

The textured polyester and polyester blend and clean lines help warm up your living space. Choose from natural and neutral hues like huron ivory, parliament stone, and leaside driftwood. A high back makes this comfortable for extended periods of rest. A firm steel base and an included seat cushion offer added comfort and durability.

Gliders are multifunctional furniture pieces that liven up your common spaces. High-back, low-back, patterned, wide — depending on your personal needs, there is a glider that is right for you. If you’re specifically looking for a glider that will look great both in the nursery and in the living room, you’re in luck. Choose from these five modern gliders to find a suitable one for your home.

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