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Precious ideas for big-sister gifts from baby

When you welcome a new baby into the family, you want to make your older daughter feel comfortable before they arrive. Young big sisters, especially, need to feel that they’ll still have your attention when there’s a newborn at home. Older sisters may feel better about a new sibling, but it’s still nice to celebrate their new roles. Eventually, they’ll want to become part of each phase of your newborn’s development. By the second week, they might even volunteer to help you wheedle baby into the crib, for example. It’s always a good idea to include big sister in the settling, as well as in preparations. So honor your eldest and try these six precious gift ideas for big sisters from baby.

Something to crown them a big sister

You want your older daughter to feel proud of being a big sister. Hype them up by giving them something that clearly says, “Big sister” or a similar iteration. Younger daughters will love wearing a crown or sash that reads, “Best big sister.” They can look forward to wearing this special badge whenever you bring your baby home for the first time.

big sister and baby
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Older daughters might appreciate something more refined that they can wear every day. A necklace with a “Big sis” pendant or a charm bracelet saying something along these lines is an adorable idea. You can go all out and tuck the jewelry in a delicate box to surprise your daughter when it’s appropriate. It might be a good time when you announce that a new baby is joining the family.

A big-sister scrapbook and instant film camera

For an ongoing, engaging gift, give your daughter a big-sister scrapbook and an instant film camera. They can use the film photos to fill up the pages. You can customize the pages and create templates for each one. You might also include writing prompts if they can clearly read and write.

Make the templates fun and interesting for big sister. Here are some sample pages below:

  • The first time I met my baby sister/brother
  • Funny faces with my baby sister/brother
  • I like being a big sister because …
  • If I could name my baby brother/sister, they would be _____________

For other blank pages, you can add heartwarming quotes about family and being a big sister. While scrapbooks are good for any age, little ones will need a little more help and guidance. Big sisters in the first grade and above might do best with a scrapbook idea.

Matching clothing set

Before your new baby arrives, you can give your daughter a matching clothing set for her and baby. This can be matching shirts that read, “Big sister” and “Little sister/brother” or the same pajamas in their respective sizes. Customized shirts with their names on them are also fitting and are more personal than generic screen prints.

big sister and baby
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You’ll be encouraging your daughter to bond with their new sibling even before they arrive. An article of clothing is also practical because they can use it anytime. If you want something that may last a little longer than a shirt, a scarf might be suitable, especially if you live in a colder area. If you would like to steer away from clothing altogether, matching embroidered throw pillows are also adorable gifts. Even if they won’t share the same room, your children can always have something to remind them of each other.

A letter from baby to big sister

Depending on how young your daughter is, a letter from baby can make them instantly fall for their new sibling. Write the letter directly addressed to your daughter and include specific details about your lives to make it personal.

Keep it exclusively positive, but if you feel that your daughter might be worried about being a big sister, mention this in the letter. Encourage your daughter through your baby’s voice to ensure them that having another baby in the house is exciting.

To keep it extra adorable, write about all the future adventures your baby is looking forward to having with their big sister. If there is a vacation your daughter has been dreaming about, you can tell them you can’t wait to go there, too. (But of course, only include this if you intend to keep this promise! Kids don’t remember everything, but you may have to follow through with your word here.)

A big-sister bag to help take care of baby

Before the new baby comes home, you can involve your daughter in the preparations. Give them their very own big-sister bag filled with supplies to help with their new sibling. You can pack safe baby toys, big-sister books to read to baby, a diaper or two, a small pack of wipes, baby lotion, and other baby essentials.

If your daughter is on the younger side, you can also give them a doll baby to take care of until their new sibling is in the house. On the other hand, if your daughter is older, you can give them more responsibility and include genuine items like a diaper changing pad, diapers, wipes, petroleum jelly, diaper rash cream, etc. They can be your little helper just in case you forget something crucial at home.

big sister and baby
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Big-sister day gift basket

Before your new baby meets your daughter, you can send them a gift basket from baby. Leave a note saying how much they can’t wait to meet their new big sister. Include sweets, a big-sister shirt, books, and toys.

You can adjust the assorted goodies depending on your daughter’s age. Older daughters might appreciate pastries, a big-sister journal, and a small stuffed toy, while younger daughters will enjoy a basket of big-sister toys and books.

You can designate an arbitrary day as the official big sister in your household and dedicate the whole day to your daughter. This will make them feel seen and appreciated.


Teens may handle a new baby differently than younger children, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to feel included, too. Most teenagers would never wear a big-sister shirt, but a special piece of jewelry to honor the occasion would be treasured. A heart locket or a new charm in honor of her new little baby or sister will certainly be a noteworthy keepsake she will always remember.

Journaling set

A wonderful gift for tweens and teens about to become a big sister is a journaling set. Keeping a journal is a way for older kids to write down their feelings about becoming a big sister as well as keeping track of other special life events. Many tweens and teens enjoy journal writing, and this set from STMT can get them started on the journey. It comes complete with 70-page journal, pen, and more.

Now you’re ready to prepare your baby’s gift for their big sister. The first thing to do is make the gift age-appropriate and ensure it’s something they will use. But whichever gift or combination of gifts you decide to craft from our list, your daughter will appreciate the thoughtful gesture and become even more excited about being a big sister.

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