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What to look for when buying swimwear for newborns

Baby’s first swim experience is definitely an Instagram-worthy moment for parents. With all the excitement, it’s easy to get carried away and choose newborn swimwear that’s impractical or not right for the occasion. Avoid chafing, sunburns, and tears with our guide to find the right swimsuit for your little one. Our tips will help you make your baby’s first beach day unforgettable for you and your family.

laughing baby on beach in swim diaper
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Sun protection

Baby’s skin is very delicate and can burn easily. If you plan to spend a long time in the sun, you need a newborn swimsuit that offers the sun protection your little one needs. Rash guards and rompers offer your baby full coverage and UV protection.

To avoid sunburns and redness, look for swimsuits with SPF protection. But don’t leave it up to the swimsuit. At the same time, you want to limit your child’s exposure to the sun’s rays. While at the pool or the beach, look for shade to keep your baby comfortable and care for their skin with the right sunscreen.


baby splashing in water
Derek Thomson/Unsplash

While some swimsuits may seem adorable, don’t let their fabric and design be the deciding factor when you choose a suit for your little one. Keep comfort in mind and look for the following characteristics to ensure your baby’s happiness in the water:

  • Flat seams to avoid itching and chafing.
  • Soft material that feels gentle against the skin.
  • Stretchy fabric to keep baby comfy without being too tight.
  • Leg room for those adorable rolls.
  • If you expect to be in the water for a long time, your baby will need a suit that keeps them warm.
  • If the weather is especially hot, you’ll want a breathable suit that keeps your newborn cool.
  • Avoid straps that leave red marks.

Remember the swim diaper

Newborns need swim diapers to go in the water. Some suits have built-in reusable diapers that are convenient for parents and comfy for your baby. These eco-friendly solutions help avoid accidents in the water and provide peace of mind while you swim.

If your newborn’s suit doesn’t come with a water diaper, make sure it has enough room for a disposable one. While some swimsuit models may seem adorable, it’s important to remember that you also need something practical. Many pools don’t allow babies to enter without water diapers, and you certainly don’t want to be stuck poolside with a suit that doesn’t leave room for your little one’s diaper.

Easy on and off

When choosing a newborn swimsuit, keep in mind that your baby may be squirmy when you put it on. Also, they’ll most likely be wet when you take it off. This is why many parents choose a zippered, one-piece swimsuit for their newborns. There are also onesie-style suits with buttons at the legs that are practical and sweet.


Since your newborn won’t wear their swimsuit for more than one season, it may seem reasonable to buy the most inexpensive model. Often, the fabric in cheap swimsuits doesn’t hold up to the chlorine in pools or the summertime sun. Look for suits made of lycra, nylon, or polyester for greatest durability and comfort.


baby wet from swimming and wearing swim shirt
Barrett Ward/Unsplash

Since this is your newborn’s first time in a pool or the ocean, the look is key – so go ahead and stock up on the cutest swimwear styles for babies. After all, what’s a baby swimsuit without adorable ruffles or cute baby sharks? Give this photo op the importance it deserves and make sure your newborn makes a splash. We’re sure you’ll take some family pics that you and your baby will treasure forever.

Matching hats and sunglasses

While you’re completing your baby’s look, don’t forget to pair their new swimsuit with a matching hat and sunglasses. These fashionable accessories give your little one extra protection. They shelter their head, eyes, and face from the sun and keep them comfortable all day long.

Whether your newborn curls their toes in the sand or takes a quick dip in the pool, they need the perfect swimsuit to enjoy this new experience. Look for something practical, comfortable, and stylish before heading to the water. With the right suit, you and your little one will make unforgettable memories this summer.

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