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12 best space-saving (and affordable) furniture for kids

Kids have a lot of stuff. It can be hard for parents to find creative and functional ways to manage the mess and keep things looking neat and tidy at home. What’s more, not everyone has the luxury of ample space for cumbersome furniture, massive storage units, and organizational systems. Fortunately, a few nifty pieces of furniture can help to clear the clutter and save you space. Looking to reorganize and redecorate your family and kid-friendly rooms? We are sharing a few cool options and ideas.

Toy storage cabinets

If your kids have tons of little items — Legos, Matchbox cars, and miscellaneous doll clothes, this wood toy store organizer is an easy, convenient, and budget-friendly option. It comes with lots of plastic bins to house all the random and itty-bitty trinkets and treasures. While it may not be the most fashionable piece, it is seriously functional — making it ideal for a basement or play room.

Prefer a slightly more-stylish option? This toy storage cabinet/ bench offers three removable drawers (to stash all the goodies) and a small shelf to display some more prize-worthy items.

Cute storage baskets

The key to keeping your home clutter-free? Having strategic places to shove, er, store items — everything from blankets to books to random toys that found their way into the living room. Put a basket in each room; they can essentially serve as a “catch-all” for miscellaneous messes. At the end of the day, you can go through each basket and return items to their designated spaces. This large cotton-rope option is neutral and looks chic in any room.

If you want a functional storage basket for a kid’s room, consider a cute and whimsical one — like this super-sweet orange fox basket. Your kids might be more inclined to help clean up if they have a cute bin to put things away in.

Dresser-drawer combo

Lacking enough closet space to house all your kid’s tees and tops, and shorts and pants? This Storkcraft combination dresser-drawer combo fits lots of clothes; plus, it’s practical and simple. It also features a vertical dresser for small, hangable items.

Have more foldable items to tuck away? The Fisher-Price six-drawer double dresser is perfect for your baby’s nursery or a young child’s rooms. What’s more, it is budget-friendly and beautifully made.

Bunk beds

If you have two kids sleeping in one room, you will want to find a smarter space-saving sleepy-time solution. Bunk beds for the win! The Walker Edison Alexander Stackable Twin over Twin Bunk Bed set is functional and fun. It’s low to the ground with integrated guardrails and an included ladder, making it an ideal starter option for young kids who might be too scared to claim the top bunk just yet.

Space-saving furniture for kids isn’t always the most eye-catching, but a triple bunk bed is certainly something to get excited about. This awesome option, featuring a full-size bed over two twins, also features drawers for storage. It’s a super-nifty option for apartment living with kids — and cool for sleepover parties, too!

Trundle beds

Another great option when on the hunt for space-saving furniture for kids? Trundle beds. Your children will get a kick out of pulling a hidden bonus bed out of a drawer from their designated sleeping space. These are great for sleepovers with friends; Mom and Dad can even snooze close when their kiddo is not feeling well or has a nightmare. This solid-wood double-twin option is clean and classic.

This whimsical bunk bed with a pull-out trundle offers ample sleeping space for kiddos — plus stylish stairs to ascend and built-in shelving displays. If you have multiple children and little space to work with, this is a super-savvy bedroom option.

Kids’ desks

Instill a strong work ethic and foster organizational skills early on by establishing a designated work space for your child. This petite KidKraft study desk has lots of storage for homework, artwork, and supplies.

This Melissa & Doug wooden-lift desk is another adorable option for curious cuties who want a coloring space or kindergarten homework spot. Littles will love stashing crayons, picture books and other mystery goodies inside their “hidden” treasure chest. The desk and chair are both small, so you can tuck them into a designated corner; plus, it has a classic look that fits with any room’s vibe.

It’s a fine balance with kids; you want to keep your home looking organized and “adult-like,” but you also need to make lots of room for clunky kids’ items and, you know, all the things that come with the territory. Fortunately, you can find a happy medium with some sleek and space-saving storage options and functional furniture picks. There will always be mess and mayhem (hello, #parentlife!), but, you can maintain your sanity, keep your style aesthetic, and corral the chaos.

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