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Is Roblox safe for kids? You need to take these precautions

Should you ban this popular online in your home?

Roblox app on a cell phone.
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Children and teens have been obsessed with video games since they first hit the market in 1971. Thank you, Pong. Since their initial release, video games have opened us up to the world of virtual reality, missions, conquests, storylines and epic battles as our characters move across the screen. In more recent years, video games have made a switch from versus and mission-style gaming to a more diverse genre such as platform gaming. Games included in this category include Minecraft and Fortnite, both of which parents are likely familiar with. So, what about the newest craze? What is Roblox and, more importantly, is Roblox safe for kids?

Roblox is the newest contender on the platform gaming scene. It’s described as a global virtual center where users create their own worlds in Roblox Studio and play in the creations of others — something akin to a game within a game. Users play with friends in an endless list of stations, from escape rooms to pet adoption in real-time. But is Roblox safe for kids? What measures have they taken to protect young children from falling victim to online predators or bullying? Is there an approved age range for play? We will discuss these issues and help you determine if this trending gaming app is really worth all the hype.

What is Roblox, anyway?

A child playing Roblox on the computer.
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Roblox, the global online “imagination platform” has taken youth all over the world by storm, quickly becoming one of the most frequently downloaded and actively played games today. Boasting over 150+ million users across the far reaches of the globe, engaging with users in real-time has never been easier, or in some cases, more fun.

Using the app — available on all smartphones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles — users choose an avatar and customize it with vivid hair colors, intriguing clothing choices, medals from their conquests, or other won or collected contraptions from gameplay. They then enter worlds, or “sub games,” as a single player or with friends, and play in whatever user creation they choose. Every world found on the platform was created by another user, where you’ll find everything from rhythm titles to role-playing games.

Is Roblox safe for kids of all ages?

The Roblox app about to be downloaded on a cell phone.
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If you are a parent, chances are likely high that you have at least heard of Roblox. Whether you have allowed your child to download the app already or are still on the fence about its uses and possible distractions in your home, we hope to at least clear up a few details that may help you settle on your decision on the subject. But you may be asking yourself, is Roblox safe for my child?

The general age requirement

The answer is a little convoluted, with a generalized age rating of 13+ for play. While the app has a recommended age limit of 13, if your quick-witted kiddo really wanted to, they could likely create an account without parental guidance. Because the nature of each game is so diverse, it proves nearly impossible to pin down an exact age it’s for. And because each “world” is created solely by users and is self-policed, adult content, called “condo games,” pop up quickly. It’s for these reasons we encourage all parents to be diligent in the monitoring of their children’s devices.

Tools parents have to keep kids safe while on Roblox

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When it comes to controls and tools to utilize in the protection of their children, Roblox has equipped parents with a few weapons in their defense against online predators and bullies.

A few ways to keep kids safe

  • Parent-held accounts — These types of accounts are parent-created, meaning parents input their own email addresses and contact info and give permission to the child to play on the Roblox platform.
  • Password-protected settings — Under the parental controls tab in your parent account, guardians can easily turn on password protection, which disables all app settings and controls from being altered without the previously set-up password. This safeguards kids from being able to turn off certain functions and features without parental consent.
  • Highly censored chat options — In order to prevent children from sharing personal or protected information with other users online during gameplay, the Roblox Corp. installed software preventing users from being able to say certain things in the chat box. Names, ages, and specific wordings are censored to prevent the disclosure of information to would-be predators.

How to use Roblox for good

Little girl having fun on a laptop.
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If you do let your child on Roblox, know the platform is beneficial if used correctly. You’ve set up the controls, know how to monitor the chat history, and have talked with your kid about using Roblox properly. In additions to games like Blox Fruits, Pet Simulator 99, and Bee Swarm, there are educational games in there, as well as games best for younger children to play.

With homeschooling becoming more mainstream, parents have found combining a child’s love of video games with learning could even take place somewhere like Roblox. Anything has the potential to be bad, just as something has the potential to be good if used properly.

Look for these safer games for kids

  • Hide and Seek Extreme
  • Dragon Adventures
  • RoBeats
  • Adopt Me!

Try these educational games

  • Endangered World
  • Word Bomb
  • Tower of Math
  • Guess the Maths

Whether your kiddo is a seasoned veteran of Roblox’s “imagination platform” or is currently requesting to become a user to play with friends and classmates, we hope to have cleared the air on some basic information on the gaming platform.

Just like any online game, users find ways to manipulate the software and create images and playing stations that are inappropriate for young children. It’s for this reason we encourage you to sit down and have an open and honest discussion with your child before allowing Roblox into the home. Set the groundwork for safe online gaming and honesty among family members before anyone creates an account.

But know Roblox is also used for good, with educational games built in. It’s not all bad online, but parents need to be informed before letting their child go crazy in Bee Swarm. Play a few games with your child to fully grasp what Roblox is, and if you want your kid playing it.

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