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5 irresistible Halloween costumes for baby’s first trick-or-treat

Dressing up your little pumpkin for Halloween? Try these costumes

You can smell it in the air and hear the leaves as they crunch underneath your feet. There isn’t any doubt that autumn is here, and that means one thing to kids and fall lovers everywhere: Halloween is coming! For those who relish the holiday, Halloween is an exciting time, and when it’s baby’s first Halloween, there is a lot to be thrilled about.

Dressing up your baby on any day is a lot of fun, but holidays like Halloween definitely up the cuteness factor. Of course, there are a plethora of baby Halloween costumes to choose from. Halloween costumes for babies are adorable, especially when you pick an endearing theme for their costumes. We’ve got some fun and popular Halloween costumes for babies that will bring on the oohs and aahs this October 31.

Baby pumpkin Halloween costume

Baby Halloween costumes

Your baby definitely won’t be like Charlie Brown and collect rocks while trick-or-treating this Halloween. These delightful costumes are ideal for baby’s first Halloween. 

Pumpkin or jack-o’-lantern

A mainstay Halloween costume many parents choose for their baby’s first Halloween is a pumpkin or a jack-o’-lantern. Parents typically choose this costume because it’s a perfect pick for both girls and boys. A pumpkin costume is a rather sweet choice for baby’s first autumn holiday. Pumpkin and jack-o’-lantern costumes for babies come in various styles. A baby pumpkin costume can be as simple as a onesie or a more involved one where baby can pop their legs through and have a pumpkin head hat. There’s even a bunting pumpkin costume for really young trick-or-treaters. 

Little Red Riding Hood

When it comes to little babies, a classic costume for girls is fairytale icon Little Red Riding Hood. This costume is a great choice for babies because it’s an easy for little ones to wear. Since there isn’t a lot to the costume, babies won’t fuss or try to remove pieces. All it takes is a little red hooded cape, alongside a white onesie with some white leggings, and suddenly you have an adorable Little Red Riding Hood to carry through the neighborhood. The also costume is a snap to take off too if changes are needed. 

Teddy bears 

There is just something so cuddly about teddy bears. They are not only cute, but typically are also one of a child’s first stuffed animals. So, turn that adorable, cuddly toy into a really fun Halloween costume. Not only will your child be incredibly darling, but they will be cozy, too. Teddy bear costumes are usually padded well. Halloween can be chilly and having a snuggly teddy bear costume will keep baby warm for their first fall season and foray out into the neighborhood to trick-or-treat

Animal costumes

Another popular choice for Halloween costumes for babies is animals. Whether it’s small soft foxes, a chicken clucking, or a darling puppy, animals remain a popular costume choice for babies. Not to mention, animal costumes tend to be warm and fuzzy, which is great if Halloween falls on a nippy day. A cute little lamb, a tooting elephant, or a hoppy bunny are all other sweet animal costume ideas. Let your imagination go wild with this one and you can think of some really fun animal costumes. If you are looking to purchase an animal costume, there are adorable options to choose from.

Character costumes

There are so many fun character costumes from movies or cartoons that kids love, and your baby might enjoy. For example, the well-adored Mickey or Minnie Mouse has been a popular option for baby costumes for ages. Other baby Halloween character costumes include Clifford the Big Red Dog, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, Tigger, Snow White, and so many more. Character costumes are fun to build a family theme around. 

Mickey Mouse baby costume

A word on costumes and accessories:

If you’ve found the perfect baby Halloween costume, there are just a few things to make sure of before purchasing.

  • Make sure fabrics aren’t abrasive against baby’s delicate skin. Good fabric options to look for are cotton, microfiber, and fleece.
  • Costumes should be fire-safe and comfortable against the baby’s skin.
  • Babies should never wear anything near the face, especially masks. They do not have the dexterity to pull them down.
  • Some fun accessories to include that do not pose a safety threat include fun socks that match their costume, mittens to keep little hands warm, and, of course, a hat to match the costume to keep baby’s head warm.
  • While makeup can complete a costume, be sure to research the face makeup that you want to use and ask your child’s pediatrician before applying it to your baby’s face. Make sure the makeup that you purchase is non-toxic and preferably all-natural.
  • If you use makeup on your baby, keep it to a minimum and keep it on for a short amount of time. As soon as trick-or-treating is done, when grandpa and grandma leave, or after pictures, wash off the makeup off, as any kind of makeup can clog their pores and irritate baby’s skin. So, it is important that any makeup comes off as soon as possible.
Little Red Riding Hood baby

Enjoy baby’s first Halloween

Halloween can be a wonderful time for parents, especially if it is your baby’s first one. Picking out Halloween costumes for babies is definitely super fun. Once you pick one from all of those adorable baby Halloween costumes, try to build a family theme around it. Always make sure before you go trick-or-treating, that your baby is safe in his or her costume. Then, after you snap plenty of pictures, you are all set to head out for baby’s first trick-or-treat. 

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