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7 easy last-minute Halloween costume ideas for kids

It happens to all of us. We thought we ordered the costume. Or we did, but shipping delays mean it won’t get there until November 1st. Or it was supposed to rain the entire week and then 2 hours before trick-or-treating starts, it magically clears. Whatever your reason for being in a pickle is, you have to find a Halloween costume using mostly what you can see standing in your room. What you need is list of good, but easy Halloween costumes. Before you cut out eyes on a sheet and be a ghost (which can always be a backup), see if these last-minute Halloween costumes will do the trick.

A group of kids dressed up in costumes.

Where’s Waldo

What to find

  • Red and white striped shirt
  • Red and white hat
  • Round glasses

This one should be really easy. Someone in the house will have a red and white striped shirt. Someone should have a red hat, even if it’s not stripped. If anyone likes Harry Potter, you can find a pair of round glasses.

You can make this a funny and fun family theme by having everyone else dress up in crazy outfits so the one who is Waldo sticks out more. If you have any of the adorable Where’s Waldo books, have Waldo carry one around to really drive it home.

Cool mummy

What to find

  • White or beige clothing
  • Crepe paper
  • Sunglasses

You can’t go wrong with an easy mummy costume. It’s one that the whole family can go as. Or if the kids forgot to tell you that they do need to dress up for school, it’s a quick way to make sure they have something to wear.

You’ve all played the toilet paper game where you wrap a person as fast as you can. Transfer those skills over to wrapping up you or your child in crepe paper. You can pin the crepe paper to the top of the pants so it will stay put a little better. Throw on some sunglasses to make the mummy cooler if you want a laugh.

Old Hollywood glam

What to find

  • 50s or 60s style dresses
  • Pinstripe suits

If you have time to run to your local thrift store, you can pull this off pretty easily. Grab the kids and go to a vintage shop and find some old glamorous looks. Use gel and hairspray to get old hairstyles in place.

This is perfect to get the whole family dressed up and capture some pretty gorgeous pictures. It doesn’t matter what anyone’s age is, Hollywood glam will work on everyone. No need to pay for rushed shipping and you are helping a local business out.

A couple of kids checking out their Halloween candy.

Colorful crayons

What to find

  • Same color top and bottoms
  • Black marker or black paint

Between everyone’s closets, you can locate a couple of color options. Use black paint or marker and draw the word “crayon” along the outfit. You can even add the design that is on the bottom of a real crayon and write the color on the bottom of a leg. Everyone can pick their favorite color or just pick their favorite out of the color options available.

You can also use this same idea and go as crewmates or impostors from Among Us if your kids are obsessed with that game.

Oldie, but goodie

What to find

  • Cardigans
  • Long skirts
  • Cane

Kids dressing up as older people is always adorable. And simple. We all have items in the closet that when paired can make anyone look like a cute elderly person. If you can find a picture of their grandparents and try to match their outfits as closely as possible, not only will it be a great costume, but their grandparents will love the tribute.

Hogwarts student

What to find

  • Green, blue, yellow, or red accessories
  • White button-up shirt
  • Blue or black dress pants
  • Tie
  • Cloak
  • Wand (or a stick)

Since everyone else will be going as one of the Golden Trio, Draco, or Luna, you and your kids can go as others from the famous Hogwarts houses. If you have kids, one of them is obsessed with Harry Potter. Or you have your own stuff from the last trivia night.

As long as you have the basics, you can Google any character from the house and say you are that person. The adults can pick a Professor to go as or say they are part of the graduating class. If you can’t find a wand, in the dusk of Halloween night, a stick looks just the same.

A mom and her kids and dog out trick-or-treating.

Anyone from Schitt’$ Creek

What to find

  • Various black and white pieces
  • A suit for Johnny
  • Flannel and jeans for Stevie or Roland

If Schitt’$ Creek hasn’t solely kept you alive these last 2 years, what has? This is the ultimate family Halloween costume theme. With so many characters to choose from, you can find an outfit for everyone.

Not only will your family be Insta royalty, but adults will get a kick out of seeing a mini-David.

To come up with easy Halloween costumes that still look like you put some thought into it, we have some ideas to help you out. If you completely spaced that Halloween was already here or you can’t bring yourself to spend that kind of money on shipping, there are plenty of ideas right in your own home.

Don’t worry about having to fight the entire city going to the same 3 Halloween stores the week of. Last-minute doesn’t have to mean no one wears a costume or that the costumes can’t still be great. Kids are all about that candy anyway and you want them to get the good stuff for you to go through later. These fun last-minute costumes are fast to put together and appropriate for anyone in the family to wear.

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