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Dad’s reaction to his baby’s fake eyebrows goes viral on Instagram and we can’t stop laughing

The news has been pretty heavy lately which is why so many of us are seeking out fun and lighthearted videos in our online news feed and when we simply need a break from the current reality of the world. Babies bring us a lot of joy and even more laughs which is something we can all use a bit more of these days. Thanks to social media we get to see babies doing funny things all day long, but one video in particular recently went viral, giving millions of viewers a reason to smile.

Mom Chandler Marie King recently put her makeup skills to the test when she decided to give her nine-month-old daughter, Lily, a pair of perfectly manicured eyebrows to see how her husband would react. She shared the results on social media and we can’t stop laughing at how funny he found the entire situation.

In the video posted to her Tik Tok account, King wrote “I put eyebrows on my nine-month-old to get my husband’s reaction.” The thick, penciled on brows make the tot look like she wants to speak to the manager, and her father couldn’t contain his laughter when he walks in the door and spots her new look. Upon entering the room, King’s husband takes one look at little Lily, sitting happily in her high chair munching on a teething biscuit and quickly double overs laughing. “I’m sorry, I can’t even look at her right now,” he says as he tries to contain his laughter. He eventually turns to get a good look at his daughter but can’t stop grinning at her ‘new look.’


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The video, and king’s reaction, has since gone viral on Instagram and Reddit as well as Tik Tok and was even shared by The Today Show and People Magazine’s Instagram. King posted a follow-up video to her Tik Tok celebrating their newfound viral success that features all three family members sporting Lily’s eyebrows while doing a Tik Tok dance. It’s clear the entire family has a wonderful sense of humor.


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King said Lily’s eyebrows, which she confirmed in the comments, were eyebrow stamps called “three-second brow” absolutely made her husband’s day. Thousands of commenters couldn’t help but agree! “I think I laughed harder at him laughing at her. Lmao,” wrote one commenter, while another added, “I cannot BREATHE right now.” One commenter even requested this become a series writing, “Omg please do it again in different shapes. Angry brows, a raised brow, shocked ones,” which would honestly be too hilarious.

This isn’t the first time a video featuring a baby with drawn-on eyebrows has gone viral. In 2020 an Oregan woman painted ‘evil eyebrows’ on her baby in a video that quickly went viral. “We thought it would be funny to see the expressions she makes paired with the brows!” the mom told New York Post during the height of the Covid quarantine because “Tik Tok became the thing to do during quarantine.”

Seems like people are eager for some fun, lighthearted, and adorable videos to make themselves laugh a bit, and babies with eyebrows will always be funny!

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