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Kelli Catana

Kelli Catana


Kelli is a freelance writer who has covered the world of entertainment, pop culture, parenting, and lifestyle for various online and print publications. She is a mom to 4 busy teens who keep her on the go and up to date on all the latest Tik Tok trends and must-watch shows. In addition to contributing at New Folks, Kelli has written for sites such as, Entertainment Tonight Canada, I'm Not Obsessed, BabyGaga, Hot Moms Club, Screen Rant, magazines Parents Canada, iRun Magazine, and many more. She has been a regular contributor on local radio and television morning shows offering her expertise on everything from the latest entertainment news to book reviews and children's activities. She loves a good book and is Bravo TV obsessed.

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Grandfather reading a story to his young granddaughter

Grandpa names: 6 incredible ideas from the traditional to the unique

Here are six alternative nicknames for any grandfather who is looking for something different than the traditional options.
Teen at a job interview

Your teen got a job interview. Now, what to wear?

Your teen got a job interview. Go celebrate, then decide: what to wear?
Baby bottles in a carrier

How long is formula good for? This is when to toss it

It can be tempting to stock up on formula or pop a half-drunk bottle in the fridge, but is it safe? Here's what you need to know about when to toss the formula.
Toddler playing guitar

We love these gorgeous aesthetic names for baby boys and girls

Aesthetic baby names are the hottest new trend and we've compiled a list of some of the cutest girl, boy and gender-neutral options to choose from.
A pregnant woman holding her belly in a bathroom

What it means if you lose weight during pregnancy – and when to worry

Are you losing weight during pregnancy? Here's what it may mean.
Woman having a glass of wine while breastfeeding

Is it safe to have a cocktail while breastfeeding or should you pump and dump?

Here's the truth about whether it's safe to have alcohol while breastfeeding.
Father burping his baby in bedroom, after being breastfed.

How to burp a baby: The do’s and don’ts to know

How to burb a baby isn't that complicated, but there are some do's and don'ts on how to do that will help alleviate your baby's discomfort.
Kids at a zoo watching a snake

Wow your kids with these fun facts about animals

These fun animal facts are sure to delight and amaze your kids while also educating them about wild and domestic animals.
Pregnant woman using contraction timer app

Is Unisom safe during pregnancy? Here’s what the experts say

Unisom is often suggested for pregnant people to help minimize morning sickness and help them fall asleep and stay asleep, but is it safe?
Baby opens mouth at the sight of food

When can babies eat baby food? This is when to make the switch

Everyone has an opinion on when babies should start eating baby food. Here are some guidelines by the experts on how to tell if your baby is ready.
Baby listening to headphones

Musical baby names that will make your heart sing

Give a subtle nod to your favorite genre of music or look to your favorite singer for a musical baby name for your new addition.
Little girl watching movie on the seat-back TV screen while enjoying her airline meal

How old do you have to be to fly alone? Read this before booking your kid’s trip

Do you know how old your child has to be to fly alone? What are the rules? Find out here.
A group of kids on their phones.

What is the average screen time for teens? You might be surprised

How much time staring at a device is too much for a child? The average screen time for teens is explained.
Teenage girl holding baby sibling

7 signs of parentification: The behavior all parents need to avoid

When kids are made to assume familial responsibilities typical assigned to parents, it's known as parentification. Here are the signs all parents need to avoid.
Family capturing moment with iphone 13 camera

5 wonderful family traditions you should start this year

Family traditions are a great way to create new experiences that can be passed on from generation to generation. Here are five ideas that your family will love.
Baby girl with a "hello my name sign is" on her onesie

10 incredible, memorable one-syllable girl names

One-syllable girl names are perfect for parents who are looking for something clean, classic, and simple. Here are 10 memorable names for inspiration.
Mom holding a cup while baby drinks from it

When can babies have water? You might be surprised

You may be surprised to learn that babies under the age of 6 months should not drink water. Not only is it unnecessary but it can also be harmful.
Cute baby girl surrounded by possible names

6 cute girl names to consider for your baby in 2024

Choosing a name for your baby girl doesn't have to be difficult. Let us help inspire you with these six baby name suggestions for your little one.
Pregnant woman on a bed

Can pregnant women eat shrimp? What you need to know

Certain foods can be off limits during pregnancy, but shrimp is generally considered safe to eat as long as you follow some very important guidelines.
A mother and grandparent helping to dress a baby for the day.

Grandma names: 8 fantastic ideas from the traditional to the unique

If the thought of being called grandma doesn't spark joy in your life, don't worry. Here are some other alternatives to those traditional names to choose from.
A parent holding up a baby outside in the snow

Nature names for boys and girls – let the outdoors inspire you

Nature-inspired names for boys and girls are increasing in popularity. Here are some naturally beautiful name ideas for your little boy or girl.
Two children are making a snack in the kitchen

We love these easy, healthy snacks for kids

Kids love to snack but they don't always choose the healthiest options. We've got some easy and healthy snacks for kids that won't break the bank.
A pregnant woman with flowers

The best flower names for kids – here are some floral-inspired options to consider

While most flower names are thought to be only for girls, we're seeing many gender-neutral and boy options as well. We'll give you some of the best options.

Why can’t babies have honey? The answer may not be what you think

The reason babies shouldn't have honey until they reach their first birthday is because of the bacteria it contains that can cause serious illnesses in infants.
Mom and daughter playing musical game

The Floor is Lava! game: Fun for the whole family to play

The Floor is Lava! is a fun game for the whole family to play that will get everyone moving. You can play this game anywhere at any time.
A toddler sleeping in the bed.

Why do toddlers cry in their sleep and how can you help them?

Learn some of the reasons why toddlers cry in their sleep and if there's anything to do to help prevent it, so everyone gets their rest.
Happy baby by the tree surrounded by holiday magic

10 best gifts for baby’s first Christmas that are practical (and not just toys)

Don't fill the house with toys this holiday season, instead shop for practical gifts for baby's first Christmas that will be keepsakes for years to come.
Girl is excited about getting a Christmas present from her father.

If your kids want AirPods this Christmas, here’s which model to buy

Here's what you need to know about the best AirPods for kids.
A parent taking care of a sick child.

Feeding toddlers when sick: What to feed a toddler with a fever

Having a sick child at home is never fun, especially when they won't eat. We know what to feed a toddler with a fever to get their appetite back.
Teenage boy taking food from fridge

How many calories should I let my teen eat per day? The answer is complicated

Whether your teen is dieting or needs to lose weight, it's important to know how many calories your teen should be eating per day.
Drinking wine while pregnant

Real talk: How much wine can you safely drink while pregnant? (We’re surprised)

Real talk: How much wine can you really drink during your pregnancy? We'll provide you with some information to make an informed decision.
Stuttering boy and speech therapist doing exercises. Boy and young woman teacher during private home lesson. Shot of a speech therapist and a little boy

5 exercises experts swear by to help with speech delays in toddlers

You can help your toddler's with their speech delay by doing these exercises.
Mother comforting a crying baby

Need to move things along? You can actually make prune juice for babies

Homemade prune juice for babies can be a natural laxative to keep your baby regular, but is it okay to use?
A group of young children at an activity table.

Is middle child syndrome really a thing? We’ll shed some light on this concept

Whether you have more than two children or are a middle child yourself, we have information about middle child syndrome that may shed light on the situation.
Teen using SnapChat

Should I let my kid use Snapchat? Experts say it depends

Trying to decide whether to let your kid use Snapchat? Here's what the experts have to say.
Pregnant woman using heating pad hot water bottle

Is it safe to use a heating pad while pregnant?

Here's everything you need to know about whether it's safe to use a heating pad while pregnant.
Toddler pulling their hair

This one sure signal your toddler feels out of control

If your toddler is pulling their own hair, they may feel out of control in their young life. Here's what to do.
Toddler girl drinking milk through a straw while lying on the grass

Can toddlers drink almond milk or other plant-based drinks?

Is almond milk a good substitute for milk for toddlers?
Mom encouraging baby to crawl

Are you a helicopter mom? Here’s how to tell and what to do about it

Are you a helicopter mom or paren? Here's how to tell and what you can do to avoid this happening to you.
Toddler standing against a growth chart on wall.

What age do boys stop growing?

How old boys are when they stop growing is affected by a few factors, but growth typically stops between the ages of 16 and 18.
A couple holding a gender reveal balloon

Can these methods really help predict your baby’s gender? Get the scoop here

Can these gender reveal methods really predict the gender of your baby? Here's what to know about them.
Pregnant woman packing a hospital bag.

Hospital bag checklist: What to pack for your labor and delivery stay

Here's everything you need to pack for your labor and delivery hospital stay.
A baby awake in their crib in a sleep sack.

What is the Ferber Method, and is sleep training safe for my baby?

What is the Ferber Method of sleep training and is it safe? We'll tell you all you need to know.
Mother and daughter eating vegetables

These TikTok hacks will get your kids eating more fruits and veggies this summer

Reduce food waste and get your kids eating more fruits and veggies with these TikTok hacks.
Girl Scout holding various Girl Scout cookies

These are the most popular Girl Scout cookies in every state

Here are the most searched flavors of Girl Scout cookies by state.
Giving toddler medicine

How to get your toddler to take medicine – try this simple hack

This hack will help parents to get their toddlers to take medicine. Try it, it's pretty simple.
Toddler refusing to eat healthy lunch/snack of fruit and drink her milk

Almost half of kids ages 1 to 5 don’t eat a daily veggie (and one-third don’t eat fruit)

A study has shown that almost 50% of kids between the ages of 1 and 5 aren't eating vegetables daily.
Excited family boarding an airplane for family reunion

These are the best cities for kid-friendly vacations

Check out this ranking of the top cities in the U.S. before planning your next kid-friendly vacation.
Pregnant woman sleeping on her side

A new study says pregnant women should do this before bed

A new study shows that dimming lights before bed can help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.
Family cooking together

Save money and avoid food waste: This site finds family dinner ideas using what you already have

This site helps you create meals with what you have in your fridge and avoid food waste.