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This baby will have trust issues for life after Mom’s bait and switch goes viral on TikTok

TikTok user Halyhaha2 has garnered more than one million followers posting videos of her adorable children, but we wonder if even she expected her video of her precious little one’s average feeding session to go viral! The video, in which her cute babe is expecting a bite of grape and is instead surprised by a bite of egg, has been viewed 1.3 million times and shared almost 21,000 times. Why? Because parents all over the world can relate. Who hasn’t resorted to a classic strategy of bait and switch to get healthy foods into our kids’ tummies?

In order to ‘sneak’ the egg into her little one’s mouth, the child’s mother, heard in the video but not on camera, slowly guides an enticing bite of a halved grape toward her baby’s open (and very trusting) mouth. At the last second, she switches gears and deposits a bite of hard-boiled egg into his mouth instead. The look of confusion, followed by utter devastation and tears when her baby starts to chew and realizes he’s been tricked is both hilarious and heartrending. We’re glad Mom quickly delivers on her promises and gives her babe the bite of grape he was expecting.


How is egg? Not to say, is it a grape?#children #funny #foryou #babiesoftiktok #cutebaby

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Comments on Halyhaha2’s post range from ‘not cool’ to ‘total scam’ to ‘totally get it’, and we can relate. Feeding time is never easy, and we would all be lying if we said we didn’t understand where this mom is coming from (even if her baby will have trust issues for life!). If you’re currently in this ‘fun’ stage with your baby, read on.

How to ease mealtime woes for your little one

There are a variety of ways to introduce new foods to babies (and no, you won’t scar your little one for life). You can start your baby on solid foods as soon as your infant has reached a number of milestones, including small motor skills like grasping a spoon and bringing it to her mouth, and larger motor skills such as sitting up without help. Start with mild, pureed vegetables and fruits and work your way up to more sophisticated flavors.


The Better Health Channel suggests waiting until six months as a general milestone for feeding solids, starting with thinly mashed foods and progressing to more chunky (but still pureed) dishes. If your babe doesn’t seem interested, just wait a bit longer, and start slowly. Wondering what to offer beyond the staples of mashed bananas and pureed peas? A number of baby food cookbooks can give you inspiration when you get stuck. You’ll only need a food processor or blender and some culinary creativity.

Whatever new foods you introduce to your baby on your journey to soli.d foods, just be sure you’re ready for a bit of a mess. Rubber and lipped bibs work well for those early meals, plus a mat for the floor. Be sure to have patience, and get the camera or phone ready, because you and your infant may just become the newest TikTok stars on the internet!

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