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5 adorable toddler rain boots we’re obsessing over right now

Since warmer weather is here and snow gear is all packed away, make sure your toddler is ready for rainy days. Every toddler should have a pair of wellies or rain boots in his or her closet. Now, we know what you’re thinking. Mom always told you not to jump in those rain puddles, but you know you always wanted to. Puddle jumping is actually a thing and great for toddlers because it works those all-important gross motor skills.

Letting toddlers jump in and over puddles works the brain too. When toddlers are targeting those puddles, they’re actually learning how to use their measurement, estimation, and spatial awareness skills. Of course, puddle jumping is just plain fun and a cool activity toddlers love. Parents will certainly be more apt to let kids splash a bit when they have the appropriate footwear. So, which are the best kids’ rain boots for letting kids have a go at those puddles? We’ve got your toddler’s tootsies covered with the hottest kids’ rain boots that are ripe for splashing and puddle jumping.

two toddlers walking through a large puddle in their rain boots
FamVeld / Shutterstock

Top kids rain boots

L.L. Bean Toddler Puddle Stompers

Popular for its outerwear products, L.L. Bean’s Puddle Stompers are made for toddlers who love to stomp in puddles. These rain boots are fashioned from durable rubber which is waterproof. You can let your toddler jump in puddles with confidence in these rubber rain boots that won’t crack under pressure. The Puddle Stompers are ideal for toddlers who love to do things themselves because they come with easy-to-grip handles that let the kids pull the rain boots on without help. Improved traction on the rain boots’ soles helps keep toddlers from slipping while they’re jumping those puddles.

BOGS Unisex Rain Boots

Toddlers will definitely make a splash in these sturdy rain boots from BOGS. The waterproof boots come in six different styles. So, you’ll be sure to find a color or pattern your toddler will love. These comfy rain boots feature DuraFresh technology to help prevent odors and rebound cushioning perfect for jumping. The rain boots are simple for toddlers to pull on and off. BOGS’ rain boots come in toddler and kids sizes. Its design sports a solid sole that works to prevent slipping.

Wonder Nation Toddler Unisex Chore Rain Boot

Since toddlers tend to grow out of shoes quickly, a budget-friendly rain boot is often a perfect pick. Walmart’s Wonder Nation Unisex Chore Rain Boot fits the bill. This rain boot is waterproof and easily wipes clean if the kids encounter some mud. The black color is ideal for either boys or girls. Wonder Nation also has other toddler rain boot styles that come in fun colors all kids will love. The design of Wonder Nation’s colorful rain boots aren’t as high as the unisex rain boot, but still offers the feet waterproof protection for puddle splashing and jumping.

Hatley Unisex Classic Rain Boots

For a strong rain boot for your toddler that will keep those precious toes extra-warm, try Hatley’s classic toddler rain boots. Hatley’s rain boot collection comes in five different stylish color combos. The rain boots are in sizes for toddlers and older children. Hatley’s classic rain boots are waterproof and feature a cotton lining that provides additional insulation on those chilly rainy days. Slip-resistant soles will help keep toddlers on their feet and the rain boots also sport a removable insole. Toddlers will love the simple slide-on design that they can do all by themselves.

Western Chief’s Toddler Classic Rain Boots

Another made-for-splashing option for your toddler is the Western Chief’s Classic Rain Boots. These tough rain boots are an ideal fit for splashing. Fashioned from 100 percent natural rubber, Western Chief’s rain boots come in four fabulous colors. The toddler rain boots feature handles that let little ones pull them on and off with ease. Its insoles are removable for cleaning when needed and the outsole features a slip-resistant design. Western Chief’s toddler rain boots wipe clean easily when the kids find the mud puddles which you know they will. These rain boots come in big kid sizes too.

Little girl with rubber boots jumping in a puddle
Irina Glazaceva / Shutterstock

Rainy days don’t have to be dreary especially when there is a fun pair of rain boots in the closet with a cute umbrella to go with it. Toddlers love to go outside and a rainy day doesn’t need to be a stay-in day. Puddles were made for splashing and jumping. Turns out puddle jumping is actually great for toddlers because letting them jump and splash in puddles is actually exercise for the body and the mind. Of course, jumping and mucking about in puddles is enjoyable too. As parents, our first instinct is to say no when toddlers eye a puddle with a little gleam. When they’re outfitted in the proper footwear for puddles, then you know their feet aren’t going to get soggy. So, go ahead and say ‘jump’ instead.

With these five durable, waterproof kids’ rain boots, you can let your toddler splash and jump with confidence the next time Mother Nature decides to rain on your parade. Embrace those rainy days with a sturdy pair of rain boots for your toddler and pull on your wellies too. Puddles aren’t just for toddlers. They’re for the little kid in all of us. Imagine how much fun you and your toddler will have jumping those puddles on your daily walk or when running errands.

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