8 best podcasts new mothers should listen to right now

Becoming a mom for the first time comes with its own set of mixed reactions—mostly joy and some nervousness. A great way to ease any anxiety is to connect with others who are on the same journey, and podcasts are such a valuable resource. If you’re wondering about the best podcasts for new moms and where to find them, we’re here to help!

A baby’s arrival brings some of the best blessings you’ll ever have, and watching your little one grow up is an exciting and enlightening experience. The entire process can be enhanced by learning from professionals, social media, and fellow moms about having a successful parenting journey. To help you prepare for this awesome transition, we bring you the eight best podcasts for new moms. Give them a listen — you won’t regret it!

pregnant woman planning for baby

The Pregnancy Podcast

Hosted by Vanessa Merten, this popular show has aired over 300 episodes and counting. As one of the top-rated podcasts for new mothers, it covers a gamut of topics such as labor, pregnancy, delivery, and of course, parenting. Vanessa leads you through the path of caring for your newborn in a friendly, conversational, yet informative manner. Each engaging episode lasts about 20-30 minutes.

The Birth Hour

The Birth Hour is hosted by Bryn Huntpalmer and has been running for 97 episodes. Each episode takes you through a mix of emotions—from laughter to tears. Bryn draws on the personal experiences of women who share their understanding of all issues that surround pregnancy, birth, and childcare. Their stories give you an insight into what to expect during all 9 months leading up to delivery day. Additionally, Bryn allocates time to answer all the burning questions you might have. The episodes last between 30-50 minutes. Recently, Bryn has also included topics such as child management, labor, delivery, infertility, and miscarriage.

The Pregnancy Confidential

With 32 episodes and dynamic host Dana Point, this podcast features a powerful and honest journey through all the weeks of pregnancy. Dana walks you through the physical and emotional journeys in a friendly, conversational, and fun-loving manner. Each unpredictable episode takes between 10-20 minutes. The topics range from baby names to sex after birth, and a few thought-provoking areas such as parental leave in the workplace and even “The TMI Episode.” If you’re already curious, you’ll have to tune into Apple Podcasts for this one.


The hosts of Newbies, Kristin Stratin and her assistant Sunny, take you through every aspect of baby’s first year. They not only deal with topics concerning parenting but also those relating to couples’ issues as brand-new parents and finding a balance between childcare and career. With their wit and humor, they tackle the everyday issues and topics that perhaps you might not have thought about before like “Postpartum Anxiety.” Every subject is up for grabs in this podcast.

The Best of Both Worlds

The title says it all. Laura Vanderkam and Sarah Hart-Unger host a podcast that’s 142 episodes young and counting. They guide their listeners on the journey of being a mother while juggling their career life. Additionally, they provide advice for single mothers who are trying to flourish in the world of finance and business. The areas covered include maternity leave, finances, postpartum health, meal planning, cooking, women’s health, and more.

A mother breastfeeding her baby

The Boob Group

What’s quite interesting about The Boob Group is that it’s facilitated by an independent network. Plus, it’s been running for 182 episodes and still going. The topics center on one primary area—breastfeeding. However, you’re guaranteed to receive a broad expanse of knowledge because many moms with different experiences share their personal stories that are so emotional and informative. Plus, you’ll learn about the best foods that promote milk production.

The Mom-to-Mom Podcast

The hosts of this faith-based podcast, Kate Battistelli, September McCarthy, and Jamie Erickson represent 3 generations of the same family. They’ve traveled the whole journey to see their children grow into adults and hope to share that insight with their audience. These hosts discuss the anxiety of being a new mom, infant loss, miscarriage, and child upbringing as well as character development. They also touch upon topics that center on homeschooling, holidays with your children, and many more.

The Mighty Mommy

Cheryl Butler has hosted 300 episodes (and counting) about all things family thanks to a production company called Quick and Dirty Tips. She shares honest, realistic content about how to care for kids from newborn to teen. Her humorous banter originates from a special wisdom that comes from decades of raising 8 children, which makes this one of the best podcasts for new mothers.

Basically, these 8 best podcasts for new moms may not exactly make the entire parenting journey sound like a piece of cake. However, you’ll glean some important tips and insight from other women who’ve traveled down a similar road of parenthood. So, grab a cup of tea and your device and relax in your favorite chair. After all, information is power when it comes to unfamiliar territory—like becoming a mom.

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