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The 6 best tricycles for toddlers on Amazon right now

Riding a tricycle is one of those classic joys of childhood. You ride along with pride in yourself for doing it on your own and you don’t need to worry about much balance. It’s exciting and empowering and fun. As a parent, giving your child this kind of joy is a joy in itself. Your toddler is growing up and you can imagine them on a bicycle before you know it. With a third wheel and low to the ground, the chance of them getting hurt is low and you know they feel proud of being so independent.

When choosing the best tricycles for toddlers, we took into account the ability to evolve with your child’s ages and stages, the ease of use for you, the ease of use for your child, the style, the safety, and the user ratings. Here are the best toddler tricycles on Amazon right now.

smarTrike Zoom Toddler Tricycle Push Bike

This 4-in-1 design works for kids from 10 months to 3 years old, going from a push tricycle with a high-back support seat, 3-point harness, footrest, and shade protection to a lower-back trike, to a toddler trike with pedaling to an independent trike. Starting off with a push handle in the back for you to steer, you can then remove that handle when your child is ready to pedal and steer themselves. This has every feature you could want and will last for years. The push handle, footrest, and sun canopy can all be removed or folded up. It’s also pretty lightweight at 11.2 pounds.

Radio Flyer Classic Red 10″ Tricycle

Something about this undisputed classic evokes nostalgia in all of us. The red Radio Flyer is exactly what you imagine when you think of a toddler on a tricycle. This trike has spoked wheels, a bell on the handlebar, and rubber tires. The seat is adjustable for height changes over time, and the product is recommended for ages 2 to 4 years.

Radio Flyer Junior Flyer Trike

Another red Radio Flyer option is this modified version with a comfy low-back seat. The seat can be adjusted back as your child’s legs get longer. This whole tricycle is made of a plastic, molded frame so instead of being made of steel and chrome with rubber tires, this is all plastic, including the wheels. This is great for little kids who are scared of sitting on a big kid seat or who are looking for a chopper-style with a large front wheel to feel cool.

UBRAVOO Toddler Tricycle

Intended for ages 18 to 36 months, this first tricycle is comfortable and enticing for young toddlers. The handlebars rotate up and down 45 degrees to help avoid falls and the rubber wheels are shock-proof. There is also a button to push for a fun sound. This is a toddler tricycle with an ergonomic seat that makes a safe and comfortable first ride.

Paw Patrol 10” Fly Wheels Junior Cruiser

How cute is this Paw Patrol ride-on tricycle? If your kid is a fan of Chase, Rubble, Skye, Zuma, Marshall, and Rocky, they will love this toddler tricycle for ages 2 to 4 years. It’s intended for kids who are 33 to 35 inches tall and up to 35 pounds. The low center of gravity helps with balance and stability. Add two AA batteries, and your child can push a button on the handlebar to play the Paw Patrol theme song and sound effects!

KORIMEFA 3 in 1 Kids Trike

Choose from six colors for this 3-in-1 design that grows with your child from 1 to 3 years old. Adjust as needed with detachable pedals, an adjustable angle, adjustable seat, foldable rear wheels, adjustable handlebar, and rotatable wheels. You can start off in no-pedal mode as a balance bike and eventually fold up the rear wheels of the tricycle to make a two-wheel bicycle. With a steel frame, leather seat, and non-slip handlebar, this flexible tricycle will last you a long time.

When choosing between these best tricycles for toddlers, consider if you want to buy a balance bike first and a two-wheel bicycle after, and if you’d prefer one all-in-one product instead of three. Think of your child’s style and if you want them close to the ground or in a more seated position a bit higher up. Do you want this to be used only outdoors, indoors, or both? No matter what you choose, your toddler will just love pedaling along.

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