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10 treats for your toddler’s Easter eggs that aren’t candy

Pretty soon, the Easter Bunny will be hopping down the bunny trail to the excitement of toddlers everywhere. So, get those baskets and plastic eggs ready because it’s Easter egg hunt time. Whether the egg hunt is in the backyard, park, or at school, little kids love finding hidden eggs. However, parents aren’t overjoyed with the sugar overload that often comes from the candy inside. But Easter egg fillers for toddlers don’t always have to be candy. There are alternatives to sweet treats that make great surprises for your kids.

chocolate Easter eggs

What to put in Easter eggs for toddlers

Easter eggs packed with a hidden surprise are exciting to open after an action-packed egg hunt. Candy is typically the go-to option, but do toddlers really need more of a sugar rush with all the Easter goodies on hand? With a little creativity and scotch tape when needed, there are cute Easter egg filler ideas that don’t involve candy.

When choosing alternative Easter egg fillers for toddlers, remember to take size into account. You want something that will fit inside the egg but not be a choking hazard for the kiddos. If you’re having trouble closing the egg, it’s okay to add a bit of tape for reinforcement. You don’t want to come outside the next morning for the big egg hunt to find the squirrels have beaten you to it.

Building blocks

Take a bag of age-appropriate building blocks like Lego Duplo bricks and put the smaller-sized bricks inside of plastic Easter eggs. When the hunt is over, kids can open their eggs and build something with their collection of blocks.

Mini rubber duckies

Toddlers love to play with rubber duckies in and out of the water, and mini rubber duckies can be bought in bulk for a budget-friendly price. Stuff Easter eggs with individual mini rubber duckies, and kids can have fun long after Easter is over with the duckies in the bathtub or baby pool.

Squirty toys

Like the mini rubber duckies, bathtub squirty toys are fun Easter egg fillers. The bathtub toys are typically sold in sets and are small enough to fit inside a plastic egg. Split up the set, placing one inside each egg, or have a mixture of mini rubber duckies and bathtub squirty toys for your Easter egg fillers.


Mini jars of the toddler staple Play-Doh are an egg filler kids will enjoy rolling and molding. A Play-Doh party bag is perfect for stuffing at least a dozen plastic eggs. Making your own homemade Play-Doh batch is not difficult. All you need is flour, salt, water, cream of tartar and vegetable or coconut oil. Add food coloring for different colors. Put into small Ziploc bags and place inside the eggs.

Toddler boy blowing bubbles with his mom
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Bubbles are another toddler must-have, and thankfully there are mini bubble containers available to fit nicely inside of plastic eggs.


Figurines come in all different sizes including ones small enough to slip inside of the larger plastic Easter eggs. Bags of figurines like barnyard or zoo animals are definitely a toddler favorite. Figurines, animals, or otherwise, can be reused in the bathtub, playroom, or backyard.


Money is often used as an Easter egg filler. You do need to be watchful of toddlers with small objects because they are still at an age where many things find their way into their mouths. If you want an Easter egg filler that goes the distance, slip a piggy bank into your toddler’s basket and use coins and a few dollar bills as an egg filler. When the hunt is over, help your child put his or her newfound change into their piggy bank from the Easter Bunny.


If you do want to put a few treats into the Easter eggs as fillers, pack some of the plastic eggs with small packs of animal crackers, Cheerios, raisins, yogurt melts, goldfish, or pretzels. Any of these are healthier options than the traditional candy filler.

Toy cars

For fun egg fillers with wheels, pack Easter eggs with small Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars. Toddlers will get a lot of mileage out of the cars on the kitchen or playroom floor.

Puzzle pieces

For something different, take pieces from a new age-appropriate puzzle and place one inside each Easter egg. When the hunt is over, open the eggs, gather the pieces, and put the puzzle together. Make sure to save the box, so you have something to store the puzzle.

Hand picking up an Easter egg

Easter egg hunts are so much fun for kids or all ages, but toddlers really get a kick out of running around with their basket looking for eggs. Adding egg fillers prolongs the egg-hunt fun, but don’t feel as though the filler has to be candy. There are quite a few creative Easter egg fillers that don’t involve chocolate or sugar, and kids will have just as much fun — if not more —playing with the little treasures they find inside.

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