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7 best places to buy back-to-school clothes

Quite possibly one of the most important items on the back-to-school list is clothing for your children. They do grow like weeds, after all. So when you are on your back-to-school shopping spree, you’ll want to find some of the best places that you can find back-to-school clothes at the best price possible. Luckily, there are plenty of back-to-school sales going on right now. Here are some of the best places to shop for back-to-school clothes for your little ones.


Marshall’s is a good store to score some great deals. Featuring fashionable and trendy clothing without the hefty price tag, it’s an ideal place to find back-to-school essentials. Children’s clothing starts at $8, and they offer up designer brands at low prices. Even the shoes that they offer are low in price. For example, these BCBG GIRL sneakers are only $20. There is definitely something for everyone when it comes to this store. Your child will not be disappointed by the selection that they have, offering collections from Champion, 7 For All Mankind boy’s jeans, and more, the kids will love what they find here.

Gap Kids

Gap has been a best-selling clothing company for years now, and nothing has changed. They still carry some of the best clothing for kids. Not to mention, they also run sales as well. Their back-to-school collection features many different styles of clothing, so your children will find something, without a doubt. Right now, tops are $10 off or more. Their Space Jam Graphic T-Shirt is only $14, down from $24.95, saving you almost $11. They even offer clothing from various franchises. This Star Wars™ Graphic T-Shirt is perfect for budding Star Wars fans. You’ll find everything you need for back-to-school clothing here.

Shopping For Clothes
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Target is loved by parents everywhere. From their dollar section to all the amazing things you can buy at great prices, it’s no wonder when it comes to purchasing your child’s school clothing, Target is a great place to be. They have t-shirts that begin at only $4. This Boys’ Tie-Dye Swirl Short Sleeve T-Shirt looks very cool and is only $7.50. Right now, they are having a sale on 20-packs of Hanes socks at only $9.99, which is a definite bargain. They truly have a selection that will ensure that everyone goes home happy with their clothing choices.

Land’s End

As summer starts waving goodbye, it’s time to prepare for cooler temperatures that are coming along with the season changes. Land’s End has been making cozy coats and warm sweaters since 1963. In the fall, the kids will need hoodies, just like this Girls Softest Fleece Hoodie. It’s colorful and warm, and perfect for school and extra-curricular activities. This Kids ThermoPlume Packable Hooded Jacket is perfect for when the snow starts to fall down. They have a wide selection of outerwear for kids that will keep them warm throughout the seasons. Land’s End is offering up to 75% off of your order with the code GREEN.


From what used to be exclusively a shoe retailer, Zappos has branched out into clothing as well. They offer quite an array of different styles and clothing that your kids will love perusing and choosing. Items like school uniforms, such as this Pleated Scooter with Grosgrain Ribbon, are under $50, as are all other school uniforms on their website. They also offer other clothing items like hoodies, tops, sneakers, and more.

Store With Clothes
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Kohl’s is a great store to shop at when you are looking for back-to-school clothing. They are always having great sales, as well as having their “Kohl’s Cash,” which you can use just like regular cash in their store. Their back-to-school selection is bold and exciting, with something to offer for everyone. These Sonoma Goods For Life® Everyday Straight Jeans are only $17.99. Looking for some cute graphic tees? This Jumping Beans® Keyhole Back Tee is an adorable addition to your child’s closet.


Walmart is a go-to store when you need something. But they don’t skimp in the back-to-school clothing section, either. This Justice Girls Long Sleeve Pullover Hoodie will make a great addition to your child’s wardrobe this fall as temperatures begin to drop. If your child requires a uniform for school, the Wonder Nation Girls School Uniform 2-fer Dress is a great choice.

School will be here before you know it. These retailers have some great products when it comes to clothing for children, and they are often having sales that you can take advantage of. From school uniforms to graphic tees and denim for days, there is something that everyone can find within this list of retailers. You can even mix and match between them, as they all have something unique to offer.

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