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10 cute baby boy nicknames with tons of personality

These adorable nicknames for boys are catchy and fun

Nicknames are often a shortened form of a given name, like Tommy for Thomas or Billy for William, but sometimes a child is given a nickname that is a term of endearment or simply inspired by their personality. These are nicknames that work for anyone, regardless of their given name, and can stick with them throughout their childhood, sometimes even into adulthood. Celebrities have proven just how much of an impact a nickname can have on someone. Dwayne Johnson has been known as “The Rock” for years, and Miley Cyrus’s real name is Destiny but as a child she was called ‘Smiley’ which eventually became just ‘Miley.’ Her nickname became so popular she legally changed her name from Destiny to Miley in 2008.

Even when you love your child’s given name, nicknames can be a catchy, fun, and sweet way to set your child out from the crowd. Sometimes your baby will grow out of their nickname but sometimes those names catch on and stick around for years, so be careful when selecting it! Even if your child’s nickname is one that’s only used at home, you will want a name that both you and your child love.

One thing is for certain though, you definitely want a nickname that’s as cute as your baby. If you’re looking for the perfect baby nickname, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the cutest baby nicknames around!

Here are 10 classic nicknames you can give to your baby boy that will be sure to stay with him into adulthood:



Buddy, or shortened further to Bud, has long been used as a nickname for a variety of different names. It really is a great nickname because it’s such a term of endearment. A buddy is someone who is your best friend and confidante and is a nickname that will stick with your child throughout childhood and even into adulthood.


toddler Montessori toys

Guy has a few origins, including as a French name meaning “guide” or “leader” taken from the Italian name “Guido,” but has transformed into a beloved and familiar nickname for many. Pronounced guy, which rhymes with buy, it’s a fun nickname for any baby boy that is also fairly unique.


Moose is one of those nicknames that we see typically given to someone who is pretty athletic and strong. If your baby boy is already making a baseball bat or hockey stick out of anything he can pick up and is growing faster than you expected, you may be inclined to call him Moose! Moose is a common nickname for professional athletes as well as those who portray athletes in movies and television shows.


Brushing a toddler's hair

If you’ve got a little redheaded baby in your life, he may naturally pick up the nickname Red. Red is a term of endearment and is mostly used for boys (although some ginger-haired girls may also be called Red.) Red is a popular nickname for everyone from athletes to broadcasters to politicians and entertainers.



Short for “Champion,” Champ is the perfect nickname for your little warrior. Champ was certainly more popular in the 1950s but is still a common nickname for boys today. It’s definitely fitting if you have an overachiever in your house.


A toddler boy riding a bike.

Ace isn’t just a regular nickname, it’s also a name given to someone who is an expert at what they do, which makes it the perfect choice for your little guy. In addition to being a popular nickname, Jessica Simpson named her son Ace Knute.


Father and son enyoing a television show together

Junior is a common nickname, especially for boys who are named after their fathers. Not only is it a sweet way to honor their dad but it’s a great way for family and friends to correctly identify each family member.


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Whether you’re looking for a nickname that’s a little bit country or a little bit rock’n’roll, Shooter is the perfect fit. Shooter has been a longtime nickname for everyone from athletes to musicians and is a cool and trendy kind of nickname.


Toddler on lawn running past sprinkler

Do you have a little guy who is always on the go? Does he seem to have one speed, and that’s as fast as possible? If so, Diesel just may be the perfect nickname for him! Shaquille O’Neal himself was once dubbed “The Diesel” and actor Vin Diesel chose his last name as his stage name from his given name, Mark Sinclair.


A father and son with shaving cream on their faces getting ready to shave.

If your little guy is a chip off the old block, then Chip is the perfect nickname. While Chip has often been used as a nickname for Charles or even Christopher, it’s also often used when a child is a “junior.” Chip is a nickname that will stick throughout childhood and can even carry on through adulthood. Famous Chips include TV personality Chip Gaines, former MLB star Chip Hale, football coach Chip Kelly, and actor Chip Esten.

More cute nicknames to consider

  • Bug
  • Bean
  • Bruiser
  • Beast
  • Slugger

Nicknames are as personal as given names and can often set your child apart from the crowd. Choosing a cool, classic nickname that suits your little man’s personality will ensure that the name sticks with him throughout childhood. Whatever you call your little “bean” or “bump” from the time of conception through (maybe even) high school graduation, pick a nickname that embodies your love for your baby, and you can’t go wrong!

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