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6 best Facebook groups for nursing moms

Choosing to breastfeed is a very personal decision, and it’s up to you to determine what’s best for you and your baby. It can be such a wonderful bonding experience, but breastfeeding does have its challenges, too. There are times when your baby won’t latch, and getting up in the middle of the night to feed can be quite exhausting. And if you are dealing with challenges like finding time to pump at work or something more severe, like mastitis, you’ll probably want to get some support from other mothers. Just to be able to talk to other women who are breastfeeding and are on a similar journey can be very comforting and reassuring to new moms. That’s where Facebook comes in.

Best Facebook groups for nursing moms

La Leche League International breastfeeding support

La Leche League is known for helping countless women breastfeed, and they are there to answer any questions that you have. They even have consultants who will come to you if you contact your local chapter. However, if you would like to share some camaraderie about the joys of breastfeeding and find others like you, then this international breastfeeding support group is a great place to check out. You’ll probably even meet some other moms who are experiencing the same ups and downs. With over 50,000 members, you will definitely find someone to talk to.


Breastfeeding support group for black moms

Moms of color can share their breastfeeding experiences in this Facebook group. It invites black moms to come together to talk about shared experiences and more. The administrators moderate the community and have a rule about comments being absolutely nothing but respectful, and only constructive criticism is allowed. Members are advised to visit the doctor if they have a pressing medical question. They offer support, educational materials, and much more. This group inspires a sense of community and has created a safe space for black breastfeeding moms.

Dairy queens

This group offers support for breastfeeding moms with rules that are meant to keep the group’s members completely safe. They make it so that their members know that they are comfortable in posting questions since privacy is important for new moms. It’s a tight-knit support group, focusing on breastfeeding, and narrowly, some other mom-related topics. Everyone within the group is supportive and there with open arms to talk about the experience of breastfeeding. Perhaps some new mom connections can be made.

New moms – breastfeeding & more support group by Mommy Knows Best

This group is aimed at new moms and built to help others share their breastfeeding stories and more. Members are encouraged to ask questions, share their experiences, and to reach out if they need someone to talk to. They have aimed to create a safe zone where new moms can go and feel comfortable and relaxed when they are talking. It’s a judgment-free zone and a wonderful place for new moms go to have a chat.

Mom Breastfeeding Her Baby

The Breastfeeding Support Group

This group describes itself as a “village” where new moms can come and just talk. Not only that, administrators often share new advice and information. They also allow talk about the 4th trimester and topics like postpartum depression, bottles, pacifiers, bottles and so much more. They are a pretty laid-back group that allows the talk of pretty much everything newborn. They even make sure to put up a disclaimer saying that nothing can replace the advice of your doctor or lactation consultant.

Exclusively Breastfeeding Mommies

With over 73.K members, there is most definitely someone you can connect with on Exclusively Breastfeeding Mommies. This is a group that speaks about breastfeeding as well as pumping. It’s a peer-to-peer support group, meaning that members rely on one another for camaraderie and advice. They protect their members against any potential spam risks, and posts that are not about motherhood or breastfeeding are not allowed to ensure their members’ safety. Here you will find someone that you can relate to, talk to, and connect with.

Facebook can be a wonderful place where you can find plenty of support groups as a new mom. It’s wonderful to form friendships and make a connection with other moms who are on similar journeys. These are some wonderful groups that you might want to check out if you are currently breastfeeding or are pregnant and planning to breastfeed.

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