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5 adorable baby girl haircut options: Try these cute, stress-free ideas

Your guide to simple and sweet baby girl hairstyles

A little girl with her hands in her hair.
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Your baby’s first year is filled with firsts. There’s baby’s first smile, first word, and of course, first steps. The firsts don’t stop there, either. A baby girl’s first haircut may not be considered a milestone, but it is a special moment. It’s one of those treasured times you’ll think back on fondly.

Your baby girl’s first haircut is one of many precious firsts you’ll experience as a parent. Deciding when to get a haircut for your little one can also be a source of anxiety. Should you cut your baby’s hair or have a professional do it? If your little girl is a bundle of curls, will they grow back if you cut them? Another big question is how to style your baby’s hair. Do you let it grow long?

Just like styling your own hair, a lot goes into the momentous occasion when your little girl gets her first haircut. Don’t stress too much though. We’ve got adorable baby girl haircut styles and tips for this noteworthy experience. Sure, there may be tears involved. After all, a haircut is a completely new experience for your little one, but there are ways to help cut down on the drama.

A mother giving her daughter an at home haircut.
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When should the first haircut be?

Unlike other milestones like walking, there really isn’t a timeframe on when you should cut your baby’s hair. When you decide to get your baby’s hair styled is entirely up to you. Some parents choose not to cut their daughter’s hair at all.

Was your baby born with a full head of hair? If so, you are probably going to do the first haircut closer to six to eight months. If your little one was born looking like a cute, old, bald man, then you could wait until your tiny tot is closer to two years of age. It also depends on how fast your little one’s locks grow, too. Most importantly, though, is when you are ready. Are mentally prepared to say goodbye to your baby’s baby hair? Then go ahead and grab those scissors or make that first haircut appointment.

A little girl pulling at her hair clip.
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Baby girl haircut styles

These are our five go-to baby girl haircut styles that will look adorable on every baby’s face, and most of them you could even do yourself if you feel up to it.

Just add bangs

This one is the simplest haircut for baby girls. If your child won’t be able to sit still, adding a quick bang still changes up her look. For little ones with trouble keeping the hair out of her eyes, bangs are a fast fix. Bangs are not only the easiest cut, but it still allows you to style her hair basically how you did before. No need to learn new ways to get her hair up, which is a huge plus.

Pixie cut

You may not be able to do this by yourself in the kitchen, but a pixie cut is a good basic go-to baby girl haircut style. If your daughter always gets everything stuck in her hair or she can’t see through her long locks, then a pixie would suit her.

This is a great choice if you struggle to do her hair every day. You only have to run a brush or comb through, and she’s done. Even older siblings could help clip a little bow on the side of her head, and she’s ready to go.

The bob

For the more fashion-forward girl, a fun little bob is super adorable. You can still put it up if she’s having an exceptionally busy day or throw a headband on if her hair is getting into her eyes. Now, there are many different lengths of bobs that you could go for, so there are plenty of options to fit your child’s unique style.

This power cut is a perfect match for a little girl with a bit more personality. If she has long hair and you aren’t ready for a super short cut, a longer bob would be an easier transition for you both. Then, if you decided to go shorter later, it would be a snap to do.

Longer layers

If your little one may have accidentally tried to give herself a haircut, a layered style will help blend that in. Layers make any future turn of the scissors on her own head a little less noticeable. If you have an adventurous little girl, layers could work in your favor to hide the fact it’s the fifth time this month you’ve had to cut gum out of her hair. Layering isn’t easy to do on your own. For this baby girl haircut style, you might want to head to a salon.

Any style with bangs

Bangs again? What we mean is if you go for a blunt bob, add a bang. If you layer it up, throw in a bang. If you opt for a pixie cut, put a bang in there. Bangs might be hit or miss when you are older, but when it’s on a fiery little toddler, it always works when added to the style she’s getting.

A child receiving a haircut
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Baby girl haircut tips

When it’s time to cut your little one’s hair, you have two options. Cut your baby’s hair at home or head to the salon. Both have their challenges. Since it’s something new, your baby probably isn’t going to be super excited when she sees you trying to cut her hair with scissors. She’s also likely not a huge fan of sitting still. Most little ones aren’t.

Have you ever cut hair before? If not, you might want to leave it to the pros. Taking your baby to a salon also has obstacles. Salons are busy and loud places filled with strange people. Some babies handle that type of situation better than others. If you decide on a salon, be sure to take your baby to one that has experience cutting baby and toddler hair. Here are some baby haircut tips, whether you decide to do that first cut or head to the pros.

If you do your baby’s first haircut at home

If you’re not comfortable taking your baby to a salon and aren’t nervous about cutting your little one’s hair, a home cut is the best option. These tips may make the experience go more smoothly.

  • Talk your child through the whole thing.
  • Take smaller cuts. Don’t try to go from long to a bob in one cut.
  • Put on calming music your little one enjoys.

If you take your baby to a salon for her first haircut

Before making an appointment at your favorite salon, check to see if they cut a baby or toddler’s hair. Not all hair stylists do hair on little ones. Ask friends for recommendations about a salon for your baby girl’s first haircut. Keep these tips in mind for the big day.

  • Tell them it’s your baby’s first time. If your child is a little older, they may not think it’s their first haircut. It’s best to give them a heads-up so they know how to be with the child and understand if you and your daughter get emotional.
  • If you want to keep a lock, just ask. Some parents save lost teeth and locks of hair and some don’t. If you want to, come prepared and let them know beforehand.
  • Always bring a reference picture. Just as you would for yourself, have a photo of the cut you want for your little one.
  • Talk about the cut before the haircut begins. Once the first cut is made, there’s no going back. So, be specific about the kind of cut you want for your little girl.
Baby getting hair combed.
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Getting ready for a baby girl haircut

Unlike other baby milestone moments like crawling, walking, and talking, you control when your little one gets her first haircut. You can help to make it a positive experience by prepping your baby or toddler for the special event. Little ones don’t like surprises. Reading a children’s book about the first haircut is a simple way to introduce them to the concept.

If your baby has older siblings, bringing baby to a brother or sister’s appointment is a nice introduction unless the sibling hates haircuts. Talking about haircuts and going to the hair salon in an upbeat manner can put baby at ease, too. Finally, choose the right time of day for your baby girl’s first haircut whether it’s at home or a salon. Aim for a time that’s after a meal and a nap. A hungry and/or tired baby isn’t going to be feeling especially cooperative when the scissors come out.

Of course, a baby’s first haircut is a big deal, but remember, you can always back out if your little one isn’t ready. Don’t try to force it if your baby is having a cranky day or freaks out once you walk into the salon. Just reschedule for a time when she’s in a better mood.

Remember, it’s her first haircut, but it’s just hair. It will grow back if the cut doesn’t come out exactly as you expected. This is true whether you give her that first cut or take her to a salon. Have fun experimenting with her adorable locks while it’s still possible to trade a baby girl haircut for a lollipop. That certainly won’t be the case when she hits the tween years and has very specific opinions about how she wants her hair.

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