5 adorable haircuts for your baby girl

First haircuts are always a precious and memorable time. Either you can’t wait to see what your little one looks like with a new haircut, or you are a stress ball of anxiety worrying that you picked the wrong style for your angel.

To ease your mind about having to pick out the haircut, we went through some styles and came up with a list of some of the cutest options for a baby girl’s first haircut, so you don’t have to freak out too much.

When should the first haircut be?

What’s the time frame on the first cut? Well, that’s going to be up to you, Mom and Dad. Was your baby born with a full head of hair? If so, you are probably going to want to do a first haircut closer to 6 to 8 months. If your little one was born looking like a cute bald old man, then you could wait until your tiny tot is closer to 2 years.

It also depends on how fast your little girl’s hair grows, too. Probably most importantly though is when you are ready. When you are mentally ready to say goodbye to your baby’s baby hair, then go ahead and grab those scissors.

Young child with a blunt bang haircut
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Kinds of cuts

There are some solid, basic cuts that will look cute on every chubby little baby face. Also, some are styles that anyone can cut even if your baby is throwing a fit or trying to get out of the chair faster than the stylist can cut.

  1. Just add bangs

Easy. This one is going to be the most simple. If your child will probably not be able to sit still, a quick bang can still change up her look. Especially if she is having trouble keeping her hair out of her eyes, this can be a fast fix.

A bang not only is the easiest, but it still allows you to style her hair basically how you normally did before. No need to learn new ways to get her hair up, so that’s a huge plus!

  1. Pixie cut

You may not be able to do this by yourself in the kitchen, but this one is a good basic go-to for baby girls. If your daughter always gets everything stuck in her hair or she can’t ever see, then a pixie would be a good cut. Free those eyeballs.

This is great if you aren’t sure how to do her hair every single day. You only have to run a brush or comb through, and she’s done. Even older siblings can help with her hair in a short pixie. Clip a little bow on the side of her head, and she’s ready.

  1. The bob

For the more fashion-forward girl, a fun little bob is super adorable. You can still put it up if she’s having an exceptionally adventurous day, or throw a headband on if her hair is still getting into her eyes. Now, there are many different-length bobs you could go for, so there are plenty of options to fit your child’s personal style.

This power cut brings out a little more personality in your little girl. If she has long hair and you aren’t ready for a super short cut, then a longer bob would be a great transition. Then, if you decided later to go shorter, it would be super easy to do so.

  1. Longer layers

If your little one may have accidentally tried to give herself a haircut, a layered style can hide that. And help hide any future turn of the scissors on her own head. If you have one of those little girls (even though they are the most fun), layers could really work in your favor to hide the fact it’s the fifth time this month you’ve had to cut gum out of her hair.

Layers are also helpful for any head of hair that’s a bit thin, as toddler hair will tend to be still really fine.

  1. Any style with bangs

What we mean is if you go for a blunt bob, add a bang. If you layer it up, do a bang, as well. If you do a shorter in the back and longer in the front cut, make sure they throw a bang in there. Bangs might be hit or miss when you are older, but when it’s on a fiery little toddler, it always looks perfect.

If you don’t want a bob to look so blunt, then adding a longer side bang can soften it up a bit. If you want a little something added to her pixie cut, keeping a longer bang can bring another layer to her style.

Little girl laughing while lying down on the grass
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Things to remember

You need to keep in mind this is your child’s haircut. Talk with them first. If your child is a bit older and you are doing this as a toddler’s first haircut, then you can talk it out a bit more. Let your kiddo tell you if they are ready for their first big-girl haircut. If she is older, this is going to be as big of a deal to her as it is to you, and you both might end up crying if you both aren’t ready.

Also, yes, it’s her first haircut, but it’s also hair. It will grow back. She may not want cute little haircuts as she gets older. Have fun experimenting with her adorable locks while she can be easily manipulated with only a sucker and a sticker.

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