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6 games your family can play with just a Frisbee

A Frisbee is a common toy that nearly everyone has used. It is great for leaving in your car or packing into your backpack for some quick, last-minute entertainment. They’re great for bringing to the local park or all the way to the beach. You can include it in family outdoor games with the dogs. Wherever you use it, it’s a perfect piece of equipment for bringing a fun game anywhere.

If you and your family have a Frisbee, you can use it far beyond the basic game of catch. With some great game ideas where all you need is a Frisbee, you can make anywhere a game field. Explore what else these thin, plastic, flying discs can do for your family’s outdoor game time with these unique and fun Frisbee games for kids.

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Fun frisbee games for kids

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is ultimate indeed. This fast-paced and intense game only requires one Frisbee and at least four people. This game has two end zones and is played on a field. The two teams have the goal of passing the Frisbee back and forth between players. The only way to score is to receive a pass in the opposite team’s end zone. For more in-depth rules, you can look into a variety of great websites.
This game is a sure way to tire out all of your kids. It requires a lot of running, jumping, throwing, and precision timing. You will love how intense this game can get. It will surely bring out the competitive spirit in every family member.

Frisbee bocce

Frisbee bocce is a play on bocce ball. In traditional bocce ball, each player attempts to throw their uniquely colored ball as close as possible to the bocce ball. The player with the closest ball is the winner. For Frisbee bocce, you can use different-colored Frisbees. You can use an extra Frisbee to act as the “bocce ball” that everyone is aiming for. This game is great for any family because of how customizable it is. You can make this game more difficult for families with older kids or super easy for families with little ones.

Frisbee H-O-R-S-E

The game of H-O-R-S-E is typically a basketball game where one player makes a specific type of shot. The next player(s) attempts to replicate that specific shot. If they fail, they receive an “H,” but if they succeed, they remain with no letters. This game goes on until everyone but one player has spelled out “horse.” Just like the basketball version, this game can be played the same, but with a Frisbee. Utilize a Frisbee to hit objects, make cool trick shots, and more.

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Frisbee dodgeball

Trying to dodge a Frisbee is harder than it sounds. It can also be a little painful, so it is best to play this game with older kids. Frisbee dodgeball is essentially a typical dodgeball game, but with Frisbees. Line up however many Frisbees as you want in a line. Two teams should line up at an equal distance away from the Frisbees. When someone says to go, both teams attempt to grab as many Frisbees as possible and the game begins. It will help get everyone rolling around, jumping, and laughing throughout the game.

Frisbee tag

Frisbee tag is a bit different than normal tag, but still has the “you’re it” factor. For the Frisbee tag game, you will need two teams with at least two people on each team, but more is better. The team that does not start with the Frisbee is “it.” The team with the Frisbee has the goal of keeping the Frisbee away from the “it” team. The “it” team attempts to intercept the Frisbee. Once they do so, the roles switch and the game continues. One way to determine a winner is to set a timer. Once the timer goes off, the team with the Frisbee can be declared victorious.

Update the game of catch

One great way to make that boring old game of catch more interesting is to add a little competitive flair to it. You can play this game with at least two pairs of two. Each pair is a team, and you can create fun and different challenges to pit the teams against each other. One idea is to start a timer, and the team that can pass the Frisbee back and forth the most in the given time is the winner. Another great option is to play a game where whatever team drops the Frisbee first, loses. This is a great way to update the game of catch with a Frisbee. It allows your family to stay competitive and have a good time anywhere and anytime.

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More ideas for frisbee games

  • Disc golf
  • Tennis
  • Pool frisbee
  • Ultimate frisbee
  • Hot potato
  • Baseball

Final thoughts on frisbee games for kids

There are so many great games that you and your family can play with just Frisbees. Frisbees are versatile toys, allowing you to use them for many fun and unique games that you may not have thought of. These games allow you to play nearly anywhere that there is a wide-open space. You can play at your local park, in your backyard, or in an empty parking lot. The options are as endless as the fun you will have. You can do so much more with Frisbees than just toss them back and forth. Get your blood pumping and your throwing accuracy improved with these fun and exciting Frisbee games.

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