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What every dad should bring to the delivery room

Well first of all, congratulations! You are going to have a bouncing bundle of crying and cuteness soon. We’re sure mom-to-be’s bag has been packed for weeks. But what about yours? The clock is ticking, and it is almost time to check into the hospital. Whether you have a few weeks or a few days left until babydom, there’s still time to get your bag sorted.

That’s right, fellas — it’s not only Mom who needs a hospital go bag. If you think you’ll be able to just grab a pair of socks on the way out of the door, think again. Let’s look at what you need to pack in a hospital bag for Dad for the big day.

An actual bag

This might seem silly, but if you bring your stuff in a plastic grocery bag, your partner will probably strangle you with it. Whether it’s a backpack or an overnight bag, you need something that has zippers.

  • Carhartt Trade Series 2-in-1 Packable Duffel with Utility Pouch

This bag has enough room for all of your overpacking needs. It’s from Carhartt, so this is a great hospital bag for Dad because you know you’ll be able to reuse it for work or other traveling.

Father reading to baby

Extra clothing

Yes, your partner will be showcasing the latest in hospital-gown wear, but you’ll have to change your clothes. Labor can take days sometimes, and recovery a few more. If you have to travel to the hospital, you’ll want to make sure you don’t have to leave your partner to run home to grab some underwear. Make sure the items you grab are comfortable. Those hospital rooms are rough.

  • Men’s Hiking Walking Socks, FEIDEER Multi-pack Wicking Cushioned Outdoor Recreation Crew Socks

These hiking socks will give your feet the comfort they need for walking around on that cold, hard hospital floor. You’ll need some really comfortable socks because if you complain one time about your feet, you’ll need the nurse call button.

Phone accessories

Please do not forget a phone charger or other accessories. If you don’t have a battery and your phone dies so you can’t send minute-by-minute updates to everyone, you’ll be in big trouble. It’ll be your only major job. Take the pictures, send the texts. Don’t let your phone die before you can hit send to the family.

  • 2-Pack Miady 10000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger

This is nice because you get two, so if you forget one, you should still be okay. Having a portable charger is simply better because sometimes rooms are set up weirdly, and the outlet is in the worst spot. This lets you charge your phone wherever you can fit.

Snack time is the best time

Hospital food is hit-or-miss sometimes. Plus, vending-machine food is iffy at best. It’s better to bring some snacks from home to have that little bit of comfort. Again, labor could take days sometimes, so it’s best to be prepared anyway.

  • Convenience Kits International Men’s Premium 15 Piece Assembled Travel KitPackage-Count/dp/B074KFY62H” merchant=”5b9be81f89f4b3242158adcd” type=”textlink” title=”Healthy Snacks Care Package” cta=”Healthy Snacks Care Package”]Healthy Snacks Care Package[/cc-link]

Remember to bring snacks for you and your partner like, or you’ll be making an extra trip. You don’t have to bring the whole pantry, but a few healthy options that will fill you up are good to have.

Informational essentials

The basics. You’ll want your ID, your insurance card, light medical history, and any other important medical information you have. Put it in an envelope or regular folder and put it in your bag. You’ll be bringing home a lot of paperwork, as well, so if you bring some and something to hold it in, you’ll be more prepared for when you go to leave.

Travel toiletries

If you think you’re going to be able to run home to take a shower or catch a nap, don’t even speak those words out loud. You are there, and you aren’t leaving. Bring whatever toiletries you would bring on a normal trip. It’s just easier. If you have everything you need, then you don’t have to keep running to the gift shop. You don’t want to look like you haven’t showered in days for your first family picture, either.

Father holding baby
Tuan Tran/Getty Images

Other handy items

Other things to think of having would be a book, blankets, pillows, and some cash. You might actually get tired of your phone, so it would be nice to have a book, crossword puzzle, or something nonelectronic to do. The hospital does provide blankets and pillows, but if you want your own, grab those. It’s always good to carry cash for the hospital in case you do need to make a vending-machine run for a random candy craving.

Good luck, dads! You’ll do great. So have your bag packed and ready to go. But don’t worry too much. The important things are that you are supportive, you are present, and you tell your partner that no matter what, they really do look beautiful after 31 hours of hard labor.

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